Monday, December 30, 2013

Flux Review

If you are not sure what Flux is. Its a software that bascially removes the blue lighting from your device making it easier on your eyes. I have had my iPad jailbroken for about 2 years now and I have had flux on it. I just jailbroke my phone last night and put it on that as well. I have been using it for over a day now and my eyes feel so much better from using this. It has settings so you can put the screen on regular during the day and enable flux at night to make it easier on your eyes. In doing this it overall makes it easier for you to go to sleep. Well the weird thing was I just got on my laptop for the first time today and I was like...Ouch. So I downloaded flux on my computer as well. If you are not sure what it is and you do not have a jailbroken device than download flux for your computer. Your eyes will thank you.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

iOS 7 Jailbreak First Thoughts

I have Jailbroken my iPhone 5. This blog is just for the purpose of explaining my first thoughts on the new jailbreak. If you have jailbroken a device from Evasion than it is basically the same procedure. Now first. Understand there is bugs. There are a few issues here and there that can cause some problems but not really worth not making me not want to have my iPhone jailbroken. I have heard that more bugs exist on the 5S. I am not sure how true that is. I will also like to point out that a lot of the cydia tweaks are not compatible with iOS7 yet. I am imagine the main ones will be shortly. There are already a few good tweaks/apps that you can download. One of the first things I did was download winterboard and put a iOS 6 theme back onto my phone which I enjoy to have. I will keep posting about things with the jailbreak. Overall so far so good and I do not see a large reason not too do it.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Its been a little while

Whats up everyone. First I would like to congratulate the winner from the previous giveaway. Thomas Fultz (I hope I have that right because I am not looking at twitter at the moment. Regardless I know your name is Thomas). I would also like to say I know I have not made a post since two days before the giveaway ended.  I had finals previously. After finals I basically sheltered myself away for some me time. Now I am back in action. I hope everyones holidays so far have been great. Remember to stay safe with all the travels that occur during this time of year. The new year is coming up, lets try not to go into the new year too drunk.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Two days left for the giveaway

Alright guys there are still two days left to enter in the giveaway for the three awesome quirky items. The rules on entering can be found on the blog a post below this one. Enter now while you can. Why would you want to turn down free gifts?

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Alright guys the day is here. If you do not know about the giveaway look at the previous post. So now it is time for me to tell you how to enter the giveaway. You will make a tweet to my name @yourdailytechy with the following hastags #yourdailytechy #ydtgiveaway #getydtverified

That will be considered your entry to the giveaway. The giveaway will last from now Tuesday December 10th at noon- Tuesday December 17th at noon. One person will be chosen at random to be the winner of the giveaway. If you do not know the items. I have links to the items on the previous blog entry. There are three items from Quirky that will be given to one lucky winner. Good Luck guys

When you see this post retweet it on your profile so everyone has a chance to win

Sunday, December 8, 2013


Alright guys so I have some great news. I have the giveaway coming up on Tuesday, December 10, 2013. The way this is going to work is I will come up with some hashtags that you will use to basically put in your entry. There will be one winner and one winner only. Below are some regulations so you already know what the deal is.
1. Must Reside in the US or Canada
2. Must be 18 years of age or older
3. Must follow my twitter page @yourdailytechy

Now this is going to be how it works. I will make a blog and a tweet on Tuesday, December 10, 2013 at 12 NOON (EST) This tweet will include a blog with the hashtags needed to enter the giveaway. All entries must be sumbitted via Tweet with the rules mentioned no later than Monday, December 16, 2013 at 11:59PM (EST) The reason why you need to include these hashtags is so I can search them and see the people who have entered. I will be using a generator to choose ONE winner at random so that it is fair. When the winner is selected on Tuesday December 17, 2013 at 9PM (EST), I will direct a tweet at you, letting you know that you have won along with a private message (which is why you need to be following me and you should be following me anyway duh :)

What is the prize for the giveaway?

The prize is a few items from the website

The PowerCurl Mini Cord Organizer

The Wrapster Headphone Organizer

Cordies Cable Organizer

***This giveaway is in no way affiliated with or I @yourdailytechy have chosen to do this giveaway for my followers. I am not being asked to do this by or in no way do I represent them or work for them. I bought and paid for these items myself. I do like the items that has and so being a "techy" bought them as an appropriate giveaway prize to ONE of my followers.***

Monday, December 2, 2013

Giveaways and Quirky

Hey guys been a few days since I have made a post. There are multiple reasons for that. The first one being the holidays that just occurred. Second school is stressing me out with all this "Final Exam" stuff. Anywho I digress one of the main purposes is to let everyone know (all four of you) (just kidding I actually have no earthly idea how many people look at this) that I will be doing a giveaway this month. I have fallen in love with alot of the tech devices on quirky and have decided I will buy a few things from them to do a giveaway. I am not certain what day the giveaway will occur or what I will be buying from quirky. I will let you know it will be pretty cool. The way I will do the giveaway will be pretty simple. The people participating (which is my followers and if you play along with what ever I have you do, which I have no idea how I am going to do it yet) have to be in America. Sorry guys I cant ship cocaine over seas.....get it? win cocaine....just kidding but mainly because of the pricing issue. You must be 18 or older to participate as well. More details will be coming about this. I am going to ask everyone who sees this post to retweet it since the majority of the blog posts I make I tweet for you guys. I want to spread the word of me doing this so everyone has a chance of winning some prizes from quirky.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Do not cuss on Xbox one

Apparently Microsoft is cracking down on people using profanity on Xbox. This even includes skype conversations. This has already outraged many gamers. What will happen if you are using profanity is apparently a 24 hour xbox live suspension. Which in all honestly is kinda stupid, especially since half the games out cuss more than the players. This is also bad because it seems like they are invading the privacy of other players through the skype messaging system. Only time will tell how serious Microsoft is about the profanity.

Monday, November 25, 2013

A lot of people ask me..........

A lot of people ask me what kind of laptop should they get. One of the key factors when it comes down to getting a laptop or even a desktop, is what your using it for. If your looking to do some crazy stuff and a lot of different customization's than it is probably not a wise situation to get a Macbook Pro or a Mac in general. Honestly one of my main goals is to work with Apple. (when saying this I would also work with Microsoft I cant really say one company is better than the other). I only suggest to stay away from an Apple if your planning on doing a lot of customization's because using an Apple product in general limits you to doing a lot of customization's. On the flip side if you are constantly always on the go and have to have something on demand and ready to work when you turn it on, than an Macbook pro, Mac etc is probably not a bad idea. Unfortunately it turns out to be really pricey. Although you can find a decent Macbook on craigslist at a decent price but most people are looking for a brand new laptop. Now when not using an Apple product. Many computers come to mind. You have (This is not a list of all of them just a few that pops into my head) Asus, Acer, Lenovo, Dell, Gateway, HP and more and more. Personally (note this is my personal opinion) I believe Asus and Lenovo to be the two best computers out right now. Lenovo is actually 2nd place in laptops in general with of course Apple being the first. I have a Lenovo E430 which is pretty beastly. Asus is becoming to be a very great brand of computers. Honestly one of the common mistakes that is going on is that Asus is getting confused with Acer. Asus laptops are made very well and also have very good pc parts (mainly motherboards). Overall at the end of the day it is up to you. I like my Lenovo. I sell laptops through craigslist and come across a few other laptops and out of all the brands I deal with I prefer Lenovo or Asus. One of the greater thing about Lenovo is the customer service. They are based in Atlanta and they are amazing. I cannot remember the last time I have ended a customer service call with any other company when I had an issue and left the call on a good note....other than Lenovo

Mondays are horrible.

Today was a long day. Luckily I was able to watch the Heat game which was pretty decent. I was on campus from 9AM-8PM......I know its killer. My previous post was meant to be posted last night but I guess some technical difficulties came about. Speaking of technical difficulties. In my speech class we are in the process of doing these group presentations. I had planned to come to the class early with the three other people in my group (which we did come early) but this other group came in a little early as well and begged and begged for them to go first since they had a lot of stuff they had to put up for the presentation (hanging some disco ball thing and a powerpoint slide) well even when it was time for them to start they were still setting up their presentation. What sucked is after them the professor immediately called another random group. We got screwed over because of the fact the plan was for us to go first and just get it over with but turns out we will not be able to do it until Wednesday, which is fine I suppose because if anything wrong happens during the presentation it wont matter to me since we were ready on Monday. I also go into a computer lab after my classes and do some work their for my math class since we have to collect 32 hours of lab by the end of the semester, the issue is the lab is like 25 degrees. They tell you to bring a jacket, but I live in Miami......who has jackets?

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Blogger on iPhone

Well this is the first time using blogger on my iPhone. I usually make post from my laptop. But hey there is a first time for everything. The walking dead comes on in a hour. The issue is I have class at 7 I. The morning so since the start of walking dead I have been lacking my needed sleep on Mondays. Needless to say it leads to this question. Is it bad I emailed my professor letting her know I would miss tomorrow? On second thought don't answer that. I know it's frowned on. How was everyone's day? Anything new? 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Some Saturday Randomness

I have come to realize an issue with me. I will start off by explaining the same issue that my mother has. She is addicted to caffeine and when she does not have any she gets really bad headaches. Her method is taking BC Powders (some know them as Goody Powders). Its basically crushed up aspirin that has caffeine in it and looks like cocaine (which is also a perfect way to scare someone thinking your on cocaine). Unfortunately I do not have any....I don't take them often but I used to. I am becoming to believe that it is a hereditary problem. This problem last in many people as well but it really seems to effect me and my mother. Usually I drink a soda (or two) a day. The soda of choice is Mountain Dew. Today I have no had any soda or caffeine at all. I have a throbbing headache. I have realized that it is from not having caffeine in my system. Like any other drug you have withdrawals when you are not on them. I used to smoke cigarettes. When I quit the tiniest things would make me go hulk mode and unleash a wrath unknown to man. Now with this 24 hour absence of caffeine I am having headaches. Needless to say on this topic, my wife called me five minutes ago asked if I wanted something to eat since she was on the way here and I said No I already ate but pleaseeeeeeee get me a mountain dew. On another subject this semester is almost over. Which is pretty awesome. Ok yea thats all I have to say.

Sunday, November 17, 2013


So I recently bought a pair of rayban shades off of his guy I know for 30 dollars. Searched the model number and saw that they cost 180 new. Decided to sell them on craigslist. No one was buying them for the price I wanted so I let them go yesterday for 60 bucks. Figured heck I doubled the money I put into the shades. Took the 60 bucks and got back on craigs and refreshed the electronics section and wala, someone was selling a galaxy tab 2 for 70 bucks. Asked him why he was selling...said he needed the money for a phone payment. Told him I had 60. He accepted the offer and now I am selling the tablet for 130. :)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Bricked PlayStation 4s.

After the launch on Friday there have been reports on people getting their ps4s and they are calling the issue the blue light of death. What happens is the light bar flashes blue but never outputs a video signal or boots up. There have been 91 reported incidents that have surfaced with the possibility of more. It seems that the ps4 is not living up the hype it has developed. On Amazon nearly 40 percent of the ratings are one stars this is due to multiple hardware issues. The ps4 support forums have been overwhelmed because of the issues.

So many games out, its overwhelming.

So if you follow this blog. You will know that I regret selling my xbox a while back. There are so many games out. I have played gta5 and bf4. After playing gta5 I regretted my decision of ever selling my xbox. Unfortunately my financial status does not let me just get up and go get a xbox. So I have to wait. No big deal obviously its just a video game system but hey its fun right? I really liked bf4 as well. Does anyone know if on the xbox one/ps4 if the lobbies will be 64 people in a game like the pc? If so that will be great. The maps are a little big. I enjoyed playing team death match. Since the maps were smaller it was funner. Well time will come when I can get back on that bus.

Friday, November 15, 2013

The PS4

I do not have it, I more than likely will not be getting either consoles for a while. To many other things that I have to prioritize, plus I know the wife would not like it if I got a gaming system right now. I know that on craigslist the ps4 is selling for over 700 bucks since its already sold out in several stores, especially around here in Miami. If I had the spare money I would do it, but I do not. It has also come to attention that this very post is my 100th post. Yay. It seems like I have done much more than 100 posts but whatever. I went to tiger direct today with a friend and we were looking at some things. While I was there I saw this AW desktop that was amazing. It was 1500 dollars but hey what do you expect. There will be a day when I can spend that type of money and not have to worry about it. Hopefully everyone is having a splendid day and its almost over.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Today I got married.

Hey guys. If you saw my status today, than you know I got married. I know that is the first status you have even ever seen about a marriage at all. Me and my wife have kept it mostly a secret to everyone. Although my twitter followers do not know me in real life (with the exception of a handfull) I did not want to take the chance of other people finding out. Although at the end of the day it does not matter my wife and I wanted to get married by ourselves because it was overall easier, therefore we did not want family members and close friends upset because of not being invited. I had an amazing day today. We stayed at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Key Biscayne last night and got married this morning at the Bill Baggs State park on the beach. In the background of us there was a lighthouse. It was a really nice touch and added a big plus to the romanticism to the whole wedding. My wife could not of looked more beautiful. It was a really nice event.....the one and only problem with the whole wedding was during the middle of the ceremony these park rangers that worked there drove in front of our ceremony got out and talked to the people in charge of our wedding know that they had to pick up the rose pedals on the ground when we are finished with the wedding. To say the least it was very rude and uncalled for. The man could of easily parked behind the ceremony, somewhere out of vision and told one of the people about the rose pedals in a low voice where it did not interfere with the ceremony. It would of not been as large of an issue if we were not recording the wedding but since our family and friends were not there we would of liked to have it we just have to edit out this man who was unprofessional. Regardless it was still an amazing experience. It will be something I will never forget. Me and my wife went to the top of the light house and took some pictures as well. We got a work out to say the least. I did not know it was so high up. I have been in one before but it was a long time ago but don't remember it being so high up. I would like to suggest the website of the people that married us. Below is the link

They did a really great job with everything. The photographer Jen is amazing. She used to be a photographer for this big company that does really expensive wedding here in South Florida but has been doing her own thing for a while. So it was really nice to have her professionalism in the wedding when it came to taking pictures. Honestly I cannot wait for the pictures to come back to see how everything looks. They have really good prices and they are really good at seeking customization. Now obviously hince the name smallmiamiweddings they are for small miami weddings. Anywho this has been my first post in a while. I will continue to post more and more as time goes on. Thank you everyone for your love and positive feedback.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Been a few days

I have been busy sorry everyone. As I type this I have the largest headache. My apologies to not saying a lot lately. I will try to get back in the rhythm.

Friday, November 1, 2013

I miss my xbox pt 2

I realize that I have made that title least I think I have so yea thats why I am naming it pt 2. I have been hanging out with one of my friends from school. I went to his house and on the PS3 I have played Gta5 for the first time on Wednesday afternoon. I am sad. I really loved it. I wish I kept my 360. It looks like I might be getting a new one so I can get that game. I might as well get the Xbox One though when it comes out. We will see. Maybe that will happen. Maybe it won't.

Monday, October 28, 2013

A Revolution

I suppose what has happened is everyone goes through this thing of just following everyone as if we were all little kids and there was that one dumb kid that wanted to be the leader and we let him and he kept doing stupid stuff. The problem was is we kept following and eventually it just became so much easier just to follow while stupid stuff was being done to us or our well being instead of just changing the course of the way things are going. If your not catching my drift the Government or the system or the higher ups whatever you wanna call it are the ones calling the shots and they are the dumb kid that we let lead the way. I just watched the Russell Brand interview and it really has me thinking about this stuff. Honestly hes right in what he says. It is time for a revolution we need a change ( A real one). Why are we letting people that "run the world" destroy what we live in. Why are we all just so dumbfounded and blinded that we just keep following the person in front of us and the person at the very head of the group is the people in politics. Whether its the president or the people that run this corruption with him in the white house we seem to think that voting will make differences. Sure to some degree its going to make some difference depending on the difference we want made, but doesn't the overall humanity of the planet want whats best for our habitat. Don't we want to be out of poverty. Don't we want a great life for our future generations to come? Don't we want equal rights for everyone instead of just saying hey everyone has equal rights but in the back of your head you know its not true. The basic things he was saying in the interview was those things. Doing whats best for our planet for the people. Point blank regardless of who you are. Republican, Democratic, Undecided, or you really don't care you have to know just by spending one day in this world we live in that the system is corrupt in the way that it is ran. Why cant we change it. Its simple. We are scared. We have been doing the same thing for so long that its become easy to let things go to hell. A revolution is a great idea. Its sad really, the few people that will read this will just shrug their shoulders and continue living this life that is wrong. You don't have to be religious to change the world or change the way things are run. You just have to care. Do you? Maybe you do maybe you don't but if you do. Show it. Lets change.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Is Apple being smart having Mavericks for free?

That is the question buzzing around. I personally think what they are doing is awesome. Think about it. In order to get Windows 7 or 8 your gonna spend over a hundred dollars. Apple is giving their operating system for free. Not only is Mavericks but the ilife apps. Although those are only free with a purchase of a new device. Still if you have a Macbook Pro thats running Mountain Lion, right now as your reading this you can have Mavericks for free. That is impressive. I also love the new devices coming out, especially the Mac Pro. It looks so unexpected. You would never think of that as a desktop. The specs of the computer are even more amazing. The all new iPad Air is also very nice. I am not sure if they can do anything else with the iPad after this one. I said the same thing when I bought the iPad 2.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Great Gatsby

One of my English assignments is to do a literary response essay. We have a choice to do the essay based off of ten books. I picked The Great Gatsby. I read this book back when I was younger in about 9th grade or so. I got the book from the campus library yesterday. I read over half of it already and decided I would watch the new The Great Gatsby. I must say this movie was really good. Even if you have not read the book you should watch the movie. They did a really great job on following the story line of the book. I found it very interesting. I also liked the music. All though obviously the music was today's type style music it was really great as well. I recommend to go watch this movie.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The iPad Air

If you have not heard, Apple has released its new iPad air. It will be available on November 1st. Honestly it looks pretty cool. I am not sure if you can get any better than what they have so far...I am wondering if they will make a cheaper version of the iPad as well by putting the plastic body on the outside of the device. The iPad Air comes with the A7 processor. I said previously that the issue with the iOS devices having such high processors is the fact that there is no app out there to really test the durability of the processor. Most of the Apps out can run on a iPad 2 and not run all that different on a new iPad. The same story goes for the iPhones. Apple App devs gotta make something worth the juice.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

What does Tuesday hold for the iPad?

Well Tuesday is the announcement of the new iPad and the iPad mini. Problem with the iPad is the fact that there is only so much you can do with a tablet. Also Apple being as pricey as it is causes a lot of problems in sales for Apple. iPad sales have fallen over 6.3 billion dollars in the past year. They would be better off lowering the price on it but that is not going to happen. Other manufacturers are beginning to take the thrown when it comes to tablets such as Asus, Lenovo, kindle whatever. I have an iPad. Honestly the main reason I love my iPad so much is because I have movie box and unlimited Pandora.  

All the movies and tv shows you can dream of.

Alright so as you know I have not been making any youtube videos. Sorry. Anyways the past couple months I have gotten people asking questions like where to go to watch movies and stuff like that. A few months ago I did a video on this app called Movie Box. This app is basically a God app. I cancelled my subscription of netflix since this app has more than netflix and anything in that nature combined. Now you do have to have a jailbroken iOS device. If you have not updated to iOS 7 and did not update to 6.1.4 when it was released you should jailbreak your device. You can find this app in cydia. This is the youtube video so you can see whats its like.

The Tomorrow People

It is a really good show. I would suggest watching it. It comes on CW. I think its Tuesdays at 9. I am not 100% sure. It is about a group of people who have powers like. Teleportation, telepathy and stuff like that. The main character is about a guy who is now experiencing his powers for the first time. His dad is supposed to be some big deal so he has like really good powers. In one of the scenes this guy that works for this secret government called Ultra tries to shoot one of the other "Tomorrow People" but the main character (I don't know his name yet) freezez time and stops the bullet and allows enough time for them to teleport away. I will not get into much more debt than that but like I said you should go watch it.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

So many things going on tonight

Hey whats up guys. So first off we got the Heat up against the Nets. Although it is a preseason game, I think it will still be very interesting. Since Ray Allen got a lot of hate for leaving Boston to go to Miami its interesting see Garnett, Pierce, and Terry go to the nets. I would love to see James dunk on Terry but probably will not happen. We also have UM going up against NC. Although I am a Gamecocks fan it is nice to see Miami be in the top ten (10). Last but not least I recently watched the first episode of the show Tomorrow People. I will have to admit. I like it. A lot. That comes on tonight as well on the CW at 9 I believe. Take care

Monday, October 14, 2013

So The Walking Dead

Nice to see the show is on again. Of course they are still dragging out every episode that could easily be covered in five minutes or less. I am hoping they leave the prison this season. It looks that way since that kid just started upchucking his dinner everywhere in the shower. I am not sure whats going on but I have a few ideas........
1. The Governor is poisoning the food somehow (why the pig is dying)
2. I do not have a 2 I think its the Governor

I would also like some more info on the apocalypse itself. I would like some background info on how it started. Does anyone else find it weird they have been in Georgia the entire series??? You would think you would go to another state. Avoid Florida its too damn hot. I would not be surprised if this whole time new york has been closed off and has several million people saved there. I doubt it. I am just ready for next Sunday already.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Origins of Apple

Below is just a plain out copy and paste of my research paper on The Origins of Apple

Apple Inc. has changed the lives of many people. Many people rely on an Apple product today to either listen to music or call another person. I remember when I was in middle school; the class computer lab was full of the older model Macintosh’s. The love for computers even struck me then. In 2001 the iPod came out and I fell in love. Nothing in the world could have been more simplistic. I think that is what many people love about Apple, is the simplicity in the device itself and the fact that the product feels like a part of the body of the user.
            Apple Inc. was founded on April 1, 1976 in Los Altos, California.  The majority of people believe that Apple Inc. was started in a garage by Stephen Gary Wozniak and Steven Paul Jobs. Actually the company started in the bedroom of the same house. It was not until later when the two ran out of room that they moved into the garage. The larger issue is that Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were not alone when starting the company. Ronald Gerald Wayne partnered with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. (Apple Confidential pg. 1, 2)
The Apple 1 was built in the garage of the home of Steve Jobs. Originally the three planned on only making circuit boards. The circuit boards would only cost $25 and would be sold for $50. That was the plan of business when Steve Jobs approached The Byte Shop. The plan was changed when owner of The Byte Shop Paul Jay Terrell wanted fully built computers. The shop ordered 50 Apple I computers which sold for $666.66. Steve Wozniak said “The Byte Shop was the biggest
Bassett 2

single episode in the company’s history. Nothing in subsequent years was so great and so unexpected. It was not what we had intended to do”.  (Apple Confidential pg. 2, 3)
            Steve Jobs obtained loans from Allen J Baum. He was one of the workers at Hewlett Packard, which is where Steve Wozniak previously worked before joining. He needed the loans to build the computers for The Byte Shop. This made Ronald Wayne leave Apple Inc. Ronald Wayne once said “If Apple had failed, I would have had bruises on top of bruises. Steve Jobs was an absolute whirlwind and I had lost the energy you need to ride whirlwinds.” (Apple Confidential pg. 3)
            Many people would say that Ronald Wayne made a terrible mistake. He took 800 dollars and left the company. Later when the company was on the rise, Steve Jobs sent Ronald Wayne a check to basically make certain that he would have no claim against the company in the future. He was happy to receive this check since it was a surprise to him. Steve Wozniak said “Steve had no money. I had no money and the creditors were going to wind up coming to him for money that was going to be owed. So he decided to get out of it. At the time it was the right decision”. (Apple Confidential pg. 5)
            Ronald Wayne did contribute in the making of the first logo. The first logo was a drawing of Sir Isaac newton leaning up against an apple tree. Along the border was a phrase out of a poem written by William Wordsworth “Newton…A mind forever voyaging through strange seas of though…alone”. It was not until later that the Apple Inc. logo known today was made. In fact Apple Inc. went through three logos. The second one was created by Rob Janov. It was the logo
Bassett 3

with six different colors. It was not until 1997 that Steve Jobs decided that the logo would be solid colors on future products. (Apple Confidential pg. 6)
            The Apple II was a vast improvement from the Apple I. It contained the same processor and was just as fast as the Apple I. The difference was it had a built in keyboard and the graphics on the computer were better.  The Apple II was expensive and needed funding just like the Apple I. Steve Jobs met Mark Markkula Jr., who cosigned with a bank for a loan of $250,000. (Apple Inc. pg. 5)
            The Apple II was announced on April 16th, 1977. The computer was a hit. It quickly became one of the most purchased computers at the time. It is the computer that took credit for what we know now as the personal computer. The computer was priced at $1,298. A model for 2,638 dollars was also available. This model had higher random access memory. (Apple Inc. pg. 5)
The Apple III was a failure. The priced ranged from $4,340 to $7,800. The clock chip which was designed by National Semiconductor failed on most of the computers because of the company soldering the chips on the motherboards of the computers. The main issue with the Apple III was that Steve Jobs wanted it to be designed without a cooling fan. He wanted to do this to make the computer silent. This caused the computer to overheat shortly after a customer would start using it. (Apple 7)

Bassett 4

Nearly all of the Apple III computers had to be recalled. The company had to replace over 14,000 computers. The recalled computers were replaced with twice as much random access memory and new circuit boards. Doing this fixed most of the issues with the Apple III. The issue was one year after the Apple III was released; IBM released its personal computer which was much better than the Apple III. The Apple III was discontinued in in September 1985. (Apple Inc. pg. 7)
The Lisa computer was based upon revolutionizing the computer industry. The Lisa computer introduced Graphical User Interface. When talking about Graphical User Interface things like the mouse, icon, and desktop come into play. The issue with the Lisa was the price. The computer cost $9,995. This caused the computer to fail just as much as the Apple III. (Apple Inc. pg. 7)
Jef Raskin was the original founder of the Macintosh project. In September 1979 Jef Raskin was given permission from Apple to work on his project. The project was not really going anywhere during the early stages of development. The project had a lot of flaws and was almost shut down several times due to it not being productive. (Steve Jobs pg 108,109)
            Steve Jobs was diplomatically removed from the Lisa project. This occurred to avoid another Apple III disaster. Steve Jobs was angry at the situation and focused his attention on the Macintosh project with Jef Raskin. His goal in doing this was to make the Macintosh better than the Lisa computer. Jef Raskin and Steve Jobs never got along. Jef Raskin left the Macintosh project in January 1981. He would later leave Apple in February 1982.
            Bassett 5

The Macintosh was released on January 24, 1984. The computer was revolutionary. The Graphical User Interface was easy to use. The Macintosh was more affordable than the Lisa computer and overall better. Steve Jobs led the Macintosh project until the Apple board went with John Skulley being the CEO. Steve Jobs decided to leave Apple and would not return until 1997. (Apple Inc. pg. 12)
            When Steve Jobs returned, the company was at the very bottom. Steve Jobs turned the company completely around with the introduction of the iMac, iPod, Mac OS X and retail stores. These three introductions is the largest reason why Apple Inc. is as successful as it is today. Steve Jobs introduced many products. The Company set sail and never looked back. (Apple Inc pg. 24) Steve Jobs died on October 5th, 2011. Tim Cook became CEO of Apple Inc. shortly after.

Steve Jobs once said “I like to think that something survives after you die”. He said “It’s strange to think that you accumulate all this experience, and maybe a little wisdom, and it just goes away. So I really want to believe that something survives, that maybe your consciousness endures, but on the other hand it’s like an on-off switch. Click! And you’re gone. Maybe that’s why I never liked to put on-off switches on Apple devices”. (Steve Jobs pg. 571)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ok lets cut this out right now

I am hearing a lot about cell phone companies being interested in making smartphones have curved flexible type of screens. Ok this is cool and all to a certain degree, but one of the many things that stop your screen from cracking when you drop it is the sides of the phone hitting first before the screen. If you have a screen just bulging out in front of the phone its going to smash. I can almost guarantee you it will be twice if not triple times expensive to get that screen replaced vs a iPhone screen. So lets do a favor and keep the screens flat. The only way this will work if it is a watch. I heard a lot about Apple making a smartwatch type of deal (honestly I thought that was already covered by the little iPod nano a few years ago) which would be cool only if it displayed everything your phone does except the inability of answering phone calls of course. Apparently LG will be the ones first coming out with this flexible glass design. Apple is apparently going to do the same thing with some future iPhones. All I have to say is I do not believe it is a smart iDea to do this (see what I did there).

An invention?

Body odor is a big issue. Especially for me. I sweat a lot. We practically sweat what we eat right? If you eat alot of salts your sweat will be more salty...what about a pill that has cologne in it. You take it and when you sweat you smell like that brand of cologne? No? Ok.

I miss my xbox

I just got done watching some old MW2 COD videos. I got to busy at one time and sold my xbox because I never played it. I am thinking about getting the Xbox One. What is your opinion on it? Should I get the PS4? I do know I would at least like to get one of the systems when they release. So give me your thoughts guys.

Some old music

So was taking a while to get my iTunes library together. Downloaded some songs. One of the things I downloaded was They hybrid theory linkin park album. Now most of the songs on it I have listened to in about the past 4 years at least once or so. The cure for the itch was one of the songs I used to listen to all the time when the album first came out. I have forgotten all about that song until this moment. I am listening to it as I type and I love it so much. Go download it from iTunes guys (or whatever you prefer).

Monday, October 7, 2013

Miami looking good

Not to bad of a preseason game. Wade was out which is fine but they said in the beginning of the game he was out to get rest or something like that. It was dumb. Lebron didn't do to much tonight but of course we expect that to change very soon. Bosh was very impressive tonight. Overall the team played well. It was nice to see the new players on the court. I will be excited for the season opener against the Bulls since Rose is back on the court and off the bench.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

I am sleepy

5 days 19:54:45 seconds since the government shutdown. Always fun. I only know that because CNN has it up. Hopefully a lot of you guys haven't had to suffer because of this issue. If your jobs have been at stake my heart goes out to you. It sucks having something controlled by something you have no control over. Hopefully this all will end soon guys. I would blog more but I am tired.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

I make a promise

This is a promise. On twitter I will try to respond to everyone that tweets me. Unless you just completely are the weirdest person I have met than you shouldn't have a problem with me tweeting you. I see so many people that are famous (I am not ) that don't interact with the people that follow them and what not. I come from a rough background. I was raised in poverty. Now now I am not playing a woahs me card, in fact I would not of had it any other way. It has taught me a lot in my life. I appreciate things so much more because of the life I have had. I am 26 and have been through more than the average joe my age. I see so many people worship celebrities. It sickens me. If I become famous. Trust me it won't be singing or sports it will be something dorky and technology involved. Perhaps maybe my blog will get bigger. Any way if I become famous do not put me on a level of being better than you. Treat me like a normal person. We are all normal. We just treat people like Kim Khardashian as a God. It's sad honestly if you know me closely I can't stand stuff like that. Be yourself to me. I will tweet you. Talk to you or whatever. If I don't respond I didn't see it so try it again (don't be stalkerish) or I am busy.

Why I love my Lenovo and Lenovo itself

I am a mixed guy as far as technology goes. I do not have a favorite brand for things. I deal with a lot of laptops and I can honestly say Lenovo and Asus laptops are some of the best laptops on the market. For my daily everyday use. I use a Lenovo E430 laptop. I also like using Macbooks, but lets be honest we all know you can only customize so much on a Apple product in general. Hey trust me I am not knocking Apple in any way at all, in fact one of my goals would be to work with Apple. It is funny in the sense that Lenovo is IBM and IBM was one of Apples largest competitors wayyy back in the day. When I say back in the day I mean in the early 80s. In fact Apple even gave IBM a welcome note back in 1981 when IBM introduced their first personal computer. Anywho they later realized that microsoft was more of their enemy instead of IBM. I digress. Like I was saying I love my Lenovo laptop. The customer service for Lenovo is amazing. They are based out in Atlanta and they have to be the nicest people I have encountered for technology customer service. I have a warranty on my laptop that does not expire until November of 2015 that includes all parts and labor. Yes thats right I do not have to do anything. They send out a tech to do the work for me which is nice. I never have a problem with the laptop ( for some reason my keyboard got possessed once and it kept pressing the q key when I say it kept pressing the q key I mean if I typed a sentence like. The dog went outside. It went say. Theqqqqqqqq q q dogqqqqqqq wenqqt outsqqqside). I can always turn it on and it just works which is the way a laptop should be. Now I know your on your macbook pro and your saying the same thing and yes to an extent your right.....but you paid over a thousand dollars for it.

iOS 7 so far

A lot of people have had issues of the floating applications (how the applications move with you). Apparently there are people that are getting sick of it...literally. It is making them nauseous. There is not a way to fix that issue. So if your throwing up when your checking your facebook your gonna have to upchuck your dinner a little longer until Apple finds a way to turn that issue off. Many people have issues with the battery life on the iOS 7. This happens especially if you are running this iOS on a older device than the 5 (even with the five I notice slightly different battery life than I did on iOS 6). Honestly iOS 7 is cool. Thats what it is. Its an operating system for the younger generation. Honestly you cant blame Apple for doing it especially when it is the younger generation that has the iPhone. It just seems to much pleasure instead of being mixed with business and pleasure. It is a little too colorful for my taste but hey you might like it.

Watching Maryland get hammered...

Yea it is pretty bad, Florida State is killing Maryland right now. It is Saturday. Hopefully every one is having a fantastic day.

Friday, October 4, 2013

An Illinois woman is suing the LaSalle County Police Department

Dana Holmes is suing the LaSalle county Police Department. She was pulled over for a dui. At the stop she was searched and when she was bought in she was searched again. This time when she was searched again. In the video she brings up her leg. It is unclear if she kicks out her leg or if she was just lifting it up. They suddenly tackle her to the ground. They bring her into a padded room. It was 3 men and 1 female officer. When they bought her in the padded room they stripped her naked. That in my opinion is completely uncalled for. What are you doing officers. This type of stuff is continuously happening. If it wasnt for the uniforms in this video I would of though it was a gang bang about to start. Dana has all rights to sue this police department. It is honestly just a matter of time before we the people to start fighting back against law enforcement. Especially if they are like this. Here is the link

The truth behind the Government Shutdown

I am not one to get into a lot of politics. I figure hey if I am going to do it I might as well do it it with a bang. Bottom line is I do not think anything is worth shutting down the government. Republicans, you doing this is foolish. Its out of hate. Racism or what ever you wanna call it. Even if Obamacare does suck and if it does fail the results of that will be much slighter than the results of keeping the government shutdown. It is that simple. Lets be adults.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Revenge Porn

California passed a law on the act of filiming your partner and posting it online. You can face 6 months in jail and a $1,000 fine. What is Revenge Porn? It is when you post a video of your ex online (or pictures). There are loopholes in this. The person can only be fined and put in jail if they are the one that recorded. So girls if your sending pics to your boo boo be careful because if your boo puts it online after you break up than he cannot be fined. So guys if you plan on recording your "sex session" try not to post it online when your gf breaks your heart.

My thoughts on the iPhone 5s and 5c

I have not really posted anything about this. I have the iPhone 5. I will not be getting the iPhone 5s or obviously the 5c. Now I have had the iPhone 5s for a few days seeing what it was like and what not. Honestly I cannot tell a difference in the 5 or 5s. They are the same to me. With that being said do not get confused. The chip for the iPhone 5s is more powerful than the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 is already powerful. That is why I cannot a difference between the two. I can not tell a difference because it would take a app running much greater graphics and more power to tell a difference in the 5s and 5. Even then it would only be slightly different. Now obviously we all know (hopefully by now) that they look exactly the same. I have put my 5 and a 5s right beside each other and they are identical. The largest difference is obviously the home button being a finger print scanner to unlock your iPhone 5s. I really find this most useful for you guys that have someone else on the side (that is a joke cheating is bad). The difference in the camera is also noticeable but again its not that much of a dramatic difference to me. Now in conclusion. If you have a older iphone than the iPhone 5 than go ahead and get the 5s because than it would probably be worth it. If you are on a budget than go ahead and get the 5c (lower end iphone 5). If you have the iPhone 5 than just wait. Disregard all of this if you a hipster and just want apple everything!

I am not sure what to do with my life

It was sad letting breaking bad go. I feel like the show just started and now its gone, but hey I am ok with that....I just can not get over the fact that there is no more Dexter. What am i gonna do. Just kidding guys its not that serious. I might have some stuff on ebay so be ready!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I think everyone is confused.....

There is no purge guys. Blame the republicans, blame the democrats at the end of the day is stupid regardless. Obamacare sucks we get that, but so does thousands of other things...whats one more? Is it really worth closing the government over? These are questions I ask myself. Anyways I just found a old webcam I used to use. Technically its not old I bought it about two years ago I just have not used it more than once. So I maybe doing a youtube video soon. I am not sure. Take care

Monday, September 30, 2013

Don't ruin it for me....

I still havent watched breaking bad from last night. Unfortunately I had to be up at 5 this morning so I decided it would be best for me to go to bed early. I have heard that Walt died. I would of hoped so. I am in CGS1060 no big deal. Super easy class. I hope everyone is having an amazing Monday.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Breaking Bad

Tonight's the finale. I find it odd that this show is ending so soon. I suppose they didn't they think that it would get as popular as it has in the last several months. I am sure if they knew the fan base the show would of had they would of had more seasons. I like the show but hey its no Dexter. Hopefully the finale will finally do what we all want...Kill off Walter White. I want Jesse to kill him. Who knows. Hell I will probably be in bed before the show even starts.

Friday, September 27, 2013

I will be doing some eBay stuff

I will be selling some things on eBay in the near future. I wont go in detail what it is. I will say it has nothing to do with computers. When I am up and running, I will provide you the information needed if you are interested in anything I have.

Warm Bodies

Guys I am not sure if you have seen that movie, but it is actually a great movie to see. I am not a big fan on movies like that or a lot of the new movies in general but I really enjoyed warm bodies. I also suggest to download the soundtrack (main reason for this post). They have a lot of good songs on it. Shell Suite by Chad Valley ( I think that's right). You will like that song or at least I hope. I have been listening to it a lot lately. I listen to a lot of different music like that.

A Job

Thinking about becoming a part time tutor. Working at the schools around miami dade. It isnt alot of money but at least I get to help some kids out. Any way I took my case off the iphone and yea lets see how long I take until I break it. I will be reaching 20 thousand followers soon on twitter. That will be great. I hope everyone is doing good.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Your mind is playing tricks on you my dear

How is everyone? I caught myself thinking about something today and I felt like I would share it with you guys. Why is MTV still considered music television. I mean fine you wanna show stupid shows like teen mom. Which honestly is the dumbest show on this planet. All that is really showing is that if your 15 and get knocked up than its cool because you can be on TV. Now as a older person you would think seeing them struggle would make them want to stay away from being pregnant. Anyways I digress. My point is, I am 26 and when I was young I spent alot of time watching music videos on MTV. The top 20 everyday and what not. It was awesome. It was even cooler to see a song go from number 20 all the way to 1 in a few days. It was amazing. Anyway it just has me down in the sense of what the tv in general has on it these days. Its disgusting. So MTV change your name to DTV (drama tv) thats all this station is about now with teen mom, reality crap and catfish. Now some of you teens that come across this, your not going to understand this and thats fine just ignore it, but for those who know what I am talking about spread the word. Later

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Well its sunday

Its Sunday in Miami and its beautiful outside. One thing I like about living here, is during the winters it feels so good outside. It is never cold. Anyway, not much is going on. I haven't really messed with alot of laptops lately so yea. I recently reached over 18 thousand followers on twitter. Thanks guys.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Is this weird

So I have this thing....the day I got my iphone 5 when  it out the box. I made sure not to touch the screen and put it in the otterbox defender case. Now I time to time clean the screen. Is it weird that I will go to unexplainable measures to make sure I never touch it as in never having a finger print on the screen. Anywho how is everyone enjoying the ios7 or your new iphones if you feel like wasting all that money.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I hope everyone had a great day

So today the release of iOS 7. Which is already being predicted to be the most downloaded iOS in 24 hours. Lets face it, everyone was tired of looking at the same shit since the original iphone came out. Sure there have been a few tweaks here and there that change it up just a little, but nothing with a whole newly designed interface. Now I have made some previous posts about waiting for a while to download. I still urge that. Unless you have a back up iOS 6 that you are positive you can put back on. I have went ahead and downloaded the new update. Its nothing to much different than the beta that I had a couple weeks ago (except for the new ringtones). My main idea of this post is to see what you guys are thinking about it. Leave a comment with what you like or do not like about the new update.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

iOS 7 thoughts and advice

I just wanted to make this post because I am coming across so many people way to excited for iOS 7 to come out. Now I understand we have been staring at the same screen now for a while, but I think it would be wise for you to wait. Now obviously none of you are really gonna listen to me but for the ones who are a little bit brighter than the general population it would be wise to wait. I am saying this because of every iOS that comes out, many bugs come with it. Let them work out the remaining kinks with 7 and than get it. You don't wanna put yourself into something that's gonna need work. I had the beta and got rid of it right before school started mainly because the battery life was just plain awful. Now I do not know if they addressed and fixed that issue but it was a issue indeed. Now your wondering whats the point in having people test it if there are gonna be bugs. There is many developers but they aren't going to come across every single issue. When the majority of iPhone owners switch to 7 that's when bugs are going to start to be noticed. Hopefully you take my advice. Peace

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Its September 11

Before I get started with this blog post. I want to say something. I am at the Miami Dade College library right now at a round table writing this and directly across from me is the weirdest kid (not to mention he is on a Toshiba laptop which should explain a lot) and he keeps picking his boogers. He has obviously forgotten that he is in a library, where people are looking right at him. Here is the craziest part. He is eating them, although he is trying to be a ninja about it (playing with the booger in his hands for a few seconds and than slowly raising it to his mouth for lunch) when I am sitting directly across from him. Any who if you read this bro your sick. Anyway back to the main reason for my post. I have been in school since 9 and haven't heard one thing about September 11th and it has me a little frustrated. Do not get me wrong I am not some redneck that loves the country more than myself. We have flaws but what happened is a major setback to America and should be recognized every September 11th. Not just every five years of the incident. So with that being said. I would like you guys to take a moment and just remember what happened. I don't want you to be sad I just want you to remember because the people we lost need to be recognized.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Well hello and top of the morning to ya

Hello everyone. I hope you are enjoying your Monday morning. I just got out of class and Have about 30 minutes before I start walking to my math class. I just wanted to write you guys out of frustration a little bit. Dont you hate those kids in class who always have something to say. Wether it be something negative, annoying, trying to be funny, trying to be smart, or just being plain dumb. Odds of this guy ever seeing this blog are slim to none so here it goes. Your annoying bro. This dude in class kept saying stupid stuff. The Prof asked what makes us stress. He tries acting like a thug when saying something like mula baby. He just kept talking in class and rubbing this girls back in class. She was obviously trashy but nonetheless it was weird. The Prof asked what is one of the main reasons of going to college. He says something dumb like because my parents make me go. Idk it was just annoying in the sense of shut up and just be in class. I have the same issue in my speech class where this guy thats in it tries to be smarter than what he really is. I am pretty sure you have seen those people that act like they are smart but when it comes down to it they are dumber than the honey boo boo series. Anywho I hope everyone is having a great day.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Miami in general is not doing to bad.

You know you got the heat rocking it out looking for 3 straight championships in a row. Got the dolphins playing as a I speak and has more points on the board than I expected, and than yesterday UM took out the gators. Regardless if the the offense was pretty bad it was still a win. Unfortunately the Marlins are the Miami team that is failing behind ATM. 53-87 yea that's a killer. My South Carolina Gamecocks didn't come with a win yesterday against the bulldogs, but hey at least we aren't going to go TP Connor Shaws house.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Remembering the evo.

So I was going through some pictures and came across my old htc evo pictures. You know some customization's and what not. The first pic I would like to show you is of a speed test and my evo at the time was overclocked like a bat out of hell.

Yea those were the good ole days. 

So what do you think

I have been playing around with some customization's on windows 7. Since I do not have linux anymore. Here is a few.

Of course there is always the conky stuff for linux.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

So you should probably get rid of hotmail...

So I am at school and actually having a problem writing this blog because it is on the school computer here at ole Miami Dade College. Anywho my hotmail account was hacked this is happening to alot of people...hearing about it once or twice a couple months ago I just shrugged my shoulder and said oh well at least its not me. A few weeks ago I have heard more and more instances of this happening. This week it has happened to three people I know and now today it has happened to me.....There I was in my English class thinking to myself why does this guy beside me have a caterpillar on his desk...(I even tweeted about it). I spent the majority of my time in class watching this caterpillar crawl on his desk. All of a sudden my iphone tells me that I have the incorrect password for my hotmail account. I go to safari and try to log in there and it still did not work. So after class I went to the library (where I am now) and luckily I was able to recover it. Who ever hacked into it changed all the info except for vital info like credit card numbers attached to my xbox live (which I do not even have anymore). I was able to get my account back by leaping through a hula hoop of fire and then turning a black hat into a rabbit. I changed all the info for the account and made my password like 13 letters and 4 numbers (something like that). I called two of the people that it has happened to and luckily I got to my account in time because when it happened to them they changed all of there information (birthday, name, number etc). Now here is what I find crazy in both instances they called hotmail (microsoft) and was told they could recover the account for 150 dollars. It sounds to me like the company may be just randomly changing peoples info and in return hopefully they pay the money. My advice is to just get rid of hotmail. I find gmail much better. It would be wiser to do that now instead of waiting when its too late. I have changed the email on all my important stuff to my gmail just in case it happens again. Take care guys

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Yesterday was my birthday

So yesterday was my birthday. I am now 26 years old. I know I know I am old. Today I am going out to eat at the cheesecake factory to get my hands on some macaroni and cheese balls. If you don't know what that is, than you are missing out.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

School so far....

It hasn't been to bad. I feel like my professors are a little off on some issues but besides that it seems to be fine. My English professor only takes the in class assignments in cursive. Fine good luck trying to read that essay I turned in yesterday. I haven't written in cursive since middle school. I am 25 (my birthday is in two days so really 26). Thats over ten years ago plus a few. So needless to say my cursive is going to have to improve. He went on saying some story about how you need cursive. I am just trying to get a degree if your gonna make me do it writing cursive than so be it but don't tell me I need it. In my math class we do all of our homework on connect-math  Thats cool and all but it doesn't make since, all the assignments say they are due in one June 16, 2017. I don't even know which ones to do and we haven't even went over anything much. So aside from that the other classes seem to be good. Only time will tell.....I told everyone I was laying off of selling laptops but I did get my hands on a 07 mac book pro I am selling. Any who guys take care thanks for reading.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

So today....

I went to school to learn the area. I also got my books and a few supplies. I feel like a nerd because I went to each class and pulled out my phone and did a stopwatch of how long it takes me to get to each class. Yea I know I am a loser so shut your mouth. Anyways I hope everyone had a great day today. I will try to put in some technology stuff as well with everything else but like I said in a previous post I will be laying off of craigslist for a little bit at least until I get familiar with the routine of going back to school.

Monday, August 19, 2013

School in a week

Yep you read right. If anyone is going to miami dade college let me know maybe we can grab some lunch or something one of the days. I have sold all of the computers on craigslist. I am not gonna be purchasing anything until a couple weeks after school starts. I have to maintain my focus.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

I got my hands on a

Dell inspiron 1525 through craigslist for 40 bucks. It had some viruses and the person who had it didn't know how to fix anything on it so. I just got done doing a fresh install of windows 7 professional on her. Its a slow laptop. Its got like 1 gig of ram. Its pretty much a horrible experience but I wont feels so good when after I get done using a crappy laptop or computer in general and than I get on mine.....its to die for. Any who I hope everyone's day is going well.

Friday, August 16, 2013

So sold some headsets

I just sold some x11 turtle beach headsets for 20 bucks. No big deal. I am making this post because it turns out that I did not end up eating at longhorn steakhouse. I actually at at umami asian cuisine. We ate at the hibachi grill. It was really nice (expensive but nice). For the remainder of the night I will be on craigslist and what not. Hit me up on twitter guys. Thanks

School is starting soon

So school is starting on the 26th. Luckily my financial aid has covered the majority of my needs. When I start I will try my hardest to keep posting. I haven't made a youtube video in a while. My plan originally was to at least post two videos a week. That has failed. It is much easier to just make blog post. I am going to dinner here in a little while. I am going to longhorn steakhouse. Mainly I am only going to be going there for the french onion soup.

Sorry its been a while

Its been a while since my last post. My lost post was about me moving away from iOS 7. That seems to be working out. Using the standard current iOS is better for me right now mainly because of using craigslist all the time. One of the main problems for me were the battery. My battery was draining alot. I also had a issue with the textnow app that I use for all craigslist related things. It kept force closing. I would have to use the actual website which it just became a pain. Now I bought a few toys when I was in Virginia. One of them was a 07 white macbook and the battery was bad on it. Well while I was in Virginia I ordered the battery to ship to my house. When I got home to my surprise that did not fix the issue with the macbook. Long story short it turned out I needed a DC in board connector. If you don't know what that is. Its the charging piece on the macbook that you connect. The four little dot thingy. ( I am not sure how to explain it). I digress, anyway I didn't feel like buying the piece so I figured I would put it on craigslist as is. No one was biting. I bought the macbook for 160 dollars. I was at least trying to make 250. It didnt seem like that was gonna work. I got a text from a guy wanting to trade for the macbook. He traded me two mini asus laptops and a 4th gen ipod touch 8 gig. Today in actually 30 minutes I will be selling the last mini laptop. I have already sold the ipod touch and the asus mini. I sold the asus mini for 180 and I sold the ipod touch for 120. I am selling the other laptop in 30 minutes for 120. I will make 420 dollars total in selling this stuff making a profit of 260 dollars. Not a bad day.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Goodbye iOS 7

So this morning I decided to say goodbye to the betas and I believe I will probably wait until I know for sure if the official iOS fixes the battery issue. My phone would die in no more than 4 hours. It was kind of ridiculous, granted I use my phone alot but still with the regular updates (6.1.4) my battery last much longer. Honestly when all is said and done I may just rock out the 6.1.4 and not update for a while. Don't get me wrong I love the new interface and the different colors but there is something that just feels more like home on the regular 6.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

At the airport

So I have been in virginia for the past week and I am at the airport in Virginia and I am frustrated that my phone is about to die and everyone is using all chargers known to man in this gate area. The one wall outlet that has a available place to charge a device is rude. I started to charge my iPhone on the outlet that her iPad is charging on. I accidentally touched her charger and her iPad quit charging. She got frustrated with me and tried charging her device again. I plug in mine after hers but regardless of how I plug it in the side of my charger touches hers and somehow hers stops charging. She made a sigh and I said you know it could be your charger (seeing that her charger was some aftermarket black charger) that has a short in it and she says oh no it's the outlet I just bought this this morning. I look at my charging phone seeing I don't have a issue with the outlet. I kindly say you know what it's ok I walked away. She was huffing and puffing and about to blow a house down. Needless to say I am hoping she doesn't sit beside me on the plane and if she does my phone will just have to die. 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

iOS 7 beta 4

Just in case you didn't know, iOS 7 beta 4 has been released today and ready for download to all devs. There are a few changes that you may notice immediately. It feels a little less laggy. At least to me. Also the lock screen is a little different. For some reason my lockscreen wallpaper shifts to the left and right a little bit, nothing that annoys me but just pointing it out. Also when getting a call the remind me later or text the person thats calling you fonts are smaller and more opaque instead of it being so heavy. I honestly just downloaded it about 15 minutes ago and those are the the noticeable things at least to me. I will post if there is something worth posting for. Thanks

Monday, July 29, 2013

Looking at ads on craigs

Why is this guy taking pictures of a laptop with his cat beside it.

Sorry on vacation

Hey everyone sorry I have been on sort of a vacation. As you know I reside in Miami but I am in Virginia right now with my friend. I have come across a couple of laptops I have purchased. Two mac books and a asus laptop that I will sell when I get back home. I would like to share with you on the way to Virginia me and my friend almost died. We were on the interstate and a car was coming towards us. We were going at least 80 and all of a sudden a car is heading right towards us. We came to the conclusion that were were dying I screamed like a girl but lucky he swerved out of the way without us dying. So make sure to comment on this blog or on twitter telling him thank you for saving yourdailytechy's life. (if you do I will retweet you). Other than that we have been chilling. Alright guys peace

Friday, July 26, 2013

I came across this on craigslist

I came across someone selling a computer they built on craigslist and I really fell in love with the tower.
Unfortunately I did not save the ad or bookmark it I saved the picture and continued looking.

So ghost armor has a clearance section

If you read my previous post you know I got a screen protector from walmart last night and messed it all up. So I woke up this morning and I decided to go to best buy. I got another screen protector and had the dude there do it. He did well. If he didn't its not like I would be the one paying for his mistake. Anywho I still wont the protector for the back for the back of the phone as well. I found out ghost armor has really good prices. They have a clearance section I figured I would post the link so you guys could look through it.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Just in case your running linux mint 14

So I have a otterbox for a while...

On my Iphone 5 since I have had it I have had the otterbox defender case on it. I love it and never had any problems with it. The other day I decide to take it apart and clean the iphone and I forgot how sleek and amazing the iphone looks so I was like I will get one of those screen and back protectors and be able to use it. I never really drop things because I am amazing. (knock on wood). So tonight while I am doing some shopping at the local walmart I go by the electronic station and see the protectors. I get the invisible shield one and I get home. I had the worst experience. I get the product is more than likely a good product I see them everywhere I go but I could not get that thing to fit right at all. The time I finally get it to fit right I have air bubbles everywhere. When I get it finished I put the phone down and took that moment of victory. I get on the phone a couple minutes later and notice a hair is on the phone. I rub it off....nope its under the protector. So I took it off and tried doing it again and it didn't work in my favor. I got frustrated and just took the protector and attached it back to the film it came off of and put it back in the box. I am gonna go back tomorrow and return it. I will just say oh I have a 4s and bought the wrong one and just get the money back. I put the otterbox case back on and I think I am just gonna stick with the case that never let me down. If I decide to go naked with the iphone than I will take it to those ghost armor guys in the mall and let them do what they do. With that being said. I have realized my blog has over 1000 views. Thanks so much guys. (for those who read this)

So today my motherboard was installed

So they sent the technician today to install the motherboard. If you have not read my video card was going bad so I had to have a new one installed. It cost me nothing to have it fixed under Lenovo's factory warranty. It is now working and is no longer flickering. I had previously stated that I was selling this laptop on criagslist but turns out I will be keeping it for a long time now. Sorry macbooks you will be left alone in the corner for right now (or until your sold).

Hey my computer is running hot..

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Running linux? Want a nice desktop customization?

Hey so I did this video a while back. I see alot of people talking about linux and saying they wish there was more customizations they could do to the desktop. Well here is cairo dock. Its like a dockbar that you see in mac os. Except there are plenty of different themes you can choose from.

Why you should buy Lenovo.

So if you read my post earlier you know I am having a problem with the graphics card on my Lenovo. Well today it has finally ended on a great note and im gonna tell you why. Well to understand I will start off saying I had a issue with this laptop. My screen was like glittery fuzzy. It was not happening everywhere but in like random places. It got worse if I was looking at pictures watching videos. This is a typical sign of the graphics card going out. Well I called geek squad they didnt know what they were talking about but thats in the previous blog. I call tiger direct and they tell me what I had thought. I would have to buy a new motherboard and the guy tells me its around 150. Well tonight while I am on tiger direct I find out all they do for laptops are hard drives and ram. So that leaves me screwed. I throw a fit punch a midget and give toddlers middle fingers. The stupidity of people that work in tech jobs amazes me. So to the great part. Before I mention this great part. I got this laptop off of craigslist. I traded a 05 macbook for this laptop. I got a steal. I call lenovo customer support. Turns out the laptop is under a warranty until 2015 and the great customer service they have. When I say great I mean I was amazed. They guided me to do some test. Turns out those test did not fix my issue but guess what. A technician will be coming to my house to replace my mother board at no charge to me since the computer is under warranty. This is why I say go buy a lenovo laptop. I would like to see you do that with a apple laptop. I am not knocking macbooks in any means I have a few here and there but the customer service is phenomenal. I honestly want to walk up to the CEO of Lenovo and shake his hand. With that being said, go get a lenovo.

Dear Geek Squad

I have applied for your jobs in the past just because it is a neat job to work at. Unfortunately I was never contacted the last few times I applied for positions. So I start thinking to myself wow you guys most have high expectations. I have a laptop that has a issue with the screen sparkling. So I call geek squad and the woman who works in geek squad tells me graphics card are around 80 bucks. I told her its a laptop and shes like yea thats the price for them. If you know about laptops guys you know that when replacing graphics cards its more usual to end up replacing the whole mother board because the graphics card is soldered into the mother board. So I am like oh well this girl is new. I call today again and ask the same situation its the manager that works there, telling me the same thing. I have come to realize that I will be replacing the motherboard. I have a protection plan through bestbuy for another laptop that includes two additional computers. I havent used that offer yet because well I do stuff myself. I was more interested in the fact that my labor would be free but after my conversations with these people that work there I will not let such people take apart my laptop. I will open it up and screws and a hard drive my fallout. Usually I wouldnt let stupidity annoy me, but it is aggravating when I am more qualified to be working in in that place. Anywho it just goes to show you that the majority of people that get jobs only get them from knowing someone that knows someone etc. With that being said I call tiger direct and ask how much for a motherboard. Its gonna be over 130 dollars but no big deal.

Wanna hear something sad.

I use textnow for all my craigslist stuff. I know the number on it by heart, but I honestly don't know my actual phone number for my iphone. I know its a 305 area code. Dade county. I live in a sad world lol

Tisk tisk

This computer will never sale.

Monday, July 22, 2013

What you see in Miami

I see this stuff everyday 

Back of a laptop

Ryan Braun

I know this is un tech related but come on guys if any sport needs drugs to play it is baseball. I hate saying that because it is my favorite sport. I played all through out highschool but I dont follow MLB at all. You could tell me Chipper Jones plays for the yankees and I would be like oh ok cool. College football (south carolina gamecocks) and the Miami heat is my sports. Everything else is just rams, craigslist, os, hard drives etc etc.

Honestly one of the best apps ever.

So if you have a ipad or iphone there is a app called moviebox. Imagine netflix but with way more tv shows and movies. I am talking about new movies in HD. I have watched man of steel the other day in hd on this app. Watch my youtube vid so you can a review on it.

Be sure to like the video and maybe suscribe....I get a vibe when you oh ok

Reboot Ipad trade in program

Hey guys if your interested in getting the new ipad best buy will be doing a trade in program. They will give you 200 dollars towards your new ipad if you trade in a Ipad 2 or Ipad3. They cannot have water damage, or have a cracked screen. Peace

Beats Headphones

Guys just get them new at a retail store. I cannot tell you how many people sell fake ones on craigslist for over 100 bucks. At the flea markets in miami they sell them for 20 bucks. Its got the box wrapped in plastic and everything. It looks real but its not, and than all I see is people posting ads about being scammed because they bought something like dre headphones.

Well no iOS beta 4 today.

Apparently the development department of apple was hacked or there was a security breach. I have read multiple things but regardless its not gonna be out today. Oh well you win some you lose some.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Do you want Microsoft Office for free?

Watch this youtube video on how to do it. The volume might be a little low but there is directions in the description.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Tiger Direct

So here in Miami there is a tiger direct retail store. I have been ordering computer parts online forever. I never knew there was a retail store not even like fifteen minutes away. It is like a dream to see so many computer parts all at once. The customer service was pretty decent as well. The checkout line took a while but other than that it was a good experience. I went there to get some ram for a laptop and I will be going back when I upgrade one of my desktops rams or hard drives.

iOS beta 4 on monday.

So I have heard that its confirmed the new iOS beta will be released on Monday July 22nd. So its coming down to this. I have been pleased with the betas. Honestly the only issues that have really bothered me is some of the times when listening to music I will skip a song on my headset and it doesn't show it on the phone. Of course I hear the song it skipped too but the Iphone doesn't read it. I use text now for all my craigslist needs and it force closes on the betas so far. So hopefully I will not have that issue on the new beta. I also cant play running with friends without the little guy running into a wall

Understanding Ram.

Well what is ram. Ram is Random Access Memory. This is memory that can be accessed at any given moment. The ram is short term memory, as it stores applications and information that is actively used when the system on. So if your using several programs at once its wise to have a larger ram installed on the computer. The hard drive however stores all programs and information regardless if the computer is on or not. Logically the more ram you have the more programs and documents you can have open without slowing the computer down, if you have these things open with a lower ram (something like 2 gigs of ram) than you will see the computer operates slower due to the computer balancing out the memory for the computer to operate the programs and files you are using. Typically there are two different types of ram dynamic ram and static ram.Dynamic ram is more common and what most of us have. Static ram however is faster because of the fact that unlike dynamic ram it doesn't have to be refreshed a thousand times a second, but because of this static ram is more expensive so most of us have dynamic ram. However at the end of the day they are both considered volatile because when they are turned off they lose all data. This was just a little something to help you understand what ram is.

Dont know what kind of laptop to get this year?

Thats a website of the top laptop brands sold this year. Of course apple being number 1 and of course Lenovo being number 2 (I have a lenovo teehee), and so on and so on. So just in your case your wondering about getting a laptop this year for school here is a good site to go to.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Thing to know about Craigslist

I have been using craigslist for a while now and I want to share with you some things to know and do when using craigslist. I mostly buy broken computers fix them and sell them. If the item is worth it I will sometimes get items outside of computers. As far as posting a computer for sale go ahead and save everyone some time and stop putting the programs that come on the computer. Unless you have the disk for the programs it does not matter because the majority of the time everyone just does a fresh install of their desired os. So a computer that sells for 150 dollars that has office and adobe on it does not mean it sells for 350. I would suggest making a account with text now. If you dont know what that it is. It is like using a phone but in a app or on the desktop. You have to pay for minutes to talk but texting and picture messaging is free. It gives you a number and your set to go. So just incase you sell someone a bad item well all you have to do is change the number on the textnow account and you can change it every fifteen days with no charge. That is something I highly suggest. Also if your searching craigslist and notice someone is selling something bizarre like 30 iphones well I would probably stay away more than likely he stole them. When it comes to items ask yourself if it seems legit because if someones selling a macbook pro for 300 dollars the computer probably does not work. Watch out for fake items. I have seen alot of fake samsung galaxies and iphones. So when you meet the person make sure it has the right software on it. Another item that sells alot thats fake is the beats headphones. Honestly 90% of the time they are fake. Mainly because there are companies or places that make them fake and sell them for the amount the actual beats are worth and bank on money. You can go to youtube videos to determine whats fake and whats not as far as those go. Also never meet at your house or their house as well. Always meet in a public place. I even suggest meeting in a public place thats not even near your house. Always make sure when driving away make sure that persons not following you. I live in Miami so there are alot of scumbags. I have had several incidents of people wanting money back because they broke a item. They often threaten to kill me or say they are the cops or say they followed me home. Every time I go to a place for a meet they never see my license plate I back the car into a parking lot and watch them leave first. I hope this has helped you guys.

Remind me not to go to bestbuy for computer parts.

So instead of going online to newegg or tiger direct like a normal person I decided to buy my ram upgrade at bestbuy. The PNY brand is garbage for ram. ( I only know that now). I should of just got crucial on newegg you can never go wrong with crucial. I have 4 gigs of ram installed on my laptop so I go and get another 4 gig stick and put it in and turn it on (thats what she said) and all it does is beep and turns off. So I take the stick that it already had in out of the computer and just tried the PNY stick. It still does it. Luckily for me there is a tiger direct retail store near me. I am going to return the PNY ram and go to the tiger direct. I just figured I would share my experience with you.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Changing The Screen Refresh Rate

So lets talk about one of the happiest moments of my life which just happened. So since I got this new laptop (new to me I got it off craigs) I have had one tiny issue which bugs the crap out of me. Its like random parts of the screen sparkle/glitter/ripple its hard to see unless your looking for it. For some reason if your looking at anything blue it does it worse like a fairy just threw fairy dust all over your laptop. I was positive it was a hardware issue. I am also positive thats why the guy sold it to me (techinically he traded it to me for a macbook 2005 edition). Last night I took it apart and decided to check the wiring nothing until (drumroll please) I was looking at the screen resolution and went to advanced and than went to Change Screen Refresh Rate. There were two options. 50 and 60. It was on 60 so I was like hmmmmm so i changed it to 50 and wala no more fairy on my laptop. I only posted this because now that I realize there are probably other people who have this issue so try that solution before you go taking things apart. PEACE

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Why I am going to school for computer engineering

Well it all started back in early high school taking typing classes. I realized that I was good at using the computer compared to most of the other kids in the class but I never really thought much of it. Back in 9th grade I had always imagine me going to school to become a nurse (no I'm not gay) but as the rest of my freshmen year went on became better and better with the computer class. In tenth grade one of the first things I did when I got a part time job was buy a computer. At the time other than knowing how to type and using the basics I didn't know much about any of it. I got it at Walmart and the person that sold it to me could of said it was a hp running Dell with snow leopard and I wouldn't think twice. I had become a nerd very quickly. If I recall the computer was like 1 gig ram. 250 gigs and the rest of the specs are in the dark. I was hooked it wasn't until later on I did a ram upgrade. I honestly had that computer up until last year when I junked it. Here I am 9 years later going to school for computer engineering. I went to school after high school. Dropped out and just worked full time until recently I realize you have to have a education to move in life. I've spent a lot of time with computers and I won't lie there is still a lot of things I don't have a clue about. This field is a learning process. Just when you think you know everything something else comes out. It's always a great thing to go to school and know your going for something you love. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

IOS 7 thoughts

Well for the last two weeks I have had iOS 7 and I must say I'm happy. I am on the third beta and to be honest I'm surprised it's a beta. There are only a few issues that I have really come across. One of them that pops out at me the most is that when I am using an app other than messaging the old keyboard is in use. I am not sure if it's supposed to be like with the official release but to be honest its kinda disappointing when using the messaging app (which I love) and than typing in another app. On a positive note I am not sure if it's just me but my battery life is so much more improved than it was when I was on 6.1.4. This seems to last much longer. I like the style of the apps I do however wish there was something like different icons to change if you will. Being able to choose between several different icon looks could be something in a future update that would give users more customization. I only suggest this because of the fact that some people say that the new look of it is more for kids or for a younger population. I can understand what people mean by that simply because the colors of the apps are more colorful and bright. Don't let me get you confused I would pick iOS 7 over previous OS any day but everything will always have its issues. It won't be long until it's in your hands. Thanks for reading.

So yea thats basically it.

I just built my computer on newegg, and by building it I put all the items in the shopping cart and bookmarked it for a later date when purchasing it wouldnt kill me in every way possible. The amount came out to a little over 1,2000. Its not so bad considering what I want in it. I wont go into details but I will say this.....dammmnnn.....yea thats all I am gonna say on this subject. I want you guys to know that this may be a techie blog but I will talk about other things from time to time. Well guys take care. Deuces