Thursday, October 3, 2013

My thoughts on the iPhone 5s and 5c

I have not really posted anything about this. I have the iPhone 5. I will not be getting the iPhone 5s or obviously the 5c. Now I have had the iPhone 5s for a few days seeing what it was like and what not. Honestly I cannot tell a difference in the 5 or 5s. They are the same to me. With that being said do not get confused. The chip for the iPhone 5s is more powerful than the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 is already powerful. That is why I cannot a difference between the two. I can not tell a difference because it would take a app running much greater graphics and more power to tell a difference in the 5s and 5. Even then it would only be slightly different. Now obviously we all know (hopefully by now) that they look exactly the same. I have put my 5 and a 5s right beside each other and they are identical. The largest difference is obviously the home button being a finger print scanner to unlock your iPhone 5s. I really find this most useful for you guys that have someone else on the side (that is a joke cheating is bad). The difference in the camera is also noticeable but again its not that much of a dramatic difference to me. Now in conclusion. If you have a older iphone than the iPhone 5 than go ahead and get the 5s because than it would probably be worth it. If you are on a budget than go ahead and get the 5c (lower end iphone 5). If you have the iPhone 5 than just wait. Disregard all of this if you a hipster and just want apple everything!

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