Saturday, October 5, 2013

iOS 7 so far

A lot of people have had issues of the floating applications (how the applications move with you). Apparently there are people that are getting sick of it...literally. It is making them nauseous. There is not a way to fix that issue. So if your throwing up when your checking your facebook your gonna have to upchuck your dinner a little longer until Apple finds a way to turn that issue off. Many people have issues with the battery life on the iOS 7. This happens especially if you are running this iOS on a older device than the 5 (even with the five I notice slightly different battery life than I did on iOS 6). Honestly iOS 7 is cool. Thats what it is. Its an operating system for the younger generation. Honestly you cant blame Apple for doing it especially when it is the younger generation that has the iPhone. It just seems to much pleasure instead of being mixed with business and pleasure. It is a little too colorful for my taste but hey you might like it.

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