Saturday, October 5, 2013

Why I love my Lenovo and Lenovo itself

I am a mixed guy as far as technology goes. I do not have a favorite brand for things. I deal with a lot of laptops and I can honestly say Lenovo and Asus laptops are some of the best laptops on the market. For my daily everyday use. I use a Lenovo E430 laptop. I also like using Macbooks, but lets be honest we all know you can only customize so much on a Apple product in general. Hey trust me I am not knocking Apple in any way at all, in fact one of my goals would be to work with Apple. It is funny in the sense that Lenovo is IBM and IBM was one of Apples largest competitors wayyy back in the day. When I say back in the day I mean in the early 80s. In fact Apple even gave IBM a welcome note back in 1981 when IBM introduced their first personal computer. Anywho they later realized that microsoft was more of their enemy instead of IBM. I digress. Like I was saying I love my Lenovo laptop. The customer service for Lenovo is amazing. They are based out in Atlanta and they have to be the nicest people I have encountered for technology customer service. I have a warranty on my laptop that does not expire until November of 2015 that includes all parts and labor. Yes thats right I do not have to do anything. They send out a tech to do the work for me which is nice. I never have a problem with the laptop ( for some reason my keyboard got possessed once and it kept pressing the q key when I say it kept pressing the q key I mean if I typed a sentence like. The dog went outside. It went say. Theqqqqqqqq q q dogqqqqqqq wenqqt outsqqqside). I can always turn it on and it just works which is the way a laptop should be. Now I know your on your macbook pro and your saying the same thing and yes to an extent your right.....but you paid over a thousand dollars for it.

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