Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Today I got married.

Hey guys. If you saw my status today, than you know I got married. I know that is the first status you have even ever seen about a marriage at all. Me and my wife have kept it mostly a secret to everyone. Although my twitter followers do not know me in real life (with the exception of a handfull) I did not want to take the chance of other people finding out. Although at the end of the day it does not matter my wife and I wanted to get married by ourselves because it was overall easier, therefore we did not want family members and close friends upset because of not being invited. I had an amazing day today. We stayed at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Key Biscayne last night and got married this morning at the Bill Baggs State park on the beach. In the background of us there was a lighthouse. It was a really nice touch and added a big plus to the romanticism to the whole wedding. My wife could not of looked more beautiful. It was a really nice event.....the one and only problem with the whole wedding was during the middle of the ceremony these park rangers that worked there drove in front of our ceremony got out and talked to the people in charge of our wedding know that they had to pick up the rose pedals on the ground when we are finished with the wedding. To say the least it was very rude and uncalled for. The man could of easily parked behind the ceremony, somewhere out of vision and told one of the people about the rose pedals in a low voice where it did not interfere with the ceremony. It would of not been as large of an issue if we were not recording the wedding but since our family and friends were not there we would of liked to have it recorded....now we just have to edit out this man who was unprofessional. Regardless it was still an amazing experience. It will be something I will never forget. Me and my wife went to the top of the light house and took some pictures as well. We got a work out to say the least. I did not know it was so high up. I have been in one before but it was a long time ago but don't remember it being so high up. I would like to suggest the website of the people that married us. Below is the link

They did a really great job with everything. The photographer Jen is amazing. She used to be a photographer for this big company that does really expensive wedding here in South Florida but has been doing her own thing for a while. So it was really nice to have her professionalism in the wedding when it came to taking pictures. Honestly I cannot wait for the pictures to come back to see how everything looks. They have really good prices and they are really good at seeking customization. Now obviously hince the name smallmiamiweddings they are for small miami weddings. Anywho this has been my first post in a while. I will continue to post more and more as time goes on. Thank you everyone for your love and positive feedback.

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