Friday, October 4, 2013

An Illinois woman is suing the LaSalle County Police Department

Dana Holmes is suing the LaSalle county Police Department. She was pulled over for a dui. At the stop she was searched and when she was bought in she was searched again. This time when she was searched again. In the video she brings up her leg. It is unclear if she kicks out her leg or if she was just lifting it up. They suddenly tackle her to the ground. They bring her into a padded room. It was 3 men and 1 female officer. When they bought her in the padded room they stripped her naked. That in my opinion is completely uncalled for. What are you doing officers. This type of stuff is continuously happening. If it wasnt for the uniforms in this video I would of though it was a gang bang about to start. Dana has all rights to sue this police department. It is honestly just a matter of time before we the people to start fighting back against law enforcement. Especially if they are like this. Here is the link

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