Thursday, September 12, 2013

iOS 7 thoughts and advice

I just wanted to make this post because I am coming across so many people way to excited for iOS 7 to come out. Now I understand we have been staring at the same screen now for a while, but I think it would be wise for you to wait. Now obviously none of you are really gonna listen to me but for the ones who are a little bit brighter than the general population it would be wise to wait. I am saying this because of every iOS that comes out, many bugs come with it. Let them work out the remaining kinks with 7 and than get it. You don't wanna put yourself into something that's gonna need work. I had the beta and got rid of it right before school started mainly because the battery life was just plain awful. Now I do not know if they addressed and fixed that issue but it was a issue indeed. Now your wondering whats the point in having people test it if there are gonna be bugs. There is many developers but they aren't going to come across every single issue. When the majority of iPhone owners switch to 7 that's when bugs are going to start to be noticed. Hopefully you take my advice. Peace

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  1. MMM...nope still don't like Apple, I'm innately suspicious of tech that my 5 year old cousin can master. Yes I know tech should be easily accessible and adaptable....but common part of tech's coolness is it's inaccessibility in my humble opinion.