Monday, October 28, 2013

A Revolution

I suppose what has happened is everyone goes through this thing of just following everyone as if we were all little kids and there was that one dumb kid that wanted to be the leader and we let him and he kept doing stupid stuff. The problem was is we kept following and eventually it just became so much easier just to follow while stupid stuff was being done to us or our well being instead of just changing the course of the way things are going. If your not catching my drift the Government or the system or the higher ups whatever you wanna call it are the ones calling the shots and they are the dumb kid that we let lead the way. I just watched the Russell Brand interview and it really has me thinking about this stuff. Honestly hes right in what he says. It is time for a revolution we need a change ( A real one). Why are we letting people that "run the world" destroy what we live in. Why are we all just so dumbfounded and blinded that we just keep following the person in front of us and the person at the very head of the group is the people in politics. Whether its the president or the people that run this corruption with him in the white house we seem to think that voting will make differences. Sure to some degree its going to make some difference depending on the difference we want made, but doesn't the overall humanity of the planet want whats best for our habitat. Don't we want to be out of poverty. Don't we want a great life for our future generations to come? Don't we want equal rights for everyone instead of just saying hey everyone has equal rights but in the back of your head you know its not true. The basic things he was saying in the interview was those things. Doing whats best for our planet for the people. Point blank regardless of who you are. Republican, Democratic, Undecided, or you really don't care you have to know just by spending one day in this world we live in that the system is corrupt in the way that it is ran. Why cant we change it. Its simple. We are scared. We have been doing the same thing for so long that its become easy to let things go to hell. A revolution is a great idea. Its sad really, the few people that will read this will just shrug their shoulders and continue living this life that is wrong. You don't have to be religious to change the world or change the way things are run. You just have to care. Do you? Maybe you do maybe you don't but if you do. Show it. Lets change.

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