Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ok lets cut this out right now

I am hearing a lot about cell phone companies being interested in making smartphones have curved flexible type of screens. Ok this is cool and all to a certain degree, but one of the many things that stop your screen from cracking when you drop it is the sides of the phone hitting first before the screen. If you have a screen just bulging out in front of the phone its going to smash. I can almost guarantee you it will be twice if not triple times expensive to get that screen replaced vs a iPhone screen. So lets do a favor and keep the screens flat. The only way this will work if it is a watch. I heard a lot about Apple making a smartwatch type of deal (honestly I thought that was already covered by the little iPod nano a few years ago) which would be cool only if it displayed everything your phone does except the inability of answering phone calls of course. Apparently LG will be the ones first coming out with this flexible glass design. Apple is apparently going to do the same thing with some future iPhones. All I have to say is I do not believe it is a smart iDea to do this (see what I did there).

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