Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Its September 11

Before I get started with this blog post. I want to say something. I am at the Miami Dade College library right now at a round table writing this and directly across from me is the weirdest kid (not to mention he is on a Toshiba laptop which should explain a lot) and he keeps picking his boogers. He has obviously forgotten that he is in a library, where people are looking right at him. Here is the craziest part. He is eating them, although he is trying to be a ninja about it (playing with the booger in his hands for a few seconds and than slowly raising it to his mouth for lunch) when I am sitting directly across from him. Any who if you read this bro your sick. Anyway back to the main reason for my post. I have been in school since 9 and haven't heard one thing about September 11th and it has me a little frustrated. Do not get me wrong I am not some redneck that loves the country more than myself. We have flaws but what happened is a major setback to America and should be recognized every September 11th. Not just every five years of the incident. So with that being said. I would like you guys to take a moment and just remember what happened. I don't want you to be sad I just want you to remember because the people we lost need to be recognized.


  1. I remembered and I'm not even an American.

  2. You don't exactly have to be an American to remember an act of bigotry....