Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Do not cuss on Xbox one

Apparently Microsoft is cracking down on people using profanity on Xbox. This even includes skype conversations. This has already outraged many gamers. What will happen if you are using profanity is apparently a 24 hour xbox live suspension. Which in all honestly is kinda stupid, especially since half the games out cuss more than the players. This is also bad because it seems like they are invading the privacy of other players through the skype messaging system. Only time will tell how serious Microsoft is about the profanity.

Monday, November 25, 2013

A lot of people ask me..........

A lot of people ask me what kind of laptop should they get. One of the key factors when it comes down to getting a laptop or even a desktop, is what your using it for. If your looking to do some crazy stuff and a lot of different customization's than it is probably not a wise situation to get a Macbook Pro or a Mac in general. Honestly one of my main goals is to work with Apple. (when saying this I would also work with Microsoft I cant really say one company is better than the other). I only suggest to stay away from an Apple if your planning on doing a lot of customization's because using an Apple product in general limits you to doing a lot of customization's. On the flip side if you are constantly always on the go and have to have something on demand and ready to work when you turn it on, than an Macbook pro, Mac etc is probably not a bad idea. Unfortunately it turns out to be really pricey. Although you can find a decent Macbook on craigslist at a decent price but most people are looking for a brand new laptop. Now when not using an Apple product. Many computers come to mind. You have (This is not a list of all of them just a few that pops into my head) Asus, Acer, Lenovo, Dell, Gateway, HP and more and more. Personally (note this is my personal opinion) I believe Asus and Lenovo to be the two best computers out right now. Lenovo is actually 2nd place in laptops in general with of course Apple being the first. I have a Lenovo E430 which is pretty beastly. Asus is becoming to be a very great brand of computers. Honestly one of the common mistakes that is going on is that Asus is getting confused with Acer. Asus laptops are made very well and also have very good pc parts (mainly motherboards). Overall at the end of the day it is up to you. I like my Lenovo. I sell laptops through craigslist and come across a few other laptops and out of all the brands I deal with I prefer Lenovo or Asus. One of the greater thing about Lenovo is the customer service. They are based in Atlanta and they are amazing. I cannot remember the last time I have ended a customer service call with any other company when I had an issue and left the call on a good note....other than Lenovo

Mondays are horrible.

Today was a long day. Luckily I was able to watch the Heat game which was pretty decent. I was on campus from 9AM-8PM......I know its killer. My previous post was meant to be posted last night but I guess some technical difficulties came about. Speaking of technical difficulties. In my speech class we are in the process of doing these group presentations. I had planned to come to the class early with the three other people in my group (which we did come early) but this other group came in a little early as well and begged and begged for them to go first since they had a lot of stuff they had to put up for the presentation (hanging some disco ball thing and a powerpoint slide) well even when it was time for them to start they were still setting up their presentation. What sucked is after them the professor immediately called another random group. We got screwed over because of the fact the plan was for us to go first and just get it over with but turns out we will not be able to do it until Wednesday, which is fine I suppose because if anything wrong happens during the presentation it wont matter to me since we were ready on Monday. I also go into a computer lab after my classes and do some work their for my math class since we have to collect 32 hours of lab by the end of the semester, the issue is the lab is like 25 degrees. They tell you to bring a jacket, but I live in Miami......who has jackets?

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Blogger on iPhone

Well this is the first time using blogger on my iPhone. I usually make post from my laptop. But hey there is a first time for everything. The walking dead comes on in a hour. The issue is I have class at 7 I. The morning so since the start of walking dead I have been lacking my needed sleep on Mondays. Needless to say it leads to this question. Is it bad I emailed my professor letting her know I would miss tomorrow? On second thought don't answer that. I know it's frowned on. How was everyone's day? Anything new? 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Some Saturday Randomness

I have come to realize an issue with me. I will start off by explaining the same issue that my mother has. She is addicted to caffeine and when she does not have any she gets really bad headaches. Her method is taking BC Powders (some know them as Goody Powders). Its basically crushed up aspirin that has caffeine in it and looks like cocaine (which is also a perfect way to scare someone thinking your on cocaine). Unfortunately I do not have any....I don't take them often but I used to. I am becoming to believe that it is a hereditary problem. This problem last in many people as well but it really seems to effect me and my mother. Usually I drink a soda (or two) a day. The soda of choice is Mountain Dew. Today I have no had any soda or caffeine at all. I have a throbbing headache. I have realized that it is from not having caffeine in my system. Like any other drug you have withdrawals when you are not on them. I used to smoke cigarettes. When I quit the tiniest things would make me go hulk mode and unleash a wrath unknown to man. Now with this 24 hour absence of caffeine I am having headaches. Needless to say on this topic, my wife called me five minutes ago asked if I wanted something to eat since she was on the way here and I said No I already ate but pleaseeeeeeee get me a mountain dew. On another subject this semester is almost over. Which is pretty awesome. Ok yea thats all I have to say.

Sunday, November 17, 2013


So I recently bought a pair of rayban shades off of his guy I know for 30 dollars. Searched the model number and saw that they cost 180 new. Decided to sell them on craigslist. No one was buying them for the price I wanted so I let them go yesterday for 60 bucks. Figured heck I doubled the money I put into the shades. Took the 60 bucks and got back on craigs and refreshed the electronics section and wala, someone was selling a galaxy tab 2 for 70 bucks. Asked him why he was selling...said he needed the money for a phone payment. Told him I had 60. He accepted the offer and now I am selling the tablet for 130. :)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Bricked PlayStation 4s.

After the launch on Friday there have been reports on people getting their ps4s and they are calling the issue the blue light of death. What happens is the light bar flashes blue but never outputs a video signal or boots up. There have been 91 reported incidents that have surfaced with the possibility of more. It seems that the ps4 is not living up the hype it has developed. On Amazon nearly 40 percent of the ratings are one stars this is due to multiple hardware issues. The ps4 support forums have been overwhelmed because of the issues.

So many games out, its overwhelming.

So if you follow this blog. You will know that I regret selling my xbox a while back. There are so many games out. I have played gta5 and bf4. After playing gta5 I regretted my decision of ever selling my xbox. Unfortunately my financial status does not let me just get up and go get a xbox. So I have to wait. No big deal obviously its just a video game system but hey its fun right? I really liked bf4 as well. Does anyone know if on the xbox one/ps4 if the lobbies will be 64 people in a game like the pc? If so that will be great. The maps are a little big. I enjoyed playing team death match. Since the maps were smaller it was funner. Well time will come when I can get back on that bus.

Friday, November 15, 2013

The PS4

I do not have it, I more than likely will not be getting either consoles for a while. To many other things that I have to prioritize, plus I know the wife would not like it if I got a gaming system right now. I know that on craigslist the ps4 is selling for over 700 bucks since its already sold out in several stores, especially around here in Miami. If I had the spare money I would do it, but I do not. It has also come to attention that this very post is my 100th post. Yay. It seems like I have done much more than 100 posts but whatever. I went to tiger direct today with a friend and we were looking at some things. While I was there I saw this AW desktop that was amazing. It was 1500 dollars but hey what do you expect. There will be a day when I can spend that type of money and not have to worry about it. Hopefully everyone is having a splendid day and its almost over.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Today I got married.

Hey guys. If you saw my status today, than you know I got married. I know that is the first status you have even ever seen about a marriage at all. Me and my wife have kept it mostly a secret to everyone. Although my twitter followers do not know me in real life (with the exception of a handfull) I did not want to take the chance of other people finding out. Although at the end of the day it does not matter my wife and I wanted to get married by ourselves because it was overall easier, therefore we did not want family members and close friends upset because of not being invited. I had an amazing day today. We stayed at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Key Biscayne last night and got married this morning at the Bill Baggs State park on the beach. In the background of us there was a lighthouse. It was a really nice touch and added a big plus to the romanticism to the whole wedding. My wife could not of looked more beautiful. It was a really nice event.....the one and only problem with the whole wedding was during the middle of the ceremony these park rangers that worked there drove in front of our ceremony got out and talked to the people in charge of our wedding know that they had to pick up the rose pedals on the ground when we are finished with the wedding. To say the least it was very rude and uncalled for. The man could of easily parked behind the ceremony, somewhere out of vision and told one of the people about the rose pedals in a low voice where it did not interfere with the ceremony. It would of not been as large of an issue if we were not recording the wedding but since our family and friends were not there we would of liked to have it recorded....now we just have to edit out this man who was unprofessional. Regardless it was still an amazing experience. It will be something I will never forget. Me and my wife went to the top of the light house and took some pictures as well. We got a work out to say the least. I did not know it was so high up. I have been in one before but it was a long time ago but don't remember it being so high up. I would like to suggest the website of the people that married us. Below is the link

They did a really great job with everything. The photographer Jen is amazing. She used to be a photographer for this big company that does really expensive wedding here in South Florida but has been doing her own thing for a while. So it was really nice to have her professionalism in the wedding when it came to taking pictures. Honestly I cannot wait for the pictures to come back to see how everything looks. They have really good prices and they are really good at seeking customization. Now obviously hince the name smallmiamiweddings they are for small miami weddings. Anywho this has been my first post in a while. I will continue to post more and more as time goes on. Thank you everyone for your love and positive feedback.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Been a few days

I have been busy sorry everyone. As I type this I have the largest headache. My apologies to not saying a lot lately. I will try to get back in the rhythm.

Friday, November 1, 2013

I miss my xbox pt 2

I realize that I have made that title before...at least I think I have so yea thats why I am naming it pt 2. I have been hanging out with one of my friends from school. I went to his house and on the PS3 I have played Gta5 for the first time on Wednesday afternoon. I am sad. I really loved it. I wish I kept my 360. It looks like I might be getting a new one so I can get that game. I might as well get the Xbox One though when it comes out. We will see. Maybe that will happen. Maybe it won't.