Wednesday, September 4, 2013

So you should probably get rid of hotmail...

So I am at school and actually having a problem writing this blog because it is on the school computer here at ole Miami Dade College. Anywho my hotmail account was hacked this is happening to alot of people...hearing about it once or twice a couple months ago I just shrugged my shoulder and said oh well at least its not me. A few weeks ago I have heard more and more instances of this happening. This week it has happened to three people I know and now today it has happened to me.....There I was in my English class thinking to myself why does this guy beside me have a caterpillar on his desk...(I even tweeted about it). I spent the majority of my time in class watching this caterpillar crawl on his desk. All of a sudden my iphone tells me that I have the incorrect password for my hotmail account. I go to safari and try to log in there and it still did not work. So after class I went to the library (where I am now) and luckily I was able to recover it. Who ever hacked into it changed all the info except for vital info like credit card numbers attached to my xbox live (which I do not even have anymore). I was able to get my account back by leaping through a hula hoop of fire and then turning a black hat into a rabbit. I changed all the info for the account and made my password like 13 letters and 4 numbers (something like that). I called two of the people that it has happened to and luckily I got to my account in time because when it happened to them they changed all of there information (birthday, name, number etc). Now here is what I find crazy in both instances they called hotmail (microsoft) and was told they could recover the account for 150 dollars. It sounds to me like the company may be just randomly changing peoples info and in return hopefully they pay the money. My advice is to just get rid of hotmail. I find gmail much better. It would be wiser to do that now instead of waiting when its too late. I have changed the email on all my important stuff to my gmail just in case it happens again. Take care guys

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