Friday, July 19, 2013

Thing to know about Craigslist

I have been using craigslist for a while now and I want to share with you some things to know and do when using craigslist. I mostly buy broken computers fix them and sell them. If the item is worth it I will sometimes get items outside of computers. As far as posting a computer for sale go ahead and save everyone some time and stop putting the programs that come on the computer. Unless you have the disk for the programs it does not matter because the majority of the time everyone just does a fresh install of their desired os. So a computer that sells for 150 dollars that has office and adobe on it does not mean it sells for 350. I would suggest making a account with text now. If you dont know what that it is. It is like using a phone but in a app or on the desktop. You have to pay for minutes to talk but texting and picture messaging is free. It gives you a number and your set to go. So just incase you sell someone a bad item well all you have to do is change the number on the textnow account and you can change it every fifteen days with no charge. That is something I highly suggest. Also if your searching craigslist and notice someone is selling something bizarre like 30 iphones well I would probably stay away more than likely he stole them. When it comes to items ask yourself if it seems legit because if someones selling a macbook pro for 300 dollars the computer probably does not work. Watch out for fake items. I have seen alot of fake samsung galaxies and iphones. So when you meet the person make sure it has the right software on it. Another item that sells alot thats fake is the beats headphones. Honestly 90% of the time they are fake. Mainly because there are companies or places that make them fake and sell them for the amount the actual beats are worth and bank on money. You can go to youtube videos to determine whats fake and whats not as far as those go. Also never meet at your house or their house as well. Always meet in a public place. I even suggest meeting in a public place thats not even near your house. Always make sure when driving away make sure that persons not following you. I live in Miami so there are alot of scumbags. I have had several incidents of people wanting money back because they broke a item. They often threaten to kill me or say they are the cops or say they followed me home. Every time I go to a place for a meet they never see my license plate I back the car into a parking lot and watch them leave first. I hope this has helped you guys.

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