Saturday, August 16, 2014

So I Thought I Was On A Roll On Counter Strike....

So I am sitting here just in shock of how dumb I feel. I get of Xbox and hop on to CSS (Counter Strike Source) on De Dust 2. I get a triple feed with the deagle. I am like alright good start. I than move up and just annihilate everyone. Long story short my health in this lobby was like times 5 or something because I came into a pile of them at the pit and they are unloading at me and I am able to kill them all with the M4 (and reload in the middle of the gunfight) and take them all out. It was at that moment that I realized I was in a strange server. I backed out.

My Frustration With Turtlebeach Wireless Headsets

There was a time, a time long ago when I purchased my first pair of Turtle Beach headsets. They were x11s with the Xbox 360. They were white and black and they cost me about 60 bucks (give or take a few). As time went on I had realized that I wanted a better pair. I sold my X11 headsets and bought a pair of X41S. Now the headsets cost me around 130 bucks when I got them. I expected some grade A quality headsets. I am going to be honest, my X11 headsets were so much better. The issue that I have with the X41 is that I have the transmitter on my desk. My router is also on my desk. Now I understand that for the average person you may not have everything so close but oddly enough I do and there is not a way for me to switch things around at the moment. So what happens with this is the frequencies interfere with each other. What this causes is a static crackling popping noise in the headsets. Do your ears ever pop? Imagine that just going off every few seconds along with static feedback. That has been my issue with the headsets. When I first got them it was not as bad. I had noticed it once or twice during game play, but it was not as insane as it is today. I have placed my router at different frequencies but still no luck. Its unfortunate for me. I will probably get a wired pair of Astro headsets next. I may go back and get the X12 headsets. I am not sure if I will face the same problem if I got another brand wireless headset but I do not want to take the risk. My point of this blog was to inform you that if you have the thought of getting wireless headsets make sure you are not near your router. It should be something that they address on the labeling but hey who wants to steer you away from buying a product.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Ready NAS 102 Review

Hey everyone its YourDailyTechy here bringing you a review on a product that I recently got my hands on. I have the Ready NAS (Network Attached Storage) 102 for about a week now. I will later on (in a few months) post another review on the product of how I feel about it later on. The basic concept of the Ready NAS is having your own cloud at your fingertips at all times. With the storage available to you, you are able to upload pictures from your computer, laptop, tablet or phone. Netgear has an app available for you to be able to access your data and even upload your data away from your network. At first I thought the Ready NAS was only accessible in your own home (your network) but it is actually accessible anywhere because of the cloud system. I have found it already very handy. I have uploaded all my pictures from my external hard drive and uploaded them to my picture folder on my Ready NAS. One of the pictures I uploaded I needed outside of my home. I was able to access the app Ready Cloud and view get my pictures that I downloaded from my iPhone. This works the other way around as well. Lets say you have the app on your phone and have uploaded all your pics to the ready cloud. If you lose your phone or somehow destroy it you are able to access the cloud from another device and be able to receive your information. The Ready NAS makes things like dropbox  obsolete. In fact I recently purchased a dropbox plan but now I have no use for it. The setup of the Ready NAS is very simple and takes about 10 minutes for the average person to complete. Below is a picture of the Ready NAS 102, what it came with, and the box. 

As you can see the device itself is not as big as you may of thought or you were thinking. It does not waste alot of space and in fact fits pretty well beside your router or modem. The device brings a yellow Ethernet cable, the power supply, user manual, and the disk. I did not use the disk because my pc does not have a disk drive. Unfortunately I have tried going to the download section for my specific Ready NAS but there are only disk images available. I will probably install it on a USB drive and install the Ready NAS OS 6 that way. One thing that concerned me when setting up the Ready NAS storage was the mere fact that it is overall 2 hard drives inside of the device and if it would make noise. It does not really make any noise. Sure if you put your ear up to it you will hear the hard drive spinning but its not enough to even notice (especially when I have my desktop right under it and my ac blowing on top of me). To access the Ready NAS storage is quite simple. In fact its basically like accessing your regular computer files, but instead of going to computer you would go to network. A picture below shows how it looks.

As you can see there are Robert-PC YOURDAILYTECHY under computer. Under media devices there is also YourDailyTechy102 and under storage there is YourDailyTechy. All are basically the same thing. The easiest way to access the files is to go to YOURDAILYTECHY (now make note that the name is whatever you name your unfortunately won't be YourDailyTechy). Once you have done that this is what it will look like.

As you can see it looks very similar to something like your documents. You are able to create more folders or delete default folders that the unit comes with. I have left the default ones so you can see what it looks like. Lets take a look at my music.
 If you choose to click on storage it will bring you to the Ready NAS website and you will authenticate your user name and passcode.

My username is YourDailyTechy and my password is Iamawesome1 (its not). Once you have done that it will bring you to a homepage type of deal that you can access more information than you could previously.

From this you are able to access the folders of your unit along with multiple other things like seeing how much storage you have left and making new folders. There are apps that you can download as well. I have not yet downloaded any of the apps but I plan to.

So your thinking to yourself that this is pretty cool and must be expensive. There are models that cost up towards 1000$ but this one you can find roughly for 150$. For the price it is an exceptional peace of equipment. I would suggest this to anyone who has a lot of files and seem to spend money on cloud storage aside from having your own. I wish I had received this product before I wasted money on a dropbox account.

I am a Netgear Ambassador and am not being paid by doing this previous review. Netgear has sent me this product to give my honest opinion on the device. Thanks for viewing and any questions can be asked in the comments and I will try my best to respond to all.