Monday, March 31, 2014

The How I Met Your Mother Finale

Well. A dynasty of  a TV show died tonight. I remember the show airing in 2005 ( I was still in high school). I immediately found it entertaining and hilarious. Through the years I have watched TV shows and most of them have ended. Some endings worse than others. In 2009 I remember stating that the mother was dead. Well look who was right. The show left me with some unanswered questions. How does Barney feel about Ted and Robin getting back together. I wonder if Barney had anything to do with the mother of the baby. The Barney and his daughter scene had me almost crying....ok I was crying. Can you blame me? Its been a show I have followed since 2005 and I have become emotionally attached to the characters. The writers of that show Craig Thomas and Carter Bays have done an amazing job with that show. I would like to see some of these actors/actresses in more films to that they have more time on their hand. Tonight was the finale. How do you feel about the last episode. Are you depressed about it? Do you not really care? I know this is not a tech related blog post but felt the need to write about the show ending tonight. Leave a comment about what you think!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Why I Probably Would Not Buy Google Glass

Today Google announced a partnership with the Luxottica Group which happens to be the owner of Ray Bans, Oakley and several other big eyeglass brands. I'm guessing the obvious that they did this to make the google glass more fashionable and add some design overall to the mix. This is a good idea but regardless I am going to opt out of the Google Glass purchase. Lets face it your gonna look at over 1000 bucks just to get your hands on one of these. Lets just state the obvious...its not really time for a pair of glasses like this yet. The one thing that scares me most is how non user friendly this device is. Sure the concept is cool but lets be honest on a day to day life. Your walking and you hit a wall and your glasses fall off your face...BOOM a thousand bucks down the drain. Sure it doesn't happen all the time but it happens. Personally I would just be scared about walking into a wall and the main "Computer" part of the glasses would smash into my retina of my eyeball and cause me to die instantly but thats unlikely to happen. I just cant see the thought of having something on my face that displays information and notifications. I wear a pebble but thats on my wrist (which I have to say I love) but it doesn't get in the way and I am sure the google glasses wont be waterproof maybe water resistant. What are you going to do if your just taking a daily stroll down the street with your Google Glasses and it starts to rain. You have to put the glasses in your pocket or something and risk breaking them or scratching them. Even if you have the case are you sure to bring it everywhere you go. I know these are questions that are hypothetical to say the least but they are questions. iPhone theft in New York (and other big cities) are one of the main things to be stolen off of people on trains or on the streets. How easy will it be to steal a grand off of someones face. I would say quite simple. That would also scare me especially since about a month ago someone tried to snatch my iPhone out of my hand when I was walking my dog about 3 months ago. Luckily the guy didn't have a death grip on the phone and missed. What if I was wearing Google Glasses....Would it have been easier to that guy to steal them. What I am simply asking is this simple question. Is it a smart purchase? If it is. State why.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Retina Macbook Pro

So. First off I wanna take the time to say goodbye to a very special friend and explain the story of how I got my new friend. (by friends I mean computers....I don't have "Human Friends") There I was in late 2012 I bought a 2007 white Macbook for 140 bucks I had the plan to at least sell it for 250 maybe 300. I get a text from a guy that has a Lenovo E430 laptop and he wants to do a trade for the macbook. Now lets just be honest that guy was not too bright. The macbook had crappy specs. To be honest I don't even remember them. The Lenovo however was a very great computer. 2.5 processor turbo boost 3.10 8 gigs of ram and a 500 gig hd. Since than I have bought and sold several laptops some macbooks, macbook pros, asus and other lenovo laptops. Recently though I had bought a 2010 Macbook Pro. It was the standard intel duo core processor (not an i5 :( and it had 8 gigs of ram. I bought the macbook for 450 and sold it recently for 800. Now what I have done is I traded my precious Lenovo and added 400 cash to a brand new Retina Macbook Pro. i5 512 gigs of flash storage. Needless to say I am in love and I will not sell it. I think its safe to say I will not be going back to pc any time soon. There are future plans to build me a new gaming pc but thats in the future. Thanks for reading

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Apple and Android My Final Verdict Since 2010

This is a post for one thing and one thing only. That point is to finally tell you what I think of both Apple and Android phones. When I was younger the only phones I ever experienced were flip phones. I remember the iphone coming out back in 2007. Honestly at the time I was not so much a fan of Apple. In fact I wasnt really sure computer engineering is what I had wanted to do so the world of technology was not really my thing back than. As time went on I went through a few flip phones here and there. I was never a hands on tech person. One day I was with a friend and at his house hanging around and he was using his phone. At the time it was late in 2008 and I remember him using the first ever phone with the Android OS, The T mobile G1 (HTC Dream). It sparked my curiosity but it wasnt enough to make me switch to an Android from my Lg Envy at the time. Honestly if I would of used the phone and played with it for at least five minutes I more than likely would of stole it from him. Well time went by and eventually I went to t mobile and got the Lg Optimus. It was a decent phone. It was so different for me. I thought I was the king of the world. My first Android operating system. I fell in love with the customizations that I was able to do on that phone. It sparked something inside me. I always loved computers and everything. Although even then I didnt know much about computers or anything tech. So I dug into things for Android. I rooted my phone and had a blast (although I had no clue about the whole rom situation). Eventually in 2011 I bought the HTC Evo 4g. It was first. I rooted the phone and through all kinds of roms at it. Cyanogen Mod, SOS, MikMik all of them ( Its ok if you dont know those roms) eventually I just came to disgust with the problems with the HTC Evo ( and even with the optimus but at the time I did not care). The phone lagged at every moment it could. It just wasn't snappy like I wished it was. I had issues with calling dropping (could be sprint) and it was just an inconvenience to someone who lived a busy lifestyle. I held my toungue though. I stayed with it a little longer. I never ever even touched an iPhone back then. I remember being Android all the way regardless of how much it pissed me off. Eventually I had my last straw. I remember the day I went to the bestbuy to buy a new phone. I was trying to fix an issue on my Evo. My wallpaper would not crop correctly. Every wallpaper I used it always zoomed in. It would never crop correctly (this story is going to come in affect soon). It was frustrating. So out of frustration I went to the bestbuy to get the brand new iPhone 5 that was just released. I knew NOTHING about iPhones and had never used one but I knew I could not handle the lagging and all the issues the HTC Evo (Android). I got home with my brand new iPhone. I plugged it in. I immediately fell in love with the lightning charger. It clicked so smoothe when plugging in. With my Evo I had to wrap the cord around my phone and make sure that the end of the charger was pressed towards the right to keep it charging. If I moved the phone it would stop charging. It was frustrating. I immediately fell in love with the interface. It was so easy to use and the iPhone just catered to my needs. Even when I was driving and if I was forced to use my phone for whatever reason I noticed it was so much easier to do so because of how user friendly the iPhone was. At the time I purchased an iPad as well and realized I was all about Apple. Even bought a Macbook Pro but that was more recent. Anyway I got a little tired of the iPhone because of the limits to customization that I had. I had my iPhone jailbroken and even still there was so much I could do. I did the unimaginable and bought a Galaxy S4. I really liked it compared to the evo. I didn't root it. It was smoother but shortly I sitll experienced lags and it still had the wallpaper issue that I would of thought after three years that Android would of fixed that somehow. Needless to say I went back to my iPhone and sparked that love back up. I am sorry for leaving you when I did. The verdict is I will remain an iPhone user. Especially since I have a busy life. The iPhone just works. It just does. I know that if I pick it up off this desk right now and unlock the screen its not going to freeze. It wont lag when I open an app. When I go to twitter all the pictures will load instead of taking forever to do. I know that my iPhone will be there.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Finding a balance

Hey guys sorry for not keeping my blog as updated as I should. As my title says I am trying to find a balance between work, work, work and school. Its a little tiresome at some points, but dont worry I am still alive. I recently come to realize that I have not yet to find someone to help me with a logo or an intro so I have decided to branch out on my own and learn how to do both of them for myself. I imagine doing a intro would be much harder but hey lifes hard. I am in the process of trying to find/buy/build a new gaming computer. I honestly do not do any gaming on the pc but I need a pc that does not take so long when it comes to video rendering and uploading to youtube. I would honestly have much more videos up on youtube but it takes such a long time. At the moment I am using a lenovo e430 for the video rendering. Its almost like the little engine that could. You can tell it stresses that little guy out. The fan is louder than a boeing jet when it is in the process of rendering a video. The point is that laptops are not built for doing all that. Anyways guys I just wanted to update all of you on what has been going on. I hope everyone has a good day. Take care

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Still looking for a logo and an intro...

Its been a month I have had several people contact me about doing a logo but honestly (no offense to the people who have tried) the logos were just not good at all. If someone can make me a logo and if someone can make me an intro please message me/tweet me so we can discuss details.