Saturday, August 16, 2014

So I Thought I Was On A Roll On Counter Strike....

So I am sitting here just in shock of how dumb I feel. I get of Xbox and hop on to CSS (Counter Strike Source) on De Dust 2. I get a triple feed with the deagle. I am like alright good start. I than move up and just annihilate everyone. Long story short my health in this lobby was like times 5 or something because I came into a pile of them at the pit and they are unloading at me and I am able to kill them all with the M4 (and reload in the middle of the gunfight) and take them all out. It was at that moment that I realized I was in a strange server. I backed out.

My Frustration With Turtlebeach Wireless Headsets

There was a time, a time long ago when I purchased my first pair of Turtle Beach headsets. They were x11s with the Xbox 360. They were white and black and they cost me about 60 bucks (give or take a few). As time went on I had realized that I wanted a better pair. I sold my X11 headsets and bought a pair of X41S. Now the headsets cost me around 130 bucks when I got them. I expected some grade A quality headsets. I am going to be honest, my X11 headsets were so much better. The issue that I have with the X41 is that I have the transmitter on my desk. My router is also on my desk. Now I understand that for the average person you may not have everything so close but oddly enough I do and there is not a way for me to switch things around at the moment. So what happens with this is the frequencies interfere with each other. What this causes is a static crackling popping noise in the headsets. Do your ears ever pop? Imagine that just going off every few seconds along with static feedback. That has been my issue with the headsets. When I first got them it was not as bad. I had noticed it once or twice during game play, but it was not as insane as it is today. I have placed my router at different frequencies but still no luck. Its unfortunate for me. I will probably get a wired pair of Astro headsets next. I may go back and get the X12 headsets. I am not sure if I will face the same problem if I got another brand wireless headset but I do not want to take the risk. My point of this blog was to inform you that if you have the thought of getting wireless headsets make sure you are not near your router. It should be something that they address on the labeling but hey who wants to steer you away from buying a product.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Ready NAS 102 Review

Hey everyone its YourDailyTechy here bringing you a review on a product that I recently got my hands on. I have the Ready NAS (Network Attached Storage) 102 for about a week now. I will later on (in a few months) post another review on the product of how I feel about it later on. The basic concept of the Ready NAS is having your own cloud at your fingertips at all times. With the storage available to you, you are able to upload pictures from your computer, laptop, tablet or phone. Netgear has an app available for you to be able to access your data and even upload your data away from your network. At first I thought the Ready NAS was only accessible in your own home (your network) but it is actually accessible anywhere because of the cloud system. I have found it already very handy. I have uploaded all my pictures from my external hard drive and uploaded them to my picture folder on my Ready NAS. One of the pictures I uploaded I needed outside of my home. I was able to access the app Ready Cloud and view get my pictures that I downloaded from my iPhone. This works the other way around as well. Lets say you have the app on your phone and have uploaded all your pics to the ready cloud. If you lose your phone or somehow destroy it you are able to access the cloud from another device and be able to receive your information. The Ready NAS makes things like dropbox  obsolete. In fact I recently purchased a dropbox plan but now I have no use for it. The setup of the Ready NAS is very simple and takes about 10 minutes for the average person to complete. Below is a picture of the Ready NAS 102, what it came with, and the box. 

As you can see the device itself is not as big as you may of thought or you were thinking. It does not waste alot of space and in fact fits pretty well beside your router or modem. The device brings a yellow Ethernet cable, the power supply, user manual, and the disk. I did not use the disk because my pc does not have a disk drive. Unfortunately I have tried going to the download section for my specific Ready NAS but there are only disk images available. I will probably install it on a USB drive and install the Ready NAS OS 6 that way. One thing that concerned me when setting up the Ready NAS storage was the mere fact that it is overall 2 hard drives inside of the device and if it would make noise. It does not really make any noise. Sure if you put your ear up to it you will hear the hard drive spinning but its not enough to even notice (especially when I have my desktop right under it and my ac blowing on top of me). To access the Ready NAS storage is quite simple. In fact its basically like accessing your regular computer files, but instead of going to computer you would go to network. A picture below shows how it looks.

As you can see there are Robert-PC YOURDAILYTECHY under computer. Under media devices there is also YourDailyTechy102 and under storage there is YourDailyTechy. All are basically the same thing. The easiest way to access the files is to go to YOURDAILYTECHY (now make note that the name is whatever you name your unfortunately won't be YourDailyTechy). Once you have done that this is what it will look like.

As you can see it looks very similar to something like your documents. You are able to create more folders or delete default folders that the unit comes with. I have left the default ones so you can see what it looks like. Lets take a look at my music.
 If you choose to click on storage it will bring you to the Ready NAS website and you will authenticate your user name and passcode.

My username is YourDailyTechy and my password is Iamawesome1 (its not). Once you have done that it will bring you to a homepage type of deal that you can access more information than you could previously.

From this you are able to access the folders of your unit along with multiple other things like seeing how much storage you have left and making new folders. There are apps that you can download as well. I have not yet downloaded any of the apps but I plan to.

So your thinking to yourself that this is pretty cool and must be expensive. There are models that cost up towards 1000$ but this one you can find roughly for 150$. For the price it is an exceptional peace of equipment. I would suggest this to anyone who has a lot of files and seem to spend money on cloud storage aside from having your own. I wish I had received this product before I wasted money on a dropbox account.

I am a Netgear Ambassador and am not being paid by doing this previous review. Netgear has sent me this product to give my honest opinion on the device. Thanks for viewing and any questions can be asked in the comments and I will try my best to respond to all.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Problems with my gaming build. SOLVED

So as you may or may not know recently I got a new gaming PC. It's quite nice but I had been running into a few problems with it. I did not build this PC I got it through Craigslist. The PC has been freezing up on me. I would say it happens at least once a day. It does not freeze up in the since that I can CNTRL ALT DLT my way out of it. Nope it has been locking up completely and the only way to get out of it is flipping the switch. So I had done some digging? What could this be? Hard drive? No because at least than I would get the blue spinning ring as if it was loading something. The temp of my CPU were a little high but nothing crazy. The ram was fine. When I first got the build I opened the panel glanced and put it back together. I didn't do to much looking. Today I did it again and spent some more time. Turns out the PC didn't even have an SSD installed. What I had thought was the SSD was just a 500 gig laptop hd. 
Yep there it is in my hand. This HD wasn't even mounted correctly or did it not have the brackets for it. The guy just screwed two screws into it and basically let it dangle. Oddly enough this wasn't even the issue. The issue came when I went to go look at the heat sink. It wasn't even tightened down correctly and it wasn't aligned correctly. When attaching the heat sink  there are four pins that tightened (get pushed down) on the the motherboard. 3 of those pins were not pushed down. Needless to say the heat sink was just hanging by a thread. I redid it and since 2 today (now 10 PM) I have not had an issue. Next week I will however be doing some upgrading to this PC along with just some basic hard ware improvements. One thing for sure is I will be getting a 1 TB SSD along with 8 more gigs of ram. 

A transition in progress.

I am going to start putting more focus towards the technology side of things. The video gaming is great and all but the Call of Duty community is already so huge and to pack another person inside of it is just a little to much. I also just enjoy doing computer stuff more. I will start doing tutorials on different computer related tasks. Soon I will have a camera that I will have a tripod with and will start doing videos on some new products and tutorials on different random things. Its going to be fun. Although this blog post was short I just wanted to say what I needed to say.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

All Of This Hype About The Sapphire Crystal Glass On Iphone 6.

One of the main things that have been floating around for a few weeks now is the new glass that the iPhone 6 will have. It is made (not entirely) of Sapphire Crystal Glass. Now first and foremost, it is more durable than previous iPhones, so lets not forget that. One thing that everyone seems to forget or they just simply do not know is that there is more to an iPhone breaking than just the top glass over the phone. Now I will get kind of technical so just bare with me here. There are two parts to a full screen on an iPhone (any iPhone). There is the LCD and the Digitizer. The digitizer is the glass itself. The glass is also what allows you to touch. Depending on how hard your crack is on your iPhone will usually determine if you are not able to touch the screen without it jumping everywhere and not recognizing your fingertip. Here is a picture of a phone that has cracked glass (also known as the digitizer)
As you can see on this picture there are the spiderweb cracks running across the screen. Depending on how sever those cracks are is what determines the touch of the screen. As you can see. There is still image on this iPhone in this picture. The image itself is the LCD AKA Liquid Crystal Display. Here is a picture of a iPhone with a broken LCD.
Now as you can see there are lines in the screen and obviously the image is all messed up. There are times that the breaking of the iphone even causes the LCD to go completely out. There are many cases depending on what the angle is of dropping the iPhone that the glass (digitizer) does not even crack. The LCD breaks or goes out. Your thinking to yourself "just replace the lcd" or if its just glass "just replace the glass". You cannot do that. The replacement parts usually do not consist of just the glass or just the LCD and to be able to take them apart without breaking one or the other is nearly impossible. Now I have made this whole blog to point out that although the glass itself on the new iPhone 6 may be made out of stronger material does not effect the LCD of the phone. MKBHD did a video of testing out the glass on the iPhone 6 and the glass was able to bend back quite impressively but regardless of what glass is on the phone, if it takes impact and once it takes impact it will push down on to the LCD and 9 times out of 10 the LCD will break...but hey at least you won't cut your fingers when you go to pay 400 bucks for a new assembly.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

I said goodbye to my Macbook Pro

Up until yesterday I never ever thought of getting rid of my Macbook Pro Retina. I loved that computer and it was a part of me. It felt like something that was bound to my body and that I could never let go. It knew me and I That all changed. Here is the back story on my Macbook Pro and how I got it and well how I got rid of it. About two years ago I began selling and fixing computers through craigslist as some extra cash. In the past two years I have sold dozens and dozens of computers and maybe have spent a total of 30 minutes on each one. Around that time I bought a 2006 white Macbook for 140 bucks. I traded that computer for a Lenovo E430 laptop. The laptop had a 750 gig hd, i5 2.6 processor. It was much much faster than the Macbook. The guy needed a Macbook I suppose. I had the Lenovo laptop for a while. I enjoyed it. I ended up trading the Lenovo along with 300 bucks cash for a 2013 Macbook Pro Retina. It was a steal. The Macbook Pro was priced around 1300 bucks. I technically got it for 440 bucks considering the fact that I put 300 cash on top and orignally had the white one for 140. I have had that Macbook Pro for a while. A few weeks ago I bought a 2008 black macbook (with a bad battery) for 125 bucks. Yesterday was the day I said goodbye to both of them. Yesterday I traded both my Macbook Pro Retina and the black Macbook for two devices as well. Now I am still in shock that I have these and that this person decided to do the trade. I have a haswell gaming build i7 overclocked to 4.2 and a Asus G46VW gaming laptop. Along with the trade included all boxes for every component in the gaming build along with a monitor (that I am not using) and a thermaltake keyboard and mouse. The build is priced around 1300 and the Asus laptop sells currently on amazon for around 900 bucks. Technically if you think about it. I got all of this for under 600 bucks. Now what I would like to tell you guys is that its not hard to start doing this. Find an item that you know you can sell for more than the current buyer, also talk down the price. If you see a macbook for 400 and you know you can sell it for 600 bucks (do your research) than talk the guy down to 350 and make a little extra cash. You will be suprised of how much money you can make by working through craigslist. I guess he just needed a Macbook Pro

Saturday, July 12, 2014

My Thoughts On Lebron Leaving And A Little Of My Past

Well, it is safe to say that I called it. I said this on my commentary the other day, but so did a million other people. I am not mad that Lebron left. What gets me is when his contract is up next time, can the Cavs really trust Lebron? It just seems to me like hes to bouncy and changes his mind a little to often. If I was the owner of Cleveland I would be worried about that. It is obvious that he does not have the mentality like Kobe, Wade, or Duncan. What I mean by that is if you love your team you stay with your team. He should not of left Cleveland the first time. Luckily the Miami Heat won two back to back championships highly due to Lebron. I say lucky, because if he didn't than Miami wasted a lot of money on a player that would just change his mind once the four years was up. I can honestly say that if we did not win those championships than I would be a little more mad. One thing I want Miami to do is just to remain professional. When we have a matchup against Cleveland next year I pray that not one Heat fan boos Lebron. (but lets be honest its Miami) I want to show the Cleveland fans who is really more classy and not some shit fans. I can't really talk about fans because we walked out during the finals but still. I guess I am just more confused why someone would go back to a city where you were once hated until they received  a slight  possibility of him coming back than they were riding him like sea biscuit. I hate my hometown. I am from Augusta GA and a lot of enemies reside there and to be honest I was a geek in high school. It was not like it is today. Today the geeks rule and people seem to like geeks better. In high school back in 2005 I was picked on daily. My point is....I will never go back to Augusta mainly because of what I went through....not like they were mad when I left....(they didn't really notice...and probably still don't). At the end of the day regardless of how I feel or millions of other people feel your home is home.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Hoping everyone a Happy 4th

Hey everyone been a few days since a blog update. At this moment while I am typing this I am watching The Walking Dead. I would just like to remind you that you have little less than a month to post the Assault Rifle Challenge on youtube in order to win a free video game. If you have no idea what I am talking about click here for more details.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My Latest Giveaway

Hey everyone. I have recently made a video of what I would like to call The YourDailyTechy Assault Rifle Challenge. Now it has come to my attention that not everyone has mw2 since it is a rather older Call Of Duty. So I have thought about it and will allow any Call Of Duty to work. All you have to do is post your recording of your Assault Rifle Challenge (it must be all assault rifles of that Call Of Duty). On August 1st I will announce the winner. The winner of the challenge will receive any video game of their choice. Whether it be Playstation or Xbox I will honor all consoles. Thanks guys. If you have not yet watched the video please do so here on more details of it and some great gameplay.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My thoughts on iOS 8 and Yosemite so far....

Hey guys been a few days but I have one heck of a post for you. So I was going to make this into a video but figured I would make a blog post about and perhaps make a video tomorrow stating some of the similar things I am going to state now. Lets first start with Yosemite. The day of the announcement of the new OS, I downloaded it. I really like the layout more than I had anticipated. It is different. I do however feel like they made a much larger deal about the transparency issue. Yes there is a transparency in a lot of the windows that you use, but it is nothing crazy to make you think to much of a different. It does however have more of a iOS feel to it. Although I am not a strict fan of iOS 7 (I say 8 too mainly because its the same as far as the looks go) it does however fit well into my Macbook. Needless to say I enjoy it. Keep in mind that this is a beta (both iOS 8 and Yosemite) but for a beta it operates pretty nicely. I don't have a problem with using it as a daily driver until the next beta. One of the main things I was/am looking forward to in the new OS and iOS is the ability to make phone calls and receive them. Unfortunately that is not happening right now. I imagine this is mainly due because it is a beta (both of them). When I get a call it just goes straight to my iPhone and does not show up anywhere near my MBP. I am also unable to make calls using my MBP. Upon doing so I get the tab in the upper right hand corner that says using iPhone (as if it was about to start the call) and it never calls. I tried several different numbers. I tried doing FaceTime audio even and that does not work either. So that is unsuccessful in these betas. Also they showed the wifi hotspot capibility where your supposed to go up to the wifi settings on your mac and see your iPhone and connect to the internet via your iPhone's data connection. Unfortunately I have no idea how that will work since I cannot find my iPhone anywhere in the wifi. Now on to the whole "Contuinity" thing of Apple wanting you to use your devices in sync with each other at all times. In the WWDC they showed where you can be on Safari on your Mac and go to your iPhone and have the little Safari symbol show up and open it right where you left off. There have been on several occasions so far where that has worked and it was handy....downside is usually 80/20 and the 20 being that it will actually work....and if you have a lock screen on the iPhone than you can just basically forget about that feature for the mean time. Having a lock screen will cause the phone to freeze. iOS 8 is not a horrible update. If you like 7 than you won't have a problem with 8. However if you don't have a Mac (or iPad) than being in a rush to have iOS 8 is kind of pointless, seeing that the main updates to iOS 8 is really the ability to connect with your other Apple products. It is a good move by Apple (as long as it works but in the betas nothing is really working as stated) so that they can have a customer want to purchase multiple Apple products instead of just an iPhone or a Mac. Its smart and overall I would be very very very pleased with it if it works as it is supposed to. Hopefully within the next few beta releases those issues get addressed. Now if you are interested in getting the betas you can find them practically anywhere. Be careful there are several steps you have to follow in order to get the beta for iOS 8. Getting Yosemite is fairly easy.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

I am sorry its been a while...

I would not be able to tell you the last time I have made a post on my blog. I would have to close this out and go look but I am not going to do that. What I am going to do is inform all of you what has been going on lately. I recently starting working with a company called DrPhoneFix in Miami. They have several locations. At first I was just their computer technician. After getting out of work at advisement and career services in Miami I would pick up whatever computers the store had (If any) and repair them. It had then got to the point where it was decided for me to work full time and since than I have been crazy busy. My weeks are usually around 45-50 hours. Since I have started I really haven't been on twitter or blogging or anything in that matter. I want that to change. I want to be more active. I would like to know what would you guys like to see me do. Maybe a tutorial on something? Let me know your ideas so I can start back up.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Watch out when putting Windows 7 on Macbook Pro Retina....

Recently I have put Windows 7 on my Macbook Pro Retina. When you do this everything in Windows 7 will be microscopic. You will need to have the DPI set to 200% if you plan on being able to see anything. Figured I would make this post and inform you guys on it..

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Acer is the devil.

I am not really sure if Acer is in fact the leader of hell, but I would say it is a demon. I recently got a laptop repair Acer Aspire One Mini Netbook. (first off guys, lets just not buy netbooks....if you want a small laptop get a damn iPad or a tablet) The issue with this computer was that the customer was not able to click anything. They can only move the mouse with the trackpad but not click or right click anything. So they had to use a usb mouse for the time being. Well immediately I figure driver issue. I reinstall the driver and it still doesn't work. Ok I delete that driver and reinstall another driver. The Acer website had two different drivers for the trackpad. One was an Elantech and the other one was Sypnatics. I tried both. The elantech was just simply did nothing. No change. With the sypnatics driver I was able to click but all of a sudden on startup the computer would just highlight everything immediately when I moved the mouse. I was not able to click anything and when I did click it opened up the pop up menu (what the right click would normally do). So I found a solution of Ctrl Alt Del and just press cancel. When I did that I could click. Finally I could do it.....but to my suprise I was not able to right click. I got aggrevated. I called the customer and asked if I could back up her files and do a fresh install of the OS (windows 7 home). I did a fresh install and immediately it did it again. Basically I have reached the conclusion that it might be a short somewhere. I will tell you that this took the majority of my day. I tried installing the drivers again and no luck. As a matter of fact doing a fresh install wiped all the drivers of course so I had to go on my Angel of a Macbook and download drivers. Guess what website was down for maintenance when I needed to download the drivers? If you said the Acer driver webpage than you would be right and it wasn't like I could use the internet on the Acer because I needed the wifi driver. The wifi drivers on the website didn't work. I don't understand but I ended up just downloading one from CNET. At the end the customer was not upset. I let them know of the situation and they are gonna be happy with being able to click.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Many of you bought Google Glasses....

So I have read that one of the models sold out of the Google Glasses yesterday during the "One Day Sales Event. Well first off....Congrats for having over a grand to spend on glasses, but for the reason I made this post is to not bash you. The reason for this post is to remind all of you guys who plan on doing a review in under 24 hours of having the product to please hold off on doing so. Use the glasses for about a week or heck even a month and than doing a full review. No one knows everything about a product in under a day...unless its a new brand of toilet paper...and well.. it wipes my butt and thats it.

Just some Apple VS PC Thoughts

Unfortunately throughout my day I have to alternate from my Macbook Pro and the computer at my workplace. Not to mention I sell computers as well and many of the computers I run through are windows based pcs, truthfully I don't spend to much time on them so it doesn't affect me to much. I have a large issue because I am constantly on my Macbook Pro Retina and when I get on the computer at work it messes with my eyes. For me the retina display is not only awesome to look at but its much much easier on the eyes for me. My eyes are sensitive, and being a tech guy causes problems when I am always on a computer. Fortunately my eye glasses help against that (something about the lens being made for people who work on computers all the time) but having the retina display also helps even more. The problem is when I go to work I have to use this computer from forever ago for work related material. The screen is a 17 inch dell monitor and is extremely harsh on the eyes. At once we had the screen protectors...but those just made it worse. I couldn't see anything. The alternating between the two is hard for me and causes headaches. The other issue is basically just the operating system. I'll admit I was a PC guy mainly before I started selling computers. It wasn't until I got my hands on a newer Macbook Pro that I realized that Mac was the way to go...(at least for me, remember it changes for everyone). I find that using a PC basically takes more work on the user. Its not that its a matter of how fast or slow the machine is (but lets be honest unless you have a powerful gaming build a Mac product is generally going to be faster on almost....everything) On a Mac everything is set so user friendly. You have the amazing dock which has all the icons that you want on the very bottom. Everything on the desktop is basically already set for you to do what ever it is you need to do. Obviously in a Windows based PC we have to navigate through narnia to get where we need to go. The largest issue with me and windows is the updates. I used to have a Lenovo E430 laptop. I loved this laptop but Windows killed me on the constant updates. On my Macbook its ready to go when I am. On the Lenovo it was ready to go when it finished updating. That was a constant issue and is a constant issue with many of the PC users. On the flipside if I were to own a PC it would have to be a gaming powerhouse pc or because for some reason a college class depended on programs that were only used on windows (or I could just bootcamp). Basically this post was made because through the last several weeks I have been alternating between my personal Macbook Pro, Asus Laptop (currently selling) and my computer at work and I have noticed the difference significantly in my eyes and in my...Heart? when using all the products.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Wanna Remove Dashboard On Mac?

One of the macbooks biggest issues is the Dashboard feature. Its safe to say no one really uses this feature. I am not sure why Apple has left it on but none the less. I am going to show you well...tell you how to remove it. Its quite simple hence why I didn't make a video about it.
1. Open up terminal (if you don't use this just go to the spotlight and type terminal and open it from there)
2. Type in as followed. "defaults write mcx-disabled -boolean true" (probably easier to copy and paste
3. After that relaunch your dock by typing in killall Dock
4. Thats it. Dashboard should be removed. Comment if you need help.

My Fun With Replacing A Keyboard.

I recently got a hold of an Asus K53Z laptop that I am currently selling. Upon getting it through craigslist the guy that I bought it from was a little shady to say the least. I bought it for cheap and figured there was something wrong with the laptop that he wasn't telling me (aside from the upper right hinge coming off so when you open the laptop the top shell opens and aside from it missing several keys. I fixed the hinge and ordered a keyboard for it. Got the keyboard last night. Figured it would be simple ( I have had several of these laptops and never had a problem) upon taking the keyboard off I notice it wasn't coming off. It was super glued...literally there was super glue at the bottom of it. After I ripped it off and installed the new one it was a job well done but seriously that keyboard wouldn't budge. I took a pic and you can notice the two keys missing and how bent and messed up the frame is after tearing it off.....

Friday, April 11, 2014

Why I wont get a Galaxy S5

Lets just say I didn't have a MacBook Pro or an iPad and I was looking around for a new phone. Obviously I have an iPhone at the current time which having all iDevices makes it so much easier for me as for as connecting and having everything together. Several months ago I had a Galaxy S4 for a while. I used it for about two weeks and crawled back quickly to my iPhone. It still had the same issues that I had with my old HTC Evo and my old LG Optimus. The background would move and shake weirdly. The pictures would not crop right. Anyback ground I would get I couldnt have the whole background availiable unless the scrolling feature was turned on. I downloaded apps to try to fix it. No solution. The lag of the phone in general was just obsurd for me. I think its only possible to go from and android to an iPhone. I don't think its going to be possible to go from iPhone to android. Its just to much of a hassle. I know kit kat. I understand how to use it...quite well actually. Its just not as smooth as its competition. I am sure the S5 will still have the same issues. If I hold an S5 and it does not have those issues I still wouldn't do it mainly because all the devices I have are Apple. This is not to say that android isn't for you. This is just to say that the S5 will surely more than likely probably have the same issues as it does. Now me personally I am a nit picky guy. The wallpaper stuff drives me crazy. When things force close and lag out that drives me even more mad. If those things dont matter to you, than thats fine. The S5 does have good specs overall. It wont be the worst......but it wont be the best either.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Many of you ask what jailbreak tweaks I have...

Like the title says, I have a ton of people messaging me how I got specific themes or tweaks on my iPhone. Now unlike most people I am not gonna keep all the customizations to myself. I feel I should spread the wealth. So a list below are the current tweaks and themes I use (I will post the themes that I use and in quotations mark which one I use currently. So here we go.

Adblocker Cracked
Auxo 2
CCNowPlaying (currently turned off because of Auxo 2)
Folder Customizer
Lockdown Pro iOS 7
SafeHouse Pro

Now a list below are the current themes I have. 
rdsgn (currently using)

Thats it guys. Thats everything that is on my iPhone. If possible retweet this so everyone can see. 

Whats going on currently?

Hey whats up guys sorry its been a while since a post...or a video in that matter. I am just going on this last stretch of school for this semester and than I have a whole month off so I can focus on some of these things. Currently at the moment I am at my house doing a fresh install of windows 7 on a Asus K53Z that I plan on selling at the end of the week. I am doing the install from a usb drive. I plan on doing a video on how to do this. I will do one for Windows and Mac as well. Both are done differently so there will be two seperate videos. Anyways guys thanks for stopping by I plan on posting more.

Monday, March 31, 2014

The How I Met Your Mother Finale

Well. A dynasty of  a TV show died tonight. I remember the show airing in 2005 ( I was still in high school). I immediately found it entertaining and hilarious. Through the years I have watched TV shows and most of them have ended. Some endings worse than others. In 2009 I remember stating that the mother was dead. Well look who was right. The show left me with some unanswered questions. How does Barney feel about Ted and Robin getting back together. I wonder if Barney had anything to do with the mother of the baby. The Barney and his daughter scene had me almost crying....ok I was crying. Can you blame me? Its been a show I have followed since 2005 and I have become emotionally attached to the characters. The writers of that show Craig Thomas and Carter Bays have done an amazing job with that show. I would like to see some of these actors/actresses in more films to that they have more time on their hand. Tonight was the finale. How do you feel about the last episode. Are you depressed about it? Do you not really care? I know this is not a tech related blog post but felt the need to write about the show ending tonight. Leave a comment about what you think!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Why I Probably Would Not Buy Google Glass

Today Google announced a partnership with the Luxottica Group which happens to be the owner of Ray Bans, Oakley and several other big eyeglass brands. I'm guessing the obvious that they did this to make the google glass more fashionable and add some design overall to the mix. This is a good idea but regardless I am going to opt out of the Google Glass purchase. Lets face it your gonna look at over 1000 bucks just to get your hands on one of these. Lets just state the obvious...its not really time for a pair of glasses like this yet. The one thing that scares me most is how non user friendly this device is. Sure the concept is cool but lets be honest on a day to day life. Your walking and you hit a wall and your glasses fall off your face...BOOM a thousand bucks down the drain. Sure it doesn't happen all the time but it happens. Personally I would just be scared about walking into a wall and the main "Computer" part of the glasses would smash into my retina of my eyeball and cause me to die instantly but thats unlikely to happen. I just cant see the thought of having something on my face that displays information and notifications. I wear a pebble but thats on my wrist (which I have to say I love) but it doesn't get in the way and I am sure the google glasses wont be waterproof maybe water resistant. What are you going to do if your just taking a daily stroll down the street with your Google Glasses and it starts to rain. You have to put the glasses in your pocket or something and risk breaking them or scratching them. Even if you have the case are you sure to bring it everywhere you go. I know these are questions that are hypothetical to say the least but they are questions. iPhone theft in New York (and other big cities) are one of the main things to be stolen off of people on trains or on the streets. How easy will it be to steal a grand off of someones face. I would say quite simple. That would also scare me especially since about a month ago someone tried to snatch my iPhone out of my hand when I was walking my dog about 3 months ago. Luckily the guy didn't have a death grip on the phone and missed. What if I was wearing Google Glasses....Would it have been easier to that guy to steal them. What I am simply asking is this simple question. Is it a smart purchase? If it is. State why.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Retina Macbook Pro

So. First off I wanna take the time to say goodbye to a very special friend and explain the story of how I got my new friend. (by friends I mean computers....I don't have "Human Friends") There I was in late 2012 I bought a 2007 white Macbook for 140 bucks I had the plan to at least sell it for 250 maybe 300. I get a text from a guy that has a Lenovo E430 laptop and he wants to do a trade for the macbook. Now lets just be honest that guy was not too bright. The macbook had crappy specs. To be honest I don't even remember them. The Lenovo however was a very great computer. 2.5 processor turbo boost 3.10 8 gigs of ram and a 500 gig hd. Since than I have bought and sold several laptops some macbooks, macbook pros, asus and other lenovo laptops. Recently though I had bought a 2010 Macbook Pro. It was the standard intel duo core processor (not an i5 :( and it had 8 gigs of ram. I bought the macbook for 450 and sold it recently for 800. Now what I have done is I traded my precious Lenovo and added 400 cash to a brand new Retina Macbook Pro. i5 512 gigs of flash storage. Needless to say I am in love and I will not sell it. I think its safe to say I will not be going back to pc any time soon. There are future plans to build me a new gaming pc but thats in the future. Thanks for reading

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Apple and Android My Final Verdict Since 2010

This is a post for one thing and one thing only. That point is to finally tell you what I think of both Apple and Android phones. When I was younger the only phones I ever experienced were flip phones. I remember the iphone coming out back in 2007. Honestly at the time I was not so much a fan of Apple. In fact I wasnt really sure computer engineering is what I had wanted to do so the world of technology was not really my thing back than. As time went on I went through a few flip phones here and there. I was never a hands on tech person. One day I was with a friend and at his house hanging around and he was using his phone. At the time it was late in 2008 and I remember him using the first ever phone with the Android OS, The T mobile G1 (HTC Dream). It sparked my curiosity but it wasnt enough to make me switch to an Android from my Lg Envy at the time. Honestly if I would of used the phone and played with it for at least five minutes I more than likely would of stole it from him. Well time went by and eventually I went to t mobile and got the Lg Optimus. It was a decent phone. It was so different for me. I thought I was the king of the world. My first Android operating system. I fell in love with the customizations that I was able to do on that phone. It sparked something inside me. I always loved computers and everything. Although even then I didnt know much about computers or anything tech. So I dug into things for Android. I rooted my phone and had a blast (although I had no clue about the whole rom situation). Eventually in 2011 I bought the HTC Evo 4g. It was first. I rooted the phone and through all kinds of roms at it. Cyanogen Mod, SOS, MikMik all of them ( Its ok if you dont know those roms) eventually I just came to disgust with the problems with the HTC Evo ( and even with the optimus but at the time I did not care). The phone lagged at every moment it could. It just wasn't snappy like I wished it was. I had issues with calling dropping (could be sprint) and it was just an inconvenience to someone who lived a busy lifestyle. I held my toungue though. I stayed with it a little longer. I never ever even touched an iPhone back then. I remember being Android all the way regardless of how much it pissed me off. Eventually I had my last straw. I remember the day I went to the bestbuy to buy a new phone. I was trying to fix an issue on my Evo. My wallpaper would not crop correctly. Every wallpaper I used it always zoomed in. It would never crop correctly (this story is going to come in affect soon). It was frustrating. So out of frustration I went to the bestbuy to get the brand new iPhone 5 that was just released. I knew NOTHING about iPhones and had never used one but I knew I could not handle the lagging and all the issues the HTC Evo (Android). I got home with my brand new iPhone. I plugged it in. I immediately fell in love with the lightning charger. It clicked so smoothe when plugging in. With my Evo I had to wrap the cord around my phone and make sure that the end of the charger was pressed towards the right to keep it charging. If I moved the phone it would stop charging. It was frustrating. I immediately fell in love with the interface. It was so easy to use and the iPhone just catered to my needs. Even when I was driving and if I was forced to use my phone for whatever reason I noticed it was so much easier to do so because of how user friendly the iPhone was. At the time I purchased an iPad as well and realized I was all about Apple. Even bought a Macbook Pro but that was more recent. Anyway I got a little tired of the iPhone because of the limits to customization that I had. I had my iPhone jailbroken and even still there was so much I could do. I did the unimaginable and bought a Galaxy S4. I really liked it compared to the evo. I didn't root it. It was smoother but shortly I sitll experienced lags and it still had the wallpaper issue that I would of thought after three years that Android would of fixed that somehow. Needless to say I went back to my iPhone and sparked that love back up. I am sorry for leaving you when I did. The verdict is I will remain an iPhone user. Especially since I have a busy life. The iPhone just works. It just does. I know that if I pick it up off this desk right now and unlock the screen its not going to freeze. It wont lag when I open an app. When I go to twitter all the pictures will load instead of taking forever to do. I know that my iPhone will be there.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Finding a balance

Hey guys sorry for not keeping my blog as updated as I should. As my title says I am trying to find a balance between work, work, work and school. Its a little tiresome at some points, but dont worry I am still alive. I recently come to realize that I have not yet to find someone to help me with a logo or an intro so I have decided to branch out on my own and learn how to do both of them for myself. I imagine doing a intro would be much harder but hey lifes hard. I am in the process of trying to find/buy/build a new gaming computer. I honestly do not do any gaming on the pc but I need a pc that does not take so long when it comes to video rendering and uploading to youtube. I would honestly have much more videos up on youtube but it takes such a long time. At the moment I am using a lenovo e430 for the video rendering. Its almost like the little engine that could. You can tell it stresses that little guy out. The fan is louder than a boeing jet when it is in the process of rendering a video. The point is that laptops are not built for doing all that. Anyways guys I just wanted to update all of you on what has been going on. I hope everyone has a good day. Take care

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Still looking for a logo and an intro...

Its been a month I have had several people contact me about doing a logo but honestly (no offense to the people who have tried) the logos were just not good at all. If someone can make me a logo and if someone can make me an intro please message me/tweet me so we can discuss details.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

I present to you CuRve Gaming

Guys after a long while of thinking I have come up with my new gaming team. CuRve Gaming. I am leader of CuRve. After looking into joining other clans (optic,dare,faze,whatever there is out there) I have decided I would rather be a Leader than a follower. So if your interested. You must either be a competitive player or a sniper (whatever it is that snipers do these days). You also need to be able to record. There is no funding at this time. If you are interested let me know.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Elgato Game Capture and someone to edit vids for me

Hey guys I know its been a while. A few days ago I got my hands on a Elgato Gamecapture HD for me to record some games and what not. I will have to say I am impressed with it so far (although I have not uploaded anything because I keep rage quitting) I just wanna know what games would you like to see? What are you interested in? Now I have no clue on how video editing really works. I usually just upload whatever I record. There are a few people working on a intro for me as I type this. Feel free to message me if your interested in editing vids for me or making intros. When I see all the intros that people so far have made I will select the one I want. Financially I am not able to pay at the moment but will put you in every video for credit. Message me for details if interested and also let me know what you would like to see.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Some Advice for Everyone

I have a good amount of followers and I also follow a good amount of people. I know this is not tech related at all but its just some things I want to share. These are some issues that have been floating around in my head for a few weeks maybe even longer. Guys (Males) stop hating on women for not being with you. I see so many dudes that post pictures about being in the friend zone. Its simple. If you like a girl and your trying to be with her but she only sees you as a friend..well than you just drop the whole relationship. Stop posting things this one pic I saw of a woman praying to God why haven't I found a man yet and than the bottom part saying I sent you a man a year ago but you put him in the friend zone. Sure its funny and hell sometimes its quite true but guys stop sweating over it. Move on to the next one. Its obvious women are not the brightest creatures on the planet but neither are men. I can guarantee that 99% of the time the guys complaining about a specific girl friend zoning them is a girl that is trashy as they come. Women most of the time (especially at younger ages, teens, and early twenties) are not experts are picking men but the majority of men aren't good at picking women. I just think people are strarting to think its ok hating on everything and everyone. Its not ok to do that. I personally do not listen to todays music so I really don't anything about Justin Beiber but I saw a pic of him biting a nipple of a stripper......isn't that what every dude wants to do right now? STOP HATING CUZ YOU HAVE NO NIPPLES. Sure I hate. I do it to. I do it a lot with financial stuff. I look at the dude that passes me in a ferrari and i'm like yea well hope you wreck in a tree because you shouldn't be speeding that much. It happens. We all do it. Tone it down a notch though. Everyone is so extreme. You either hate the Kardashians or you love em (again I have no idea who the kardashians are really...I know kim because I hear that name often). At the same time though. Don't worship celebs. Its sad. I like alot of actors and musicians...but I don't follow everything in their life because it is their life. If you have an account with JB all over it you should probably re arrange some things to change up yourself. Same goes if you have tweets hating on him so much you should remove some stuff and calm down. I guess this post is just to have people tone it down. Love each other. Men and Women are made to mate...not fight.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Coming your way

Hey everyone its been a while. Actually I am sure its been over a month since my last blog update. School work and work have all of my time. Between my school job and my flipping computer job I never have time. I have some time coming my way. Not really but I recently dropped a class which has freed up some of my study time. Expect more blogs coming your way soon. I am in the process of getting a new camera to make some youtube vids. It still sucks my old channel was deleted. (got drunk and deleted it). Stay tuned guys. :)