Thursday, July 25, 2013

So I have a otterbox for a while...

On my Iphone 5 since I have had it I have had the otterbox defender case on it. I love it and never had any problems with it. The other day I decide to take it apart and clean the iphone and I forgot how sleek and amazing the iphone looks so I was like I will get one of those screen and back protectors and be able to use it. I never really drop things because I am amazing. (knock on wood). So tonight while I am doing some shopping at the local walmart I go by the electronic station and see the protectors. I get the invisible shield one and I get home. I had the worst experience. I get the product is more than likely a good product I see them everywhere I go but I could not get that thing to fit right at all. The time I finally get it to fit right I have air bubbles everywhere. When I get it finished I put the phone down and took that moment of victory. I get on the phone a couple minutes later and notice a hair is on the phone. I rub it off....nope its under the protector. So I took it off and tried doing it again and it didn't work in my favor. I got frustrated and just took the protector and attached it back to the film it came off of and put it back in the box. I am gonna go back tomorrow and return it. I will just say oh I have a 4s and bought the wrong one and just get the money back. I put the otterbox case back on and I think I am just gonna stick with the case that never let me down. If I decide to go naked with the iphone than I will take it to those ghost armor guys in the mall and let them do what they do. With that being said. I have realized my blog has over 1000 views. Thanks so much guys. (for those who read this)

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