Friday, August 16, 2013

Sorry its been a while

Its been a while since my last post. My lost post was about me moving away from iOS 7. That seems to be working out. Using the standard current iOS is better for me right now mainly because of using craigslist all the time. One of the main problems for me were the battery. My battery was draining alot. I also had a issue with the textnow app that I use for all craigslist related things. It kept force closing. I would have to use the actual website which it just became a pain. Now I bought a few toys when I was in Virginia. One of them was a 07 white macbook and the battery was bad on it. Well while I was in Virginia I ordered the battery to ship to my house. When I got home to my surprise that did not fix the issue with the macbook. Long story short it turned out I needed a DC in board connector. If you don't know what that is. Its the charging piece on the macbook that you connect. The four little dot thingy. ( I am not sure how to explain it). I digress, anyway I didn't feel like buying the piece so I figured I would put it on craigslist as is. No one was biting. I bought the macbook for 160 dollars. I was at least trying to make 250. It didnt seem like that was gonna work. I got a text from a guy wanting to trade for the macbook. He traded me two mini asus laptops and a 4th gen ipod touch 8 gig. Today in actually 30 minutes I will be selling the last mini laptop. I have already sold the ipod touch and the asus mini. I sold the asus mini for 180 and I sold the ipod touch for 120. I am selling the other laptop in 30 minutes for 120. I will make 420 dollars total in selling this stuff making a profit of 260 dollars. Not a bad day.

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