Saturday, October 5, 2013

I make a promise

This is a promise. On twitter I will try to respond to everyone that tweets me. Unless you just completely are the weirdest person I have met than you shouldn't have a problem with me tweeting you. I see so many people that are famous (I am not ) that don't interact with the people that follow them and what not. I come from a rough background. I was raised in poverty. Now now I am not playing a woahs me card, in fact I would not of had it any other way. It has taught me a lot in my life. I appreciate things so much more because of the life I have had. I am 26 and have been through more than the average joe my age. I see so many people worship celebrities. It sickens me. If I become famous. Trust me it won't be singing or sports it will be something dorky and technology involved. Perhaps maybe my blog will get bigger. Any way if I become famous do not put me on a level of being better than you. Treat me like a normal person. We are all normal. We just treat people like Kim Khardashian as a God. It's sad honestly if you know me closely I can't stand stuff like that. Be yourself to me. I will tweet you. Talk to you or whatever. If I don't respond I didn't see it so try it again (don't be stalkerish) or I am busy.

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