Monday, July 29, 2013

Sorry on vacation

Hey everyone sorry I have been on sort of a vacation. As you know I reside in Miami but I am in Virginia right now with my friend. I have come across a couple of laptops I have purchased. Two mac books and a asus laptop that I will sell when I get back home. I would like to share with you on the way to Virginia me and my friend almost died. We were on the interstate and a car was coming towards us. We were going at least 80 and all of a sudden a car is heading right towards us. We came to the conclusion that were were dying I screamed like a girl but lucky he swerved out of the way without us dying. So make sure to comment on this blog or on twitter telling him thank you for saving yourdailytechy's life. (if you do I will retweet you). Other than that we have been chilling. Alright guys peace

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