Saturday, November 23, 2013

Some Saturday Randomness

I have come to realize an issue with me. I will start off by explaining the same issue that my mother has. She is addicted to caffeine and when she does not have any she gets really bad headaches. Her method is taking BC Powders (some know them as Goody Powders). Its basically crushed up aspirin that has caffeine in it and looks like cocaine (which is also a perfect way to scare someone thinking your on cocaine). Unfortunately I do not have any....I don't take them often but I used to. I am becoming to believe that it is a hereditary problem. This problem last in many people as well but it really seems to effect me and my mother. Usually I drink a soda (or two) a day. The soda of choice is Mountain Dew. Today I have no had any soda or caffeine at all. I have a throbbing headache. I have realized that it is from not having caffeine in my system. Like any other drug you have withdrawals when you are not on them. I used to smoke cigarettes. When I quit the tiniest things would make me go hulk mode and unleash a wrath unknown to man. Now with this 24 hour absence of caffeine I am having headaches. Needless to say on this topic, my wife called me five minutes ago asked if I wanted something to eat since she was on the way here and I said No I already ate but pleaseeeeeeee get me a mountain dew. On another subject this semester is almost over. Which is pretty awesome. Ok yea thats all I have to say.

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