Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dear Geek Squad

I have applied for your jobs in the past just because it is a neat job to work at. Unfortunately I was never contacted the last few times I applied for positions. So I start thinking to myself wow you guys most have high expectations. I have a laptop that has a issue with the screen sparkling. So I call geek squad and the woman who works in geek squad tells me graphics card are around 80 bucks. I told her its a laptop and shes like yea thats the price for them. If you know about laptops guys you know that when replacing graphics cards its more usual to end up replacing the whole mother board because the graphics card is soldered into the mother board. So I am like oh well this girl is new. I call today again and ask the same situation its the manager that works there, telling me the same thing. I have come to realize that I will be replacing the motherboard. I have a protection plan through bestbuy for another laptop that includes two additional computers. I havent used that offer yet because well I do stuff myself. I was more interested in the fact that my labor would be free but after my conversations with these people that work there I will not let such people take apart my laptop. I will open it up and screws and a hard drive my fallout. Usually I wouldnt let stupidity annoy me, but it is aggravating when I am more qualified to be working in in that place. Anywho it just goes to show you that the majority of people that get jobs only get them from knowing someone that knows someone etc. With that being said I call tiger direct and ask how much for a motherboard. Its gonna be over 130 dollars but no big deal.

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