Sunday, November 24, 2013

Blogger on iPhone

Well this is the first time using blogger on my iPhone. I usually make post from my laptop. But hey there is a first time for everything. The walking dead comes on in a hour. The issue is I have class at 7 I. The morning so since the start of walking dead I have been lacking my needed sleep on Mondays. Needless to say it leads to this question. Is it bad I emailed my professor letting her know I would miss tomorrow? On second thought don't answer that. I know it's frowned on. How was everyone's day? Anything new? 


  1. The Walking Dead was crazy last night! I'm sure your professor doesn't read your blog. We are anticipating some snow for Thanksgiving. Hope you & yours have a great one.

  2. Thanks Julie unfortunately snow here in Miami is more of a pipe dream and will never happen, and yes the episode was good, Oddly I am not a fan of Governor episodes (mainly because to me it takes away from the Rick group and what not) but the episode last night was really good

  3. We are waiting to see the group's reaction to Carol situation. I agree I would rather not focus on just one character. I guess we will have to wait & see.