Tuesday, July 30, 2013

iOS 7 beta 4

Just in case you didn't know, iOS 7 beta 4 has been released today and ready for download to all devs. There are a few changes that you may notice immediately. It feels a little less laggy. At least to me. Also the lock screen is a little different. For some reason my lockscreen wallpaper shifts to the left and right a little bit, nothing that annoys me but just pointing it out. Also when getting a call the remind me later or text the person thats calling you fonts are smaller and more opaque instead of it being so heavy. I honestly just downloaded it about 15 minutes ago and those are the the noticeable things at least to me. I will post if there is something worth posting for. Thanks

Monday, July 29, 2013

Looking at ads on craigs

Why is this guy taking pictures of a laptop with his cat beside it.

Sorry on vacation

Hey everyone sorry I have been on sort of a vacation. As you know I reside in Miami but I am in Virginia right now with my friend. I have come across a couple of laptops I have purchased. Two mac books and a asus laptop that I will sell when I get back home. I would like to share with you on the way to Virginia me and my friend almost died. We were on the interstate and a car was coming towards us. We were going at least 80 and all of a sudden a car is heading right towards us. We came to the conclusion that were were dying I screamed like a girl but lucky he swerved out of the way without us dying. So make sure to comment on this blog or on twitter telling him thank you for saving yourdailytechy's life. (if you do I will retweet you). Other than that we have been chilling. Alright guys peace

Friday, July 26, 2013

I came across this on craigslist

I came across someone selling a computer they built on craigslist and I really fell in love with the tower.
Unfortunately I did not save the ad or bookmark it I saved the picture and continued looking.

So ghost armor has a clearance section

If you read my previous post you know I got a screen protector from walmart last night and messed it all up. So I woke up this morning and I decided to go to best buy. I got another screen protector and had the dude there do it. He did well. If he didn't its not like I would be the one paying for his mistake. Anywho I still wont the protector for the back for the back of the phone as well. I found out ghost armor has really good prices. They have a clearance section I figured I would post the link so you guys could look through it. http://www.ghost-armor.com/product/clearance

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Just in case your running linux mint 14

So I have a otterbox for a while...

On my Iphone 5 since I have had it I have had the otterbox defender case on it. I love it and never had any problems with it. The other day I decide to take it apart and clean the iphone and I forgot how sleek and amazing the iphone looks so I was like I will get one of those screen and back protectors and be able to use it. I never really drop things because I am amazing. (knock on wood). So tonight while I am doing some shopping at the local walmart I go by the electronic station and see the protectors. I get the invisible shield one and I get home. I had the worst experience. I get the product is more than likely a good product I see them everywhere I go but I could not get that thing to fit right at all. The time I finally get it to fit right I have air bubbles everywhere. When I get it finished I put the phone down and took that moment of victory. I get on the phone a couple minutes later and notice a hair is on the phone. I rub it off....nope its under the protector. So I took it off and tried doing it again and it didn't work in my favor. I got frustrated and just took the protector and attached it back to the film it came off of and put it back in the box. I am gonna go back tomorrow and return it. I will just say oh I have a 4s and bought the wrong one and just get the money back. I put the otterbox case back on and I think I am just gonna stick with the case that never let me down. If I decide to go naked with the iphone than I will take it to those ghost armor guys in the mall and let them do what they do. With that being said. I have realized my blog has over 1000 views. Thanks so much guys. (for those who read this)

So today my motherboard was installed

So they sent the technician today to install the motherboard. If you have not read my video card was going bad so I had to have a new one installed. It cost me nothing to have it fixed under Lenovo's factory warranty. It is now working and is no longer flickering. I had previously stated that I was selling this laptop on criagslist but turns out I will be keeping it for a long time now. Sorry macbooks you will be left alone in the corner for right now (or until your sold).

Hey my computer is running hot..

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Running linux? Want a nice desktop customization?

Hey so I did this video a while back. I see alot of people talking about linux and saying they wish there was more customizations they could do to the desktop. Well here is cairo dock. Its like a dockbar that you see in mac os. Except there are plenty of different themes you can choose from. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZggMRCPwaw

Why you should buy Lenovo.

So if you read my post earlier you know I am having a problem with the graphics card on my Lenovo. Well today it has finally ended on a great note and im gonna tell you why. Well to understand I will start off saying I had a issue with this laptop. My screen was like glittery fuzzy. It was not happening everywhere but in like random places. It got worse if I was looking at pictures watching videos. This is a typical sign of the graphics card going out. Well I called geek squad they didnt know what they were talking about but thats in the previous blog. I call tiger direct and they tell me what I had thought. I would have to buy a new motherboard and the guy tells me its around 150. Well tonight while I am on tiger direct I find out all they do for laptops are hard drives and ram. So that leaves me screwed. I throw a fit punch a midget and give toddlers middle fingers. The stupidity of people that work in tech jobs amazes me. So to the great part. Before I mention this great part. I got this laptop off of craigslist. I traded a 05 macbook for this laptop. I got a steal. I call lenovo customer support. Turns out the laptop is under a warranty until 2015 and the great customer service they have. When I say great I mean I was amazed. They guided me to do some test. Turns out those test did not fix my issue but guess what. A technician will be coming to my house to replace my mother board at no charge to me since the computer is under warranty. This is why I say go buy a lenovo laptop. I would like to see you do that with a apple laptop. I am not knocking macbooks in any means I have a few here and there but the customer service is phenomenal. I honestly want to walk up to the CEO of Lenovo and shake his hand. With that being said, go get a lenovo.

Dear Geek Squad

I have applied for your jobs in the past just because it is a neat job to work at. Unfortunately I was never contacted the last few times I applied for positions. So I start thinking to myself wow you guys most have high expectations. I have a laptop that has a issue with the screen sparkling. So I call geek squad and the woman who works in geek squad tells me graphics card are around 80 bucks. I told her its a laptop and shes like yea thats the price for them. If you know about laptops guys you know that when replacing graphics cards its more usual to end up replacing the whole mother board because the graphics card is soldered into the mother board. So I am like oh well this girl is new. I call today again and ask the same situation its the manager that works there, telling me the same thing. I have come to realize that I will be replacing the motherboard. I have a protection plan through bestbuy for another laptop that includes two additional computers. I havent used that offer yet because well I do stuff myself. I was more interested in the fact that my labor would be free but after my conversations with these people that work there I will not let such people take apart my laptop. I will open it up and screws and a hard drive my fallout. Usually I wouldnt let stupidity annoy me, but it is aggravating when I am more qualified to be working in in that place. Anywho it just goes to show you that the majority of people that get jobs only get them from knowing someone that knows someone etc. With that being said I call tiger direct and ask how much for a motherboard. Its gonna be over 130 dollars but no big deal.

Wanna hear something sad.

I use textnow for all my craigslist stuff. I know the number on it by heart, but I honestly don't know my actual phone number for my iphone. I know its a 305 area code. Dade county. I live in a sad world lol

Tisk tisk

This computer will never sale.

Monday, July 22, 2013

What you see in Miami

I see this stuff everyday 

Back of a laptop

Ryan Braun

I know this is un tech related but come on guys if any sport needs drugs to play it is baseball. I hate saying that because it is my favorite sport. I played all through out highschool but I dont follow MLB at all. You could tell me Chipper Jones plays for the yankees and I would be like oh ok cool. College football (south carolina gamecocks) and the Miami heat is my sports. Everything else is just rams, craigslist, os, hard drives etc etc.

Honestly one of the best apps ever.

So if you have a ipad or iphone there is a app called moviebox. Imagine netflix but with way more tv shows and movies. I am talking about new movies in HD. I have watched man of steel the other day in hd on this app. Watch my youtube vid so you can a review on it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61cAFNNnmfY

Be sure to like the video and maybe suscribe....I get a vibe when you suscribe..no. oh ok

Reboot Ipad trade in program

Hey guys if your interested in getting the new ipad best buy will be doing a trade in program. They will give you 200 dollars towards your new ipad if you trade in a Ipad 2 or Ipad3. They cannot have water damage, or have a cracked screen. Peace

Beats Headphones

Guys just get them new at a retail store. I cannot tell you how many people sell fake ones on craigslist for over 100 bucks. At the flea markets in miami they sell them for 20 bucks. Its got the box wrapped in plastic and everything. It looks real but its not, and than all I see is people posting ads about being scammed because they bought something like dre headphones.

Well no iOS beta 4 today.

Apparently the development department of apple was hacked or there was a security breach. I have read multiple things but regardless its not gonna be out today. Oh well you win some you lose some.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Do you want Microsoft Office for free?

Watch this youtube video on how to do it. The volume might be a little low but there is directions in the description.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-hnMM0uDMk

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Tiger Direct

So here in Miami there is a tiger direct retail store. I have been ordering computer parts online forever. I never knew there was a retail store not even like fifteen minutes away. It is like a dream to see so many computer parts all at once. The customer service was pretty decent as well. The checkout line took a while but other than that it was a good experience. I went there to get some ram for a laptop and I will be going back when I upgrade one of my desktops rams or hard drives.

iOS beta 4 on monday.

So I have heard that its confirmed the new iOS beta will be released on Monday July 22nd. So its coming down to this. I have been pleased with the betas. Honestly the only issues that have really bothered me is some of the times when listening to music I will skip a song on my headset and it doesn't show it on the phone. Of course I hear the song it skipped too but the Iphone doesn't read it. I use text now for all my craigslist needs and it force closes on the betas so far. So hopefully I will not have that issue on the new beta. I also cant play running with friends without the little guy running into a wall

Understanding Ram.

Well what is ram. Ram is Random Access Memory. This is memory that can be accessed at any given moment. The ram is short term memory, as it stores applications and information that is actively used when the system on. So if your using several programs at once its wise to have a larger ram installed on the computer. The hard drive however stores all programs and information regardless if the computer is on or not. Logically the more ram you have the more programs and documents you can have open without slowing the computer down, if you have these things open with a lower ram (something like 2 gigs of ram) than you will see the computer operates slower due to the computer balancing out the memory for the computer to operate the programs and files you are using. Typically there are two different types of ram dynamic ram and static ram.Dynamic ram is more common and what most of us have. Static ram however is faster because of the fact that unlike dynamic ram it doesn't have to be refreshed a thousand times a second, but because of this static ram is more expensive so most of us have dynamic ram. However at the end of the day they are both considered volatile because when they are turned off they lose all data. This was just a little something to help you understand what ram is.

Dont know what kind of laptop to get this year?


Thats a website of the top laptop brands sold this year. Of course apple being number 1 and of course Lenovo being number 2 (I have a lenovo teehee), and so on and so on. So just in your case your wondering about getting a laptop this year for school here is a good site to go to.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Thing to know about Craigslist

I have been using craigslist for a while now and I want to share with you some things to know and do when using craigslist. I mostly buy broken computers fix them and sell them. If the item is worth it I will sometimes get items outside of computers. As far as posting a computer for sale go ahead and save everyone some time and stop putting the programs that come on the computer. Unless you have the disk for the programs it does not matter because the majority of the time everyone just does a fresh install of their desired os. So a computer that sells for 150 dollars that has office and adobe on it does not mean it sells for 350. I would suggest making a account with text now. If you dont know what that it is. It is like using a phone but in a app or on the desktop. You have to pay for minutes to talk but texting and picture messaging is free. It gives you a number and your set to go. So just incase you sell someone a bad item well all you have to do is change the number on the textnow account and you can change it every fifteen days with no charge. That is something I highly suggest. Also if your searching craigslist and notice someone is selling something bizarre like 30 iphones well I would probably stay away more than likely he stole them. When it comes to items ask yourself if it seems legit because if someones selling a macbook pro for 300 dollars the computer probably does not work. Watch out for fake items. I have seen alot of fake samsung galaxies and iphones. So when you meet the person make sure it has the right software on it. Another item that sells alot thats fake is the beats headphones. Honestly 90% of the time they are fake. Mainly because there are companies or places that make them fake and sell them for the amount the actual beats are worth and bank on money. You can go to youtube videos to determine whats fake and whats not as far as those go. Also never meet at your house or their house as well. Always meet in a public place. I even suggest meeting in a public place thats not even near your house. Always make sure when driving away make sure that persons not following you. I live in Miami so there are alot of scumbags. I have had several incidents of people wanting money back because they broke a item. They often threaten to kill me or say they are the cops or say they followed me home. Every time I go to a place for a meet they never see my license plate I back the car into a parking lot and watch them leave first. I hope this has helped you guys.

Remind me not to go to bestbuy for computer parts.

So instead of going online to newegg or tiger direct like a normal person I decided to buy my ram upgrade at bestbuy. The PNY brand is garbage for ram. ( I only know that now). I should of just got crucial on newegg you can never go wrong with crucial. I have 4 gigs of ram installed on my laptop so I go and get another 4 gig stick and put it in and turn it on (thats what she said) and all it does is beep and turns off. So I take the stick that it already had in out of the computer and just tried the PNY stick. It still does it. Luckily for me there is a tiger direct retail store near me. I am going to return the PNY ram and go to the tiger direct. I just figured I would share my experience with you.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Changing The Screen Refresh Rate

So lets talk about one of the happiest moments of my life which just happened. So since I got this new laptop (new to me I got it off craigs) I have had one tiny issue which bugs the crap out of me. Its like random parts of the screen sparkle/glitter/ripple its hard to see unless your looking for it. For some reason if your looking at anything blue it does it worse like a fairy just threw fairy dust all over your laptop. I was positive it was a hardware issue. I am also positive thats why the guy sold it to me (techinically he traded it to me for a macbook 2005 edition). Last night I took it apart and decided to check the wiring nothing until (drumroll please) I was looking at the screen resolution and went to advanced and than went to Change Screen Refresh Rate. There were two options. 50 and 60. It was on 60 so I was like hmmmmm so i changed it to 50 and wala no more fairy on my laptop. I only posted this because now that I realize there are probably other people who have this issue so try that solution before you go taking things apart. PEACE

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Why I am going to school for computer engineering

Well it all started back in early high school taking typing classes. I realized that I was good at using the computer compared to most of the other kids in the class but I never really thought much of it. Back in 9th grade I had always imagine me going to school to become a nurse (no I'm not gay) but as the rest of my freshmen year went on became better and better with the computer class. In tenth grade one of the first things I did when I got a part time job was buy a computer. At the time other than knowing how to type and using the basics I didn't know much about any of it. I got it at Walmart and the person that sold it to me could of said it was a hp running Dell with snow leopard and I wouldn't think twice. I had become a nerd very quickly. If I recall the computer was like 1 gig ram. 250 gigs and the rest of the specs are in the dark. I was hooked it wasn't until later on I did a ram upgrade. I honestly had that computer up until last year when I junked it. Here I am 9 years later going to school for computer engineering. I went to school after high school. Dropped out and just worked full time until recently I realize you have to have a education to move in life. I've spent a lot of time with computers and I won't lie there is still a lot of things I don't have a clue about. This field is a learning process. Just when you think you know everything something else comes out. It's always a great thing to go to school and know your going for something you love. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

IOS 7 thoughts

Well for the last two weeks I have had iOS 7 and I must say I'm happy. I am on the third beta and to be honest I'm surprised it's a beta. There are only a few issues that I have really come across. One of them that pops out at me the most is that when I am using an app other than messaging the old keyboard is in use. I am not sure if it's supposed to be like with the official release but to be honest its kinda disappointing when using the messaging app (which I love) and than typing in another app. On a positive note I am not sure if it's just me but my battery life is so much more improved than it was when I was on 6.1.4. This seems to last much longer. I like the style of the apps I do however wish there was something like different icons to change if you will. Being able to choose between several different icon looks could be something in a future update that would give users more customization. I only suggest this because of the fact that some people say that the new look of it is more for kids or for a younger population. I can understand what people mean by that simply because the colors of the apps are more colorful and bright. Don't let me get you confused I would pick iOS 7 over previous OS any day but everything will always have its issues. It won't be long until it's in your hands. Thanks for reading.

So yea thats basically it.

I just built my computer on newegg, and by building it I put all the items in the shopping cart and bookmarked it for a later date when purchasing it wouldnt kill me in every way possible. The amount came out to a little over 1,2000. Its not so bad considering what I want in it. I wont go into details but I will say this.....dammmnnn.....yea thats all I am gonna say on this subject. I want you guys to know that this may be a techie blog but I will talk about other things from time to time. Well guys take care. Deuces

Tiny Wings iOS game.

So there is a game called Tiny Wings in the apple store, if you havent played it yet, give it a go. The only issue with this game is that a few years ago there was a game on the android market that is exactly like this called Dragon Fly. I am not sure if its the same makers or not but its a rip off of that game. Now before we bash heads it may be the same person but it kind of reminds me when your a nerd in high school and you say something funny and no one laughs, but than the jock says the same exact thing and every bust out laughing. Since back than it wasnt that popular or it wasnt made by a popular developer. I am not sure what the case is but it is exactly like Dragon Fly. The difference on Dragon Fly you were a baby dragon trying to get away from its mother catching you, on Tiny Wings your a bird (or something like a bird) trying to get away from night time. Nonetheless its a fun game I do wish the original Dragon Fly was still out there.

Ideas Anyone.

Hey guys I just wanted to ask what do you think would be some good ideas for some tutorials or something along those lines, or a review of a product that your interested in getting. Let me know and I can do something for you guys. Thanks

Sunday, July 14, 2013

My Laptop review.

So I have had several messages being like hey what kind of laptop do you have. So I have a lenevo thinkpad e430 dual booting windows 7 prof and linux mint 15. I love it. So I guess I can do a little review of what it is like. I love it. I havent done any upgrading yet, first upgrading being the ram. Its a sleek laptop. There is only a few negative issues that I have with the laptopl. The laptop gets fingerprints on it very easily. So I am constantly wiping it down after usage. I only do that because I like to be neat and not have fingerprints and smudges everywhere. The performance of the laptop is very good. Weirdly the battery life on windows is much better than when I am using linux (which is weird since linux is a lighter operating system). When getting the laptop I was a little iffy on the trackpoint (the red button in the middle for navigation) but it doesnt get in the way like you think it would. I actually forget that it is there. Do I use it? No, but it is still a nifty thing to have. The trackpad has a gritty feel to it which I can say I enjoy for the most part. Typing on this computer is a breeze, the keys have that nice curve in them that makes your fingers comfortable when typing. The resolution of the screen is good. I wont say its the greatest but its not something that you say "oh wow the screen sucks" or "oh wow this screen rocks" its just there. Overall the laptop would be a decent buy. I enjoy it and I am sure you would as well

Wireless Laptop Mouses.

I have never been the type of guy to ever have a mouse for his laptop but recently when I was just running linux mint on my laptop I had a problem with the trackpad. I thought to myself well getting a mouse would be a good idea. Well with no intention of getting the mouse I was at a walgreens getting some things for the game (back when the heat was going through playoffs) and I looked at the computer section (not much of a variety of things) and I saw a case logic wireless mouse and it was 15 bucks. I bought it went home and used it and thought to myself wow this is really nice for fifteen dollars. It glides really well and doesn't feel all that cheap. A couple days ago I used a friends laptop with a logitech mouse he had got from bestbuy for 40 dollars and was no where near as impressed as I am with my little fifteen dollar mouse. Anyway long story short cheaper isnt always better and I just wanted an excuse to make a blog.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Zimmerman verdict (of course)

I understand this isn't anything tech related what so ever but I'd like to say what I need to, and that is to calm down. It's just so insane to me how everyone can turn something into a racial matter. America has gone by a system of being innocent until proven guilty. I'm not saying I'm some honky running out side screaming "yay Zimmerman is free". I am however saying I believe the right decision was made based on what we were given. I will also say it's only a issue because people tried so hard for the attention and to turn it into a racial matter. I keep coming across people saying just because he got into a fight doesn't mean he should of shot him. So your saying if you have a gun and I beat you up, you aren't gonna shoot me? I doubt that. America please grow up because with bs like this we will kill this country and split the races of black, whites, Latinos etc. Now is the time to unite the most instead of going against each other.

A little bit about myself

I would first like to start off by saying. I have no idea how to use blogs for the most part. So bare with me. Thank all of you guys that follow me on twitter. As some of you may or may not know I used to have a bigger youtube channel that had many subscribers but I decided to be dumb and delete it so a couple months ago I made a new youtube and started back doing the tech vids. If you guys need anything tech wise or have request for new tutorials just let me know and I dont mind helping. I am not some famous guy on twitter that ignores everyone so if you have questions just ask and if I dont reply than ask again.

Blog Here I am

So figured I would use the blogger I made a while back. I asked on twitter if I should make a blog and everyone basically said yes. So here it is. I will try to use this blog as often as I can and post techie stuff and what not. If anyone has any questions just ask