Thursday, August 1, 2013

At the airport

So I have been in virginia for the past week and I am at the airport in Virginia and I am frustrated that my phone is about to die and everyone is using all chargers known to man in this gate area. The one wall outlet that has a available place to charge a device is rude. I started to charge my iPhone on the outlet that her iPad is charging on. I accidentally touched her charger and her iPad quit charging. She got frustrated with me and tried charging her device again. I plug in mine after hers but regardless of how I plug it in the side of my charger touches hers and somehow hers stops charging. She made a sigh and I said you know it could be your charger (seeing that her charger was some aftermarket black charger) that has a short in it and she says oh no it's the outlet I just bought this this morning. I look at my charging phone seeing I don't have a issue with the outlet. I kindly say you know what it's ok I walked away. She was huffing and puffing and about to blow a house down. Needless to say I am hoping she doesn't sit beside me on the plane and if she does my phone will just have to die. 

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