Monday, November 25, 2013

Mondays are horrible.

Today was a long day. Luckily I was able to watch the Heat game which was pretty decent. I was on campus from 9AM-8PM......I know its killer. My previous post was meant to be posted last night but I guess some technical difficulties came about. Speaking of technical difficulties. In my speech class we are in the process of doing these group presentations. I had planned to come to the class early with the three other people in my group (which we did come early) but this other group came in a little early as well and begged and begged for them to go first since they had a lot of stuff they had to put up for the presentation (hanging some disco ball thing and a powerpoint slide) well even when it was time for them to start they were still setting up their presentation. What sucked is after them the professor immediately called another random group. We got screwed over because of the fact the plan was for us to go first and just get it over with but turns out we will not be able to do it until Wednesday, which is fine I suppose because if anything wrong happens during the presentation it wont matter to me since we were ready on Monday. I also go into a computer lab after my classes and do some work their for my math class since we have to collect 32 hours of lab by the end of the semester, the issue is the lab is like 25 degrees. They tell you to bring a jacket, but I live in Miami......who has jackets?

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