Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Why you should buy Lenovo.

So if you read my post earlier you know I am having a problem with the graphics card on my Lenovo. Well today it has finally ended on a great note and im gonna tell you why. Well to understand I will start off saying I had a issue with this laptop. My screen was like glittery fuzzy. It was not happening everywhere but in like random places. It got worse if I was looking at pictures watching videos. This is a typical sign of the graphics card going out. Well I called geek squad they didnt know what they were talking about but thats in the previous blog. I call tiger direct and they tell me what I had thought. I would have to buy a new motherboard and the guy tells me its around 150. Well tonight while I am on tiger direct I find out all they do for laptops are hard drives and ram. So that leaves me screwed. I throw a fit punch a midget and give toddlers middle fingers. The stupidity of people that work in tech jobs amazes me. So to the great part. Before I mention this great part. I got this laptop off of craigslist. I traded a 05 macbook for this laptop. I got a steal. I call lenovo customer support. Turns out the laptop is under a warranty until 2015 and the great customer service they have. When I say great I mean I was amazed. They guided me to do some test. Turns out those test did not fix my issue but guess what. A technician will be coming to my house to replace my mother board at no charge to me since the computer is under warranty. This is why I say go buy a lenovo laptop. I would like to see you do that with a apple laptop. I am not knocking macbooks in any means I have a few here and there but the customer service is phenomenal. I honestly want to walk up to the CEO of Lenovo and shake his hand. With that being said, go get a lenovo.

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