Thursday, July 18, 2013

Changing The Screen Refresh Rate

So lets talk about one of the happiest moments of my life which just happened. So since I got this new laptop (new to me I got it off craigs) I have had one tiny issue which bugs the crap out of me. Its like random parts of the screen sparkle/glitter/ripple its hard to see unless your looking for it. For some reason if your looking at anything blue it does it worse like a fairy just threw fairy dust all over your laptop. I was positive it was a hardware issue. I am also positive thats why the guy sold it to me (techinically he traded it to me for a macbook 2005 edition). Last night I took it apart and decided to check the wiring nothing until (drumroll please) I was looking at the screen resolution and went to advanced and than went to Change Screen Refresh Rate. There were two options. 50 and 60. It was on 60 so I was like hmmmmm so i changed it to 50 and wala no more fairy on my laptop. I only posted this because now that I realize there are probably other people who have this issue so try that solution before you go taking things apart. PEACE

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