Friday, October 25, 2013

Is Apple being smart having Mavericks for free?

That is the question buzzing around. I personally think what they are doing is awesome. Think about it. In order to get Windows 7 or 8 your gonna spend over a hundred dollars. Apple is giving their operating system for free. Not only is Mavericks but the ilife apps. Although those are only free with a purchase of a new device. Still if you have a Macbook Pro thats running Mountain Lion, right now as your reading this you can have Mavericks for free. That is impressive. I also love the new devices coming out, especially the Mac Pro. It looks so unexpected. You would never think of that as a desktop. The specs of the computer are even more amazing. The all new iPad Air is also very nice. I am not sure if they can do anything else with the iPad after this one. I said the same thing when I bought the iPad 2.

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