Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Watch out when putting Windows 7 on Macbook Pro Retina....

Recently I have put Windows 7 on my Macbook Pro Retina. When you do this everything in Windows 7 will be microscopic. You will need to have the DPI set to 200% if you plan on being able to see anything. Figured I would make this post and inform you guys on it..

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Acer is the devil.

I am not really sure if Acer is in fact the leader of hell, but I would say it is a demon. I recently got a laptop repair Acer Aspire One Mini Netbook. (first off guys, lets just not buy netbooks....if you want a small laptop get a damn iPad or a tablet) The issue with this computer was that the customer was not able to click anything. They can only move the mouse with the trackpad but not click or right click anything. So they had to use a usb mouse for the time being. Well immediately I figure driver issue. I reinstall the driver and it still doesn't work. Ok I delete that driver and reinstall another driver. The Acer website had two different drivers for the trackpad. One was an Elantech and the other one was Sypnatics. I tried both. The elantech was just simply did nothing. No change. With the sypnatics driver I was able to click but all of a sudden on startup the computer would just highlight everything immediately when I moved the mouse. I was not able to click anything and when I did click it opened up the pop up menu (what the right click would normally do). So I found a solution of Ctrl Alt Del and just press cancel. When I did that I could click. Finally I could do it.....but to my suprise I was not able to right click. I got aggrevated. I called the customer and asked if I could back up her files and do a fresh install of the OS (windows 7 home). I did a fresh install and immediately it did it again. Basically I have reached the conclusion that it might be a short somewhere. I will tell you that this took the majority of my day. I tried installing the drivers again and no luck. As a matter of fact doing a fresh install wiped all the drivers of course so I had to go on my Angel of a Macbook and download drivers. Guess what website was down for maintenance when I needed to download the drivers? If you said the Acer driver webpage than you would be right and it wasn't like I could use the internet on the Acer because I needed the wifi driver. The wifi drivers on the website didn't work. I don't understand but I ended up just downloading one from CNET. At the end the customer was not upset. I let them know of the situation and they are gonna be happy with being able to click.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Many of you bought Google Glasses....

So I have read that one of the models sold out of the Google Glasses yesterday during the "One Day Sales Event. Well first off....Congrats for having over a grand to spend on glasses, but for the reason I made this post is to not bash you. The reason for this post is to remind all of you guys who plan on doing a review in under 24 hours of having the product to please hold off on doing so. Use the glasses for about a week or heck even a month and than doing a full review. No one knows everything about a product in under a day...unless its a new brand of toilet paper...and well.. it wipes my butt and thats it.

Just some Apple VS PC Thoughts

Unfortunately throughout my day I have to alternate from my Macbook Pro and the computer at my workplace. Not to mention I sell computers as well and many of the computers I run through are windows based pcs, truthfully I don't spend to much time on them so it doesn't affect me to much. I have a large issue because I am constantly on my Macbook Pro Retina and when I get on the computer at work it messes with my eyes. For me the retina display is not only awesome to look at but its much much easier on the eyes for me. My eyes are sensitive, and being a tech guy causes problems when I am always on a computer. Fortunately my eye glasses help against that (something about the lens being made for people who work on computers all the time) but having the retina display also helps even more. The problem is when I go to work I have to use this computer from forever ago for work related material. The screen is a 17 inch dell monitor and is extremely harsh on the eyes. At once we had the screen protectors...but those just made it worse. I couldn't see anything. The alternating between the two is hard for me and causes headaches. The other issue is basically just the operating system. I'll admit I was a PC guy mainly before I started selling computers. It wasn't until I got my hands on a newer Macbook Pro that I realized that Mac was the way to go...(at least for me, remember it changes for everyone). I find that using a PC basically takes more work on the user. Its not that its a matter of how fast or slow the machine is (but lets be honest unless you have a powerful gaming build a Mac product is generally going to be faster on almost....everything) On a Mac everything is set so user friendly. You have the amazing dock which has all the icons that you want on the very bottom. Everything on the desktop is basically already set for you to do what ever it is you need to do. Obviously in a Windows based PC we have to navigate through narnia to get where we need to go. The largest issue with me and windows is the updates. I used to have a Lenovo E430 laptop. I loved this laptop but Windows killed me on the constant updates. On my Macbook its ready to go when I am. On the Lenovo it was ready to go when it finished updating. That was a constant issue and is a constant issue with many of the PC users. On the flipside if I were to own a PC it would have to be a gaming powerhouse pc or because for some reason a college class depended on programs that were only used on windows (or I could just bootcamp). Basically this post was made because through the last several weeks I have been alternating between my personal Macbook Pro, Asus Laptop (currently selling) and my computer at work and I have noticed the difference significantly in my eyes and in my...Heart? when using all the products.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Wanna Remove Dashboard On Mac?

One of the macbooks biggest issues is the Dashboard feature. Its safe to say no one really uses this feature. I am not sure why Apple has left it on but none the less. I am going to show you well...tell you how to remove it. Its quite simple hence why I didn't make a video about it.
1. Open up terminal (if you don't use this just go to the spotlight and type terminal and open it from there)
2. Type in as followed. "defaults write com.apple.dashboard mcx-disabled -boolean true" (probably easier to copy and paste
3. After that relaunch your dock by typing in killall Dock
4. Thats it. Dashboard should be removed. Comment if you need help.

My Fun With Replacing A Keyboard.

I recently got a hold of an Asus K53Z laptop that I am currently selling. Upon getting it through craigslist the guy that I bought it from was a little shady to say the least. I bought it for cheap and figured there was something wrong with the laptop that he wasn't telling me (aside from the upper right hinge coming off so when you open the laptop the top shell opens and aside from it missing several keys. I fixed the hinge and ordered a keyboard for it. Got the keyboard last night. Figured it would be simple ( I have had several of these laptops and never had a problem) upon taking the keyboard off I notice it wasn't coming off. It was super glued...literally there was super glue at the bottom of it. After I ripped it off and installed the new one it was a job well done but seriously that keyboard wouldn't budge. I took a pic and you can notice the two keys missing and how bent and messed up the frame is after tearing it off.....

Friday, April 11, 2014

Why I wont get a Galaxy S5

Lets just say I didn't have a MacBook Pro or an iPad and I was looking around for a new phone. Obviously I have an iPhone at the current time which having all iDevices makes it so much easier for me as for as connecting and having everything together. Several months ago I had a Galaxy S4 for a while. I used it for about two weeks and crawled back quickly to my iPhone. It still had the same issues that I had with my old HTC Evo and my old LG Optimus. The background would move and shake weirdly. The pictures would not crop right. Anyback ground I would get I couldnt have the whole background availiable unless the scrolling feature was turned on. I downloaded apps to try to fix it. No solution. The lag of the phone in general was just obsurd for me. I think its only possible to go from and android to an iPhone. I don't think its going to be possible to go from iPhone to android. Its just to much of a hassle. I know kit kat. I understand how to use it...quite well actually. Its just not as smooth as its competition. I am sure the S5 will still have the same issues. If I hold an S5 and it does not have those issues I still wouldn't do it mainly because all the devices I have are Apple. This is not to say that android isn't for you. This is just to say that the S5 will surely more than likely probably have the same issues as it does. Now me personally I am a nit picky guy. The wallpaper stuff drives me crazy. When things force close and lag out that drives me even more mad. If those things dont matter to you, than thats fine. The S5 does have good specs overall. It wont be the worst......but it wont be the best either.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Many of you ask what jailbreak tweaks I have...

Like the title says, I have a ton of people messaging me how I got specific themes or tweaks on my iPhone. Now unlike most people I am not gonna keep all the customizations to myself. I feel I should spread the wealth. So a list below are the current tweaks and themes I use (I will post the themes that I use and in quotations mark which one I use currently. So here we go.

Adblocker Cracked
Auxo 2
CCNowPlaying (currently turned off because of Auxo 2)
Folder Customizer
Lockdown Pro iOS 7
SafeHouse Pro

Now a list below are the current themes I have. 
rdsgn (currently using)

Thats it guys. Thats everything that is on my iPhone. If possible retweet this so everyone can see. 

Whats going on currently?

Hey whats up guys sorry its been a while since a post...or a video in that matter. I am just going on this last stretch of school for this semester and than I have a whole month off so I can focus on some of these things. Currently at the moment I am at my house doing a fresh install of windows 7 on a Asus K53Z that I plan on selling at the end of the week. I am doing the install from a usb drive. I plan on doing a video on how to do this. I will do one for Windows and Mac as well. Both are done differently so there will be two seperate videos. Anyways guys thanks for stopping by I plan on posting more.