Monday, September 30, 2013

Don't ruin it for me....

I still havent watched breaking bad from last night. Unfortunately I had to be up at 5 this morning so I decided it would be best for me to go to bed early. I have heard that Walt died. I would of hoped so. I am in CGS1060 no big deal. Super easy class. I hope everyone is having an amazing Monday.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Breaking Bad

Tonight's the finale. I find it odd that this show is ending so soon. I suppose they didn't they think that it would get as popular as it has in the last several months. I am sure if they knew the fan base the show would of had they would of had more seasons. I like the show but hey its no Dexter. Hopefully the finale will finally do what we all want...Kill off Walter White. I want Jesse to kill him. Who knows. Hell I will probably be in bed before the show even starts.

Friday, September 27, 2013

I will be doing some eBay stuff

I will be selling some things on eBay in the near future. I wont go in detail what it is. I will say it has nothing to do with computers. When I am up and running, I will provide you the information needed if you are interested in anything I have.

Warm Bodies

Guys I am not sure if you have seen that movie, but it is actually a great movie to see. I am not a big fan on movies like that or a lot of the new movies in general but I really enjoyed warm bodies. I also suggest to download the soundtrack (main reason for this post). They have a lot of good songs on it. Shell Suite by Chad Valley ( I think that's right). You will like that song or at least I hope. I have been listening to it a lot lately. I listen to a lot of different music like that.

A Job

Thinking about becoming a part time tutor. Working at the schools around miami dade. It isnt alot of money but at least I get to help some kids out. Any way I took my case off the iphone and yea lets see how long I take until I break it. I will be reaching 20 thousand followers soon on twitter. That will be great. I hope everyone is doing good.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Your mind is playing tricks on you my dear

How is everyone? I caught myself thinking about something today and I felt like I would share it with you guys. Why is MTV still considered music television. I mean fine you wanna show stupid shows like teen mom. Which honestly is the dumbest show on this planet. All that is really showing is that if your 15 and get knocked up than its cool because you can be on TV. Now as a older person you would think seeing them struggle would make them want to stay away from being pregnant. Anyways I digress. My point is, I am 26 and when I was young I spent alot of time watching music videos on MTV. The top 20 everyday and what not. It was awesome. It was even cooler to see a song go from number 20 all the way to 1 in a few days. It was amazing. Anyway it just has me down in the sense of what the tv in general has on it these days. Its disgusting. So MTV change your name to DTV (drama tv) thats all this station is about now with teen mom, reality crap and catfish. Now some of you teens that come across this, your not going to understand this and thats fine just ignore it, but for those who know what I am talking about spread the word. Later

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Well its sunday

Its Sunday in Miami and its beautiful outside. One thing I like about living here, is during the winters it feels so good outside. It is never cold. Anyway, not much is going on. I haven't really messed with alot of laptops lately so yea. I recently reached over 18 thousand followers on twitter. Thanks guys.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Is this weird

So I have this thing....the day I got my iphone 5 when  it out the box. I made sure not to touch the screen and put it in the otterbox defender case. Now I time to time clean the screen. Is it weird that I will go to unexplainable measures to make sure I never touch it as in never having a finger print on the screen. Anywho how is everyone enjoying the ios7 or your new iphones if you feel like wasting all that money.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I hope everyone had a great day

So today the release of iOS 7. Which is already being predicted to be the most downloaded iOS in 24 hours. Lets face it, everyone was tired of looking at the same shit since the original iphone came out. Sure there have been a few tweaks here and there that change it up just a little, but nothing with a whole newly designed interface. Now I have made some previous posts about waiting for a while to download. I still urge that. Unless you have a back up iOS 6 that you are positive you can put back on. I have went ahead and downloaded the new update. Its nothing to much different than the beta that I had a couple weeks ago (except for the new ringtones). My main idea of this post is to see what you guys are thinking about it. Leave a comment with what you like or do not like about the new update.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

iOS 7 thoughts and advice

I just wanted to make this post because I am coming across so many people way to excited for iOS 7 to come out. Now I understand we have been staring at the same screen now for a while, but I think it would be wise for you to wait. Now obviously none of you are really gonna listen to me but for the ones who are a little bit brighter than the general population it would be wise to wait. I am saying this because of every iOS that comes out, many bugs come with it. Let them work out the remaining kinks with 7 and than get it. You don't wanna put yourself into something that's gonna need work. I had the beta and got rid of it right before school started mainly because the battery life was just plain awful. Now I do not know if they addressed and fixed that issue but it was a issue indeed. Now your wondering whats the point in having people test it if there are gonna be bugs. There is many developers but they aren't going to come across every single issue. When the majority of iPhone owners switch to 7 that's when bugs are going to start to be noticed. Hopefully you take my advice. Peace

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Its September 11

Before I get started with this blog post. I want to say something. I am at the Miami Dade College library right now at a round table writing this and directly across from me is the weirdest kid (not to mention he is on a Toshiba laptop which should explain a lot) and he keeps picking his boogers. He has obviously forgotten that he is in a library, where people are looking right at him. Here is the craziest part. He is eating them, although he is trying to be a ninja about it (playing with the booger in his hands for a few seconds and than slowly raising it to his mouth for lunch) when I am sitting directly across from him. Any who if you read this bro your sick. Anyway back to the main reason for my post. I have been in school since 9 and haven't heard one thing about September 11th and it has me a little frustrated. Do not get me wrong I am not some redneck that loves the country more than myself. We have flaws but what happened is a major setback to America and should be recognized every September 11th. Not just every five years of the incident. So with that being said. I would like you guys to take a moment and just remember what happened. I don't want you to be sad I just want you to remember because the people we lost need to be recognized.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Well hello and top of the morning to ya

Hello everyone. I hope you are enjoying your Monday morning. I just got out of class and Have about 30 minutes before I start walking to my math class. I just wanted to write you guys out of frustration a little bit. Dont you hate those kids in class who always have something to say. Wether it be something negative, annoying, trying to be funny, trying to be smart, or just being plain dumb. Odds of this guy ever seeing this blog are slim to none so here it goes. Your annoying bro. This dude in class kept saying stupid stuff. The Prof asked what makes us stress. He tries acting like a thug when saying something like mula baby. He just kept talking in class and rubbing this girls back in class. She was obviously trashy but nonetheless it was weird. The Prof asked what is one of the main reasons of going to college. He says something dumb like because my parents make me go. Idk it was just annoying in the sense of shut up and just be in class. I have the same issue in my speech class where this guy thats in it tries to be smarter than what he really is. I am pretty sure you have seen those people that act like they are smart but when it comes down to it they are dumber than the honey boo boo series. Anywho I hope everyone is having a great day.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Miami in general is not doing to bad.

You know you got the heat rocking it out looking for 3 straight championships in a row. Got the dolphins playing as a I speak and has more points on the board than I expected, and than yesterday UM took out the gators. Regardless if the the offense was pretty bad it was still a win. Unfortunately the Marlins are the Miami team that is failing behind ATM. 53-87 yea that's a killer. My South Carolina Gamecocks didn't come with a win yesterday against the bulldogs, but hey at least we aren't going to go TP Connor Shaws house.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Remembering the evo.

So I was going through some pictures and came across my old htc evo pictures. You know some customization's and what not. The first pic I would like to show you is of a speed test and my evo at the time was overclocked like a bat out of hell.

Yea those were the good ole days. 

So what do you think

I have been playing around with some customization's on windows 7. Since I do not have linux anymore. Here is a few.

Of course there is always the conky stuff for linux.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

So you should probably get rid of hotmail...

So I am at school and actually having a problem writing this blog because it is on the school computer here at ole Miami Dade College. Anywho my hotmail account was hacked this is happening to alot of people...hearing about it once or twice a couple months ago I just shrugged my shoulder and said oh well at least its not me. A few weeks ago I have heard more and more instances of this happening. This week it has happened to three people I know and now today it has happened to me.....There I was in my English class thinking to myself why does this guy beside me have a caterpillar on his desk...(I even tweeted about it). I spent the majority of my time in class watching this caterpillar crawl on his desk. All of a sudden my iphone tells me that I have the incorrect password for my hotmail account. I go to safari and try to log in there and it still did not work. So after class I went to the library (where I am now) and luckily I was able to recover it. Who ever hacked into it changed all the info except for vital info like credit card numbers attached to my xbox live (which I do not even have anymore). I was able to get my account back by leaping through a hula hoop of fire and then turning a black hat into a rabbit. I changed all the info for the account and made my password like 13 letters and 4 numbers (something like that). I called two of the people that it has happened to and luckily I got to my account in time because when it happened to them they changed all of there information (birthday, name, number etc). Now here is what I find crazy in both instances they called hotmail (microsoft) and was told they could recover the account for 150 dollars. It sounds to me like the company may be just randomly changing peoples info and in return hopefully they pay the money. My advice is to just get rid of hotmail. I find gmail much better. It would be wiser to do that now instead of waiting when its too late. I have changed the email on all my important stuff to my gmail just in case it happens again. Take care guys

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Yesterday was my birthday

So yesterday was my birthday. I am now 26 years old. I know I know I am old. Today I am going out to eat at the cheesecake factory to get my hands on some macaroni and cheese balls. If you don't know what that is, than you are missing out.