Saturday, July 20, 2013

Understanding Ram.

Well what is ram. Ram is Random Access Memory. This is memory that can be accessed at any given moment. The ram is short term memory, as it stores applications and information that is actively used when the system on. So if your using several programs at once its wise to have a larger ram installed on the computer. The hard drive however stores all programs and information regardless if the computer is on or not. Logically the more ram you have the more programs and documents you can have open without slowing the computer down, if you have these things open with a lower ram (something like 2 gigs of ram) than you will see the computer operates slower due to the computer balancing out the memory for the computer to operate the programs and files you are using. Typically there are two different types of ram dynamic ram and static ram.Dynamic ram is more common and what most of us have. Static ram however is faster because of the fact that unlike dynamic ram it doesn't have to be refreshed a thousand times a second, but because of this static ram is more expensive so most of us have dynamic ram. However at the end of the day they are both considered volatile because when they are turned off they lose all data. This was just a little something to help you understand what ram is.

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