Friday, November 15, 2013

The PS4

I do not have it, I more than likely will not be getting either consoles for a while. To many other things that I have to prioritize, plus I know the wife would not like it if I got a gaming system right now. I know that on craigslist the ps4 is selling for over 700 bucks since its already sold out in several stores, especially around here in Miami. If I had the spare money I would do it, but I do not. It has also come to attention that this very post is my 100th post. Yay. It seems like I have done much more than 100 posts but whatever. I went to tiger direct today with a friend and we were looking at some things. While I was there I saw this AW desktop that was amazing. It was 1500 dollars but hey what do you expect. There will be a day when I can spend that type of money and not have to worry about it. Hopefully everyone is having a splendid day and its almost over.

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