Thursday, March 13, 2014

Apple and Android My Final Verdict Since 2010

This is a post for one thing and one thing only. That point is to finally tell you what I think of both Apple and Android phones. When I was younger the only phones I ever experienced were flip phones. I remember the iphone coming out back in 2007. Honestly at the time I was not so much a fan of Apple. In fact I wasnt really sure computer engineering is what I had wanted to do so the world of technology was not really my thing back than. As time went on I went through a few flip phones here and there. I was never a hands on tech person. One day I was with a friend and at his house hanging around and he was using his phone. At the time it was late in 2008 and I remember him using the first ever phone with the Android OS, The T mobile G1 (HTC Dream). It sparked my curiosity but it wasnt enough to make me switch to an Android from my Lg Envy at the time. Honestly if I would of used the phone and played with it for at least five minutes I more than likely would of stole it from him. Well time went by and eventually I went to t mobile and got the Lg Optimus. It was a decent phone. It was so different for me. I thought I was the king of the world. My first Android operating system. I fell in love with the customizations that I was able to do on that phone. It sparked something inside me. I always loved computers and everything. Although even then I didnt know much about computers or anything tech. So I dug into things for Android. I rooted my phone and had a blast (although I had no clue about the whole rom situation). Eventually in 2011 I bought the HTC Evo 4g. It was first. I rooted the phone and through all kinds of roms at it. Cyanogen Mod, SOS, MikMik all of them ( Its ok if you dont know those roms) eventually I just came to disgust with the problems with the HTC Evo ( and even with the optimus but at the time I did not care). The phone lagged at every moment it could. It just wasn't snappy like I wished it was. I had issues with calling dropping (could be sprint) and it was just an inconvenience to someone who lived a busy lifestyle. I held my toungue though. I stayed with it a little longer. I never ever even touched an iPhone back then. I remember being Android all the way regardless of how much it pissed me off. Eventually I had my last straw. I remember the day I went to the bestbuy to buy a new phone. I was trying to fix an issue on my Evo. My wallpaper would not crop correctly. Every wallpaper I used it always zoomed in. It would never crop correctly (this story is going to come in affect soon). It was frustrating. So out of frustration I went to the bestbuy to get the brand new iPhone 5 that was just released. I knew NOTHING about iPhones and had never used one but I knew I could not handle the lagging and all the issues the HTC Evo (Android). I got home with my brand new iPhone. I plugged it in. I immediately fell in love with the lightning charger. It clicked so smoothe when plugging in. With my Evo I had to wrap the cord around my phone and make sure that the end of the charger was pressed towards the right to keep it charging. If I moved the phone it would stop charging. It was frustrating. I immediately fell in love with the interface. It was so easy to use and the iPhone just catered to my needs. Even when I was driving and if I was forced to use my phone for whatever reason I noticed it was so much easier to do so because of how user friendly the iPhone was. At the time I purchased an iPad as well and realized I was all about Apple. Even bought a Macbook Pro but that was more recent. Anyway I got a little tired of the iPhone because of the limits to customization that I had. I had my iPhone jailbroken and even still there was so much I could do. I did the unimaginable and bought a Galaxy S4. I really liked it compared to the evo. I didn't root it. It was smoother but shortly I sitll experienced lags and it still had the wallpaper issue that I would of thought after three years that Android would of fixed that somehow. Needless to say I went back to my iPhone and sparked that love back up. I am sorry for leaving you when I did. The verdict is I will remain an iPhone user. Especially since I have a busy life. The iPhone just works. It just does. I know that if I pick it up off this desk right now and unlock the screen its not going to freeze. It wont lag when I open an app. When I go to twitter all the pictures will load instead of taking forever to do. I know that my iPhone will be there.

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