Thursday, April 24, 2014

Acer is the devil.

I am not really sure if Acer is in fact the leader of hell, but I would say it is a demon. I recently got a laptop repair Acer Aspire One Mini Netbook. (first off guys, lets just not buy netbooks....if you want a small laptop get a damn iPad or a tablet) The issue with this computer was that the customer was not able to click anything. They can only move the mouse with the trackpad but not click or right click anything. So they had to use a usb mouse for the time being. Well immediately I figure driver issue. I reinstall the driver and it still doesn't work. Ok I delete that driver and reinstall another driver. The Acer website had two different drivers for the trackpad. One was an Elantech and the other one was Sypnatics. I tried both. The elantech was just simply did nothing. No change. With the sypnatics driver I was able to click but all of a sudden on startup the computer would just highlight everything immediately when I moved the mouse. I was not able to click anything and when I did click it opened up the pop up menu (what the right click would normally do). So I found a solution of Ctrl Alt Del and just press cancel. When I did that I could click. Finally I could do it.....but to my suprise I was not able to right click. I got aggrevated. I called the customer and asked if I could back up her files and do a fresh install of the OS (windows 7 home). I did a fresh install and immediately it did it again. Basically I have reached the conclusion that it might be a short somewhere. I will tell you that this took the majority of my day. I tried installing the drivers again and no luck. As a matter of fact doing a fresh install wiped all the drivers of course so I had to go on my Angel of a Macbook and download drivers. Guess what website was down for maintenance when I needed to download the drivers? If you said the Acer driver webpage than you would be right and it wasn't like I could use the internet on the Acer because I needed the wifi driver. The wifi drivers on the website didn't work. I don't understand but I ended up just downloading one from CNET. At the end the customer was not upset. I let them know of the situation and they are gonna be happy with being able to click.

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