Saturday, July 12, 2014

My Thoughts On Lebron Leaving And A Little Of My Past

Well, it is safe to say that I called it. I said this on my commentary the other day, but so did a million other people. I am not mad that Lebron left. What gets me is when his contract is up next time, can the Cavs really trust Lebron? It just seems to me like hes to bouncy and changes his mind a little to often. If I was the owner of Cleveland I would be worried about that. It is obvious that he does not have the mentality like Kobe, Wade, or Duncan. What I mean by that is if you love your team you stay with your team. He should not of left Cleveland the first time. Luckily the Miami Heat won two back to back championships highly due to Lebron. I say lucky, because if he didn't than Miami wasted a lot of money on a player that would just change his mind once the four years was up. I can honestly say that if we did not win those championships than I would be a little more mad. One thing I want Miami to do is just to remain professional. When we have a matchup against Cleveland next year I pray that not one Heat fan boos Lebron. (but lets be honest its Miami) I want to show the Cleveland fans who is really more classy and not some shit fans. I can't really talk about fans because we walked out during the finals but still. I guess I am just more confused why someone would go back to a city where you were once hated until they received  a slight  possibility of him coming back than they were riding him like sea biscuit. I hate my hometown. I am from Augusta GA and a lot of enemies reside there and to be honest I was a geek in high school. It was not like it is today. Today the geeks rule and people seem to like geeks better. In high school back in 2005 I was picked on daily. My point is....I will never go back to Augusta mainly because of what I went through....not like they were mad when I left....(they didn't really notice...and probably still don't). At the end of the day regardless of how I feel or millions of other people feel your home is home.

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