Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Just some Apple VS PC Thoughts

Unfortunately throughout my day I have to alternate from my Macbook Pro and the computer at my workplace. Not to mention I sell computers as well and many of the computers I run through are windows based pcs, truthfully I don't spend to much time on them so it doesn't affect me to much. I have a large issue because I am constantly on my Macbook Pro Retina and when I get on the computer at work it messes with my eyes. For me the retina display is not only awesome to look at but its much much easier on the eyes for me. My eyes are sensitive, and being a tech guy causes problems when I am always on a computer. Fortunately my eye glasses help against that (something about the lens being made for people who work on computers all the time) but having the retina display also helps even more. The problem is when I go to work I have to use this computer from forever ago for work related material. The screen is a 17 inch dell monitor and is extremely harsh on the eyes. At once we had the screen protectors...but those just made it worse. I couldn't see anything. The alternating between the two is hard for me and causes headaches. The other issue is basically just the operating system. I'll admit I was a PC guy mainly before I started selling computers. It wasn't until I got my hands on a newer Macbook Pro that I realized that Mac was the way to go...(at least for me, remember it changes for everyone). I find that using a PC basically takes more work on the user. Its not that its a matter of how fast or slow the machine is (but lets be honest unless you have a powerful gaming build a Mac product is generally going to be faster on almost....everything) On a Mac everything is set so user friendly. You have the amazing dock which has all the icons that you want on the very bottom. Everything on the desktop is basically already set for you to do what ever it is you need to do. Obviously in a Windows based PC we have to navigate through narnia to get where we need to go. The largest issue with me and windows is the updates. I used to have a Lenovo E430 laptop. I loved this laptop but Windows killed me on the constant updates. On my Macbook its ready to go when I am. On the Lenovo it was ready to go when it finished updating. That was a constant issue and is a constant issue with many of the PC users. On the flipside if I were to own a PC it would have to be a gaming powerhouse pc or because for some reason a college class depended on programs that were only used on windows (or I could just bootcamp). Basically this post was made because through the last several weeks I have been alternating between my personal Macbook Pro, Asus Laptop (currently selling) and my computer at work and I have noticed the difference significantly in my eyes and in my...Heart? when using all the products.

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