Saturday, August 16, 2014

My Frustration With Turtlebeach Wireless Headsets

There was a time, a time long ago when I purchased my first pair of Turtle Beach headsets. They were x11s with the Xbox 360. They were white and black and they cost me about 60 bucks (give or take a few). As time went on I had realized that I wanted a better pair. I sold my X11 headsets and bought a pair of X41S. Now the headsets cost me around 130 bucks when I got them. I expected some grade A quality headsets. I am going to be honest, my X11 headsets were so much better. The issue that I have with the X41 is that I have the transmitter on my desk. My router is also on my desk. Now I understand that for the average person you may not have everything so close but oddly enough I do and there is not a way for me to switch things around at the moment. So what happens with this is the frequencies interfere with each other. What this causes is a static crackling popping noise in the headsets. Do your ears ever pop? Imagine that just going off every few seconds along with static feedback. That has been my issue with the headsets. When I first got them it was not as bad. I had noticed it once or twice during game play, but it was not as insane as it is today. I have placed my router at different frequencies but still no luck. Its unfortunate for me. I will probably get a wired pair of Astro headsets next. I may go back and get the X12 headsets. I am not sure if I will face the same problem if I got another brand wireless headset but I do not want to take the risk. My point of this blog was to inform you that if you have the thought of getting wireless headsets make sure you are not near your router. It should be something that they address on the labeling but hey who wants to steer you away from buying a product.

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