Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Fun With Replacing A Keyboard.

I recently got a hold of an Asus K53Z laptop that I am currently selling. Upon getting it through craigslist the guy that I bought it from was a little shady to say the least. I bought it for cheap and figured there was something wrong with the laptop that he wasn't telling me (aside from the upper right hinge coming off so when you open the laptop the top shell opens and aside from it missing several keys. I fixed the hinge and ordered a keyboard for it. Got the keyboard last night. Figured it would be simple ( I have had several of these laptops and never had a problem) upon taking the keyboard off I notice it wasn't coming off. It was super glued...literally there was super glue at the bottom of it. After I ripped it off and installed the new one it was a job well done but seriously that keyboard wouldn't budge. I took a pic and you can notice the two keys missing and how bent and messed up the frame is after tearing it off.....

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