Monday, March 31, 2014

The How I Met Your Mother Finale

Well. A dynasty of  a TV show died tonight. I remember the show airing in 2005 ( I was still in high school). I immediately found it entertaining and hilarious. Through the years I have watched TV shows and most of them have ended. Some endings worse than others. In 2009 I remember stating that the mother was dead. Well look who was right. The show left me with some unanswered questions. How does Barney feel about Ted and Robin getting back together. I wonder if Barney had anything to do with the mother of the baby. The Barney and his daughter scene had me almost crying....ok I was crying. Can you blame me? Its been a show I have followed since 2005 and I have become emotionally attached to the characters. The writers of that show Craig Thomas and Carter Bays have done an amazing job with that show. I would like to see some of these actors/actresses in more films to that they have more time on their hand. Tonight was the finale. How do you feel about the last episode. Are you depressed about it? Do you not really care? I know this is not a tech related blog post but felt the need to write about the show ending tonight. Leave a comment about what you think!

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