Friday, April 11, 2014

Why I wont get a Galaxy S5

Lets just say I didn't have a MacBook Pro or an iPad and I was looking around for a new phone. Obviously I have an iPhone at the current time which having all iDevices makes it so much easier for me as for as connecting and having everything together. Several months ago I had a Galaxy S4 for a while. I used it for about two weeks and crawled back quickly to my iPhone. It still had the same issues that I had with my old HTC Evo and my old LG Optimus. The background would move and shake weirdly. The pictures would not crop right. Anyback ground I would get I couldnt have the whole background availiable unless the scrolling feature was turned on. I downloaded apps to try to fix it. No solution. The lag of the phone in general was just obsurd for me. I think its only possible to go from and android to an iPhone. I don't think its going to be possible to go from iPhone to android. Its just to much of a hassle. I know kit kat. I understand how to use it...quite well actually. Its just not as smooth as its competition. I am sure the S5 will still have the same issues. If I hold an S5 and it does not have those issues I still wouldn't do it mainly because all the devices I have are Apple. This is not to say that android isn't for you. This is just to say that the S5 will surely more than likely probably have the same issues as it does. Now me personally I am a nit picky guy. The wallpaper stuff drives me crazy. When things force close and lag out that drives me even more mad. If those things dont matter to you, than thats fine. The S5 does have good specs overall. It wont be the worst......but it wont be the best either.

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