Thursday, July 17, 2014

I said goodbye to my Macbook Pro

Up until yesterday I never ever thought of getting rid of my Macbook Pro Retina. I loved that computer and it was a part of me. It felt like something that was bound to my body and that I could never let go. It knew me and I That all changed. Here is the back story on my Macbook Pro and how I got it and well how I got rid of it. About two years ago I began selling and fixing computers through craigslist as some extra cash. In the past two years I have sold dozens and dozens of computers and maybe have spent a total of 30 minutes on each one. Around that time I bought a 2006 white Macbook for 140 bucks. I traded that computer for a Lenovo E430 laptop. The laptop had a 750 gig hd, i5 2.6 processor. It was much much faster than the Macbook. The guy needed a Macbook I suppose. I had the Lenovo laptop for a while. I enjoyed it. I ended up trading the Lenovo along with 300 bucks cash for a 2013 Macbook Pro Retina. It was a steal. The Macbook Pro was priced around 1300 bucks. I technically got it for 440 bucks considering the fact that I put 300 cash on top and orignally had the white one for 140. I have had that Macbook Pro for a while. A few weeks ago I bought a 2008 black macbook (with a bad battery) for 125 bucks. Yesterday was the day I said goodbye to both of them. Yesterday I traded both my Macbook Pro Retina and the black Macbook for two devices as well. Now I am still in shock that I have these and that this person decided to do the trade. I have a haswell gaming build i7 overclocked to 4.2 and a Asus G46VW gaming laptop. Along with the trade included all boxes for every component in the gaming build along with a monitor (that I am not using) and a thermaltake keyboard and mouse. The build is priced around 1300 and the Asus laptop sells currently on amazon for around 900 bucks. Technically if you think about it. I got all of this for under 600 bucks. Now what I would like to tell you guys is that its not hard to start doing this. Find an item that you know you can sell for more than the current buyer, also talk down the price. If you see a macbook for 400 and you know you can sell it for 600 bucks (do your research) than talk the guy down to 350 and make a little extra cash. You will be suprised of how much money you can make by working through craigslist. I guess he just needed a Macbook Pro

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