Wednesday, July 30, 2014

All Of This Hype About The Sapphire Crystal Glass On Iphone 6.

One of the main things that have been floating around for a few weeks now is the new glass that the iPhone 6 will have. It is made (not entirely) of Sapphire Crystal Glass. Now first and foremost, it is more durable than previous iPhones, so lets not forget that. One thing that everyone seems to forget or they just simply do not know is that there is more to an iPhone breaking than just the top glass over the phone. Now I will get kind of technical so just bare with me here. There are two parts to a full screen on an iPhone (any iPhone). There is the LCD and the Digitizer. The digitizer is the glass itself. The glass is also what allows you to touch. Depending on how hard your crack is on your iPhone will usually determine if you are not able to touch the screen without it jumping everywhere and not recognizing your fingertip. Here is a picture of a phone that has cracked glass (also known as the digitizer)
As you can see on this picture there are the spiderweb cracks running across the screen. Depending on how sever those cracks are is what determines the touch of the screen. As you can see. There is still image on this iPhone in this picture. The image itself is the LCD AKA Liquid Crystal Display. Here is a picture of a iPhone with a broken LCD.
Now as you can see there are lines in the screen and obviously the image is all messed up. There are times that the breaking of the iphone even causes the LCD to go completely out. There are many cases depending on what the angle is of dropping the iPhone that the glass (digitizer) does not even crack. The LCD breaks or goes out. Your thinking to yourself "just replace the lcd" or if its just glass "just replace the glass". You cannot do that. The replacement parts usually do not consist of just the glass or just the LCD and to be able to take them apart without breaking one or the other is nearly impossible. Now I have made this whole blog to point out that although the glass itself on the new iPhone 6 may be made out of stronger material does not effect the LCD of the phone. MKBHD did a video of testing out the glass on the iPhone 6 and the glass was able to bend back quite impressively but regardless of what glass is on the phone, if it takes impact and once it takes impact it will push down on to the LCD and 9 times out of 10 the LCD will break...but hey at least you won't cut your fingers when you go to pay 400 bucks for a new assembly.

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