Monday, March 24, 2014

Why I Probably Would Not Buy Google Glass

Today Google announced a partnership with the Luxottica Group which happens to be the owner of Ray Bans, Oakley and several other big eyeglass brands. I'm guessing the obvious that they did this to make the google glass more fashionable and add some design overall to the mix. This is a good idea but regardless I am going to opt out of the Google Glass purchase. Lets face it your gonna look at over 1000 bucks just to get your hands on one of these. Lets just state the obvious...its not really time for a pair of glasses like this yet. The one thing that scares me most is how non user friendly this device is. Sure the concept is cool but lets be honest on a day to day life. Your walking and you hit a wall and your glasses fall off your face...BOOM a thousand bucks down the drain. Sure it doesn't happen all the time but it happens. Personally I would just be scared about walking into a wall and the main "Computer" part of the glasses would smash into my retina of my eyeball and cause me to die instantly but thats unlikely to happen. I just cant see the thought of having something on my face that displays information and notifications. I wear a pebble but thats on my wrist (which I have to say I love) but it doesn't get in the way and I am sure the google glasses wont be waterproof maybe water resistant. What are you going to do if your just taking a daily stroll down the street with your Google Glasses and it starts to rain. You have to put the glasses in your pocket or something and risk breaking them or scratching them. Even if you have the case are you sure to bring it everywhere you go. I know these are questions that are hypothetical to say the least but they are questions. iPhone theft in New York (and other big cities) are one of the main things to be stolen off of people on trains or on the streets. How easy will it be to steal a grand off of someones face. I would say quite simple. That would also scare me especially since about a month ago someone tried to snatch my iPhone out of my hand when I was walking my dog about 3 months ago. Luckily the guy didn't have a death grip on the phone and missed. What if I was wearing Google Glasses....Would it have been easier to that guy to steal them. What I am simply asking is this simple question. Is it a smart purchase? If it is. State why.


  1. Yeah, there are about 100 other things I would rather spend $1500 on. Really, I don't leave the house much, since I work here, and most my toys are here too. So GLASS is just not that important, to someone who is not out in the world all day long Robert...

  2. Also you should probably turn Google+ commenting on here, it will get you way more traction to your posts...