Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Some Advice for Everyone

I have a good amount of followers and I also follow a good amount of people. I know this is not tech related at all but its just some things I want to share. These are some issues that have been floating around in my head for a few weeks maybe even longer. Guys (Males) stop hating on women for not being with you. I see so many dudes that post pictures about being in the friend zone. Its simple. If you like a girl and your trying to be with her but she only sees you as a friend..well than you just drop the whole relationship. Stop posting things this one pic I saw of a woman praying to God why haven't I found a man yet and than the bottom part saying I sent you a man a year ago but you put him in the friend zone. Sure its funny and hell sometimes its quite true but guys stop sweating over it. Move on to the next one. Its obvious women are not the brightest creatures on the planet but neither are men. I can guarantee that 99% of the time the guys complaining about a specific girl friend zoning them is a girl that is trashy as they come. Women most of the time (especially at younger ages, teens, and early twenties) are not experts are picking men but the majority of men aren't good at picking women. I just think people are strarting to think its ok hating on everything and everyone. Its not ok to do that. I personally do not listen to todays music so I really don't anything about Justin Beiber but I saw a pic of him biting a nipple of a stripper......isn't that what every dude wants to do right now? STOP HATING CUZ YOU HAVE NO NIPPLES. Sure I hate. I do it to. I do it a lot with financial stuff. I look at the dude that passes me in a ferrari and i'm like yea well hope you wreck in a tree because you shouldn't be speeding that much. It happens. We all do it. Tone it down a notch though. Everyone is so extreme. You either hate the Kardashians or you love em (again I have no idea who the kardashians are really...I know kim because I hear that name often). At the same time though. Don't worship celebs. Its sad. I like alot of actors and musicians...but I don't follow everything in their life because it is their life. If you have an account with JB all over it you should probably re arrange some things to change up yourself. Same goes if you have tweets hating on him so much you should remove some stuff and calm down. I guess this post is just to have people tone it down. Love each other. Men and Women are made to mate...not fight.

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