Sunday, July 14, 2013

Wireless Laptop Mouses.

I have never been the type of guy to ever have a mouse for his laptop but recently when I was just running linux mint on my laptop I had a problem with the trackpad. I thought to myself well getting a mouse would be a good idea. Well with no intention of getting the mouse I was at a walgreens getting some things for the game (back when the heat was going through playoffs) and I looked at the computer section (not much of a variety of things) and I saw a case logic wireless mouse and it was 15 bucks. I bought it went home and used it and thought to myself wow this is really nice for fifteen dollars. It glides really well and doesn't feel all that cheap. A couple days ago I used a friends laptop with a logitech mouse he had got from bestbuy for 40 dollars and was no where near as impressed as I am with my little fifteen dollar mouse. Anyway long story short cheaper isnt always better and I just wanted an excuse to make a blog.

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