Sunday, July 14, 2013

My Laptop review.

So I have had several messages being like hey what kind of laptop do you have. So I have a lenevo thinkpad e430 dual booting windows 7 prof and linux mint 15. I love it. So I guess I can do a little review of what it is like. I love it. I havent done any upgrading yet, first upgrading being the ram. Its a sleek laptop. There is only a few negative issues that I have with the laptopl. The laptop gets fingerprints on it very easily. So I am constantly wiping it down after usage. I only do that because I like to be neat and not have fingerprints and smudges everywhere. The performance of the laptop is very good. Weirdly the battery life on windows is much better than when I am using linux (which is weird since linux is a lighter operating system). When getting the laptop I was a little iffy on the trackpoint (the red button in the middle for navigation) but it doesnt get in the way like you think it would. I actually forget that it is there. Do I use it? No, but it is still a nifty thing to have. The trackpad has a gritty feel to it which I can say I enjoy for the most part. Typing on this computer is a breeze, the keys have that nice curve in them that makes your fingers comfortable when typing. The resolution of the screen is good. I wont say its the greatest but its not something that you say "oh wow the screen sucks" or "oh wow this screen rocks" its just there. Overall the laptop would be a decent buy. I enjoy it and I am sure you would as well

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