Monday, July 15, 2013

IOS 7 thoughts

Well for the last two weeks I have had iOS 7 and I must say I'm happy. I am on the third beta and to be honest I'm surprised it's a beta. There are only a few issues that I have really come across. One of them that pops out at me the most is that when I am using an app other than messaging the old keyboard is in use. I am not sure if it's supposed to be like with the official release but to be honest its kinda disappointing when using the messaging app (which I love) and than typing in another app. On a positive note I am not sure if it's just me but my battery life is so much more improved than it was when I was on 6.1.4. This seems to last much longer. I like the style of the apps I do however wish there was something like different icons to change if you will. Being able to choose between several different icon looks could be something in a future update that would give users more customization. I only suggest this because of the fact that some people say that the new look of it is more for kids or for a younger population. I can understand what people mean by that simply because the colors of the apps are more colorful and bright. Don't let me get you confused I would pick iOS 7 over previous OS any day but everything will always have its issues. It won't be long until it's in your hands. Thanks for reading.

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