Monday, July 15, 2013

Tiny Wings iOS game.

So there is a game called Tiny Wings in the apple store, if you havent played it yet, give it a go. The only issue with this game is that a few years ago there was a game on the android market that is exactly like this called Dragon Fly. I am not sure if its the same makers or not but its a rip off of that game. Now before we bash heads it may be the same person but it kind of reminds me when your a nerd in high school and you say something funny and no one laughs, but than the jock says the same exact thing and every bust out laughing. Since back than it wasnt that popular or it wasnt made by a popular developer. I am not sure what the case is but it is exactly like Dragon Fly. The difference on Dragon Fly you were a baby dragon trying to get away from its mother catching you, on Tiny Wings your a bird (or something like a bird) trying to get away from night time. Nonetheless its a fun game I do wish the original Dragon Fly was still out there.

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